Friday, 4 February 2011

HOW much?

Today I feel much better—thank goodness; how I bloody hate being ill. Yesterday I spent a portion of time asleep on the sofa, and that’s so unlike me, my head banging so hard I wanted to cry. Paracetamol just wouldn’t shift the little shitbag, but a flu remedy did. Interesting.

I woke expecting the headache to still be raging, and although it’s still there like a lingering fart, it isn’t as bad as it was. So I braved the high winds out there this morning and went food shopping. I had to really; we were running out of food because I’d been too under the weather to get the energy up to go out. Anyway, off I go, Smallest in tow (ooh, I’m a poet and didn’t know it...), and we got the groceries, paid the rent, then went into a little cafe thing because I’d promised her a milkshake. OMG. What I paid for that milkshake and a small coffee I could have bought ice cream, milk, milkshake flavouring and a whole jar of coffee and made them at home. I know it isn’t the same, that it wouldn’t have seemed like a treat to Smallest if we hadn’t gone to the cafe, but bloody hell!

Smallest sat there while we waited for our drinks to be brought over and said, “Look, they do toast in here. 80p a slice.”


Before I could stop myself, I said, “I can get two loaves of bread for the price of one slice of toast in here.”

Is it just me, or are restaurants etc just extremely expensive? If we went out for a meal, I wouldn’t enjoy it because I’d sit there totting up how much I could have bought with the cost of that one meal out. Like, a week’s shopping for my family of 6. Ridiculous!

I think even if I was rich I’d balk at the prices. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever seen being sold in a cafe/restaurant etc?


Faith said...

In my neck of the woods, there are some places where two or three of us can eat a fantastic meal for less than it would cost me to buy the groceries.

It's the places like Applebees or Outback Steakhouse that ream you up the yingyang for a meal.

Drinks are ungodly expensive at cafes and restaurants. I've seen some alcoholic drinks that *might* hold eight ounces go for $7 or $8 a glass.

Steak dinners are another thing that's so expensive. I can buy a pack of steaks at the grocery store and feed the entire family of 6 for what two steak dinners for me and the hubby would cost if we went out to eat.

Melissa Bradley said...

Health food. I hate the fact that fresh veggies, water, fruit and juice are so much more expensive than soda, hot dogs, chips and instant mac and cheese.

A lot of times I have to make due with a very tiny budget. I can't afford the healthy stuff a lot of the time. It has to do with the neighborhood here I live as well. If I drive out to the more well-heeled suburbs, I can get green peppers and other fresh veggies dirt cheap. The neighborhood stores here in my broke down ghetto hood things like peppers are 2.49 each.

Sarah Masters said...

Gawd, it's bloody mental, Faith. I can't bring myself to pay that much money.


Sarah Masters said...

I'm with you there, Melissa. We're told by the govt to eat better food, but how can we afford to? It's cheaper to eat the other stuff. I mean, you have a choice of feeding your child a meal or letting them go hungry because it isn't a totally healthy meal.


I'm astounded by the price of food, and when I see people buying mega expensive stuff, I wonder how the hell they can afford it and not bat an eye that they're paying ten times as much for something that I'm buying. MADNESS.


Cassie Exline said...

No good reason stupid food has to be so expensive. That's why I'm glad McDonald's has a dollar menu. I'd rather deal with the guilt of calories than spending a ton of money.

Sarah Masters said...

Yep, at least you get to eat!


Casey Sheridan said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I love going to Starbucks....when my boss is footing the bill, anyway. =)

I refuse to pay $4 for ONE cup of coffee.

At the movie theatre, they charge $2 for a bottle of water.

Anthology Authors said...

With such a small family, I can shell out a little extra for the better stuff. Still, the other day I bought a whole chicken for $12. Yes, I know, but it was free range organic. It fed us for four meals. We had just regular chicken one night, Chinese chicken with brown rice and veggies another, chicken tacos another night, and something else one more night. So, $1/person per night for healthy meat. With veggies, rice, etc, maybe $15-20 for 4 meals for 3 people.

BTW, price of food is supposed to increase due to gas prices, air costs more... who knows! Because they can.

Sarah Masters said...

OMG Casey! That much for water? Disgusting!


Sarah Masters said...

That's a good deal when you got so many meals out of it, Marci. Sadly, I use three small chickens to feed my lot for one meal. Or two large.


Nicki said...

Soda bottles are getting really ridiculous in price in those vending machines.

$1.25 for a 20-oz????? When I can get a 2-liter IN THE STORE for that much?

Gotta be fugging kidding me. I wish Wal-Mart still had those Sam's Club sodas for like $.25 apiece.