Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just a few questions from a mind that’s a little left of center

***Today welcome author Rachel Cron to 4SW.***

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Are you a believer or a fan of Jesus?” What does that even mean? My first thought was that it depended on which row you were sitting in and if you had a backstage pass or not. If you got backstage what would you say? “Sign my wing?”

What’s up with the Jersey Shore? When did vanity, ignorance and spray tan become cool? You can’t tell me that Snooki wrote that book!

Why is it called common sense? I think they called it that hoping it would catch on and become more common…Epic fail on that one! If you don’t believe me just come on down to Florida for season and watch the circus that ensues.

Why are people offended by the Oreo fudge creme’s commercial? I understand what “Shut the front door” is in place of…but they said “shut the front door” Are you seriously going to waste precious brain space on this issue? If so than I say…”Shut the front door!”

When did accountability become an option?

Why? Out of nowhere do I find a stray piece of glitter lying around or worse stuck to me? I always thought glitter was like ants or girls in the bathroom…you never just find one. It makes me wonder if I was fondled by a stripper or vampire when I was napping.

Why are people so angry with gay people for being gay? They should be angry at straight people…They are the ones who keep having gay babies!

And finally…Why are some people so easily offended? I can’t count the times I’ve said something and heard, “Well I never!” Maybe if they did they would be more open-minded about things. If I’m offended by something that’s my fault I pull up my big girl panties and I deal with it.

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rachelcron said...

First I want to thank the women for allowing my mind to be set free on here today and I hope you all enjoy my little mini rantings.

Faith said...

Hi Rachel! Nice to have you here. Things should get shakin' in a bit with so many time zones to consider.

Love the blog. You've had some very similar thoughts and viewpoints to my own!

rachelcron said...

Thanx Faith. I'm never sure what to blog about. I just wait for my mind to come pouring out into the computer.

Kate Richards said...

Stream of consciousness blogging! I love it and the one I wrote for a holiday blog this morning now looks incredibly boring by comparison. :)

rachelcron said...

Thanx Kate...I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had to write about the bumper stickers at least...I almost got into an accident at the laughing fit that ensued at the thoughts I was having.

Anthology Authors said...

There is a lot of stupidity in the world, Rachel, and a lot of people who will cling to it because they are afraid of what will happen if they use their brains. (g) (I'm kind of afraid of what would happen if some of them used their brains too. grin)

Great post!


rachelcron said...

I know exactly what you mean...I often find myself at the crossroads of screaming either, "Turn on ur brain!" or "Just go sit in the corner and color so the big kids can handle this."

Janice said...

Ha, so true.