Guest Blogs

So, you want to guest blogger at FSW. Do you have a wicked or quirky sense of humor? Or are you a good ranter? Will you promote the post and respond to every comment individually? Then you're in. Just follow FSW's guidelines:
  1. The post must be one of the following:
    • a rant--preferably with a humorous slant,
    • a funny topic,
    • or a quirky topic.
  2. Any photos you wish to be a part of the blog must be attached to the email. Please include notes within the blog where you want the photos or send us a file with the images embedded in the HTML coding where you want them.
  3. All of the links must be provided within the document.
  4. The post must be sent to us a week in advance of the actual post date. If it's not, your date will be canceled or rescheduled, depending on our mood. (g)
  5. Guest bloggers must be available to respond to comments the day of the guest blog and respond to each person who comments individually. If you cannot, reschedule. If you do not respond to comments, we will not consider inviting you to our blog again.
  6. Guest bloggers must promote the post. While we will promote your post and the blog, the more the post is promoted, the more people stop to read and comment on your post.
If you secure a guest blog date and send us a post that: 
  1. is blatant promo,
  2. is not FSW blog appropriate,
  3. is political,
  4. and you fail to change the blog post should we request a different one,
we will cancel your guest blog slot.

This blog is meant for laughing, commiserating, and bitching. It's why people come to our blog.

If you are still interested in guest blogging with us, please email one of the following by clicking their name or following their profile for the email address:

Marci Baun

F. L. Bicknell

Valerie Mann

Jaime Samms