Monday, 4 July 2011

Before the Week Begins

Before the week officially begins, I just wanted to wish all Americans a happy Independence Day. Secondly, if you haven't visited for a few days, scroll down and catch up on some excellent reading material. Also, if you're not a follower of our blog yet, follow us so you don't miss anything.

I'm a bit under the weather. Have been since yesterday. I seem to be this horrible heat and humidity, which always does me in, so I'm going to put up this quickie post today due to the holiday, and then there are two guest authors this week, tomorrow and Thursday, I believe.

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Have an excellent day!


Ray said...

Great blog about a double standard. I agree 100%. Any man who would disparage a woman for being other than monogamous better make sure he is monogamous and that his male friends are not sleeping around, or at least not telling him they are. "Let he who casts the first stone..."


Faith said...

So true, Ray. Thanks for stopping by today!

Anthology Authors said...

Happy 4th of July, Faith!

Charlie and Lily are under the weather too. They've had this awful cough for days now. Lily is finally getting over it, but Charlie's just begun. It sucks as it looks like it's going to make the 4th not as fun as it could be. :( oh, and it sucks they are sick. (As I sounded a bit hard hearted there. LOL) Lily started last weekend, so I'm pretty done with it. ;)

Janice said...

Get better soon.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Double standards have always been upon women in many different areas, but none of them should have happened anyway.
Great post!
Thank you for saying what most women feel.

Thank you!


Ray said...

Some things said about women are just plain stupid. I was aboard a submarine tender when women first started serving aboard ships. One man was complaining that the women in the line passing soft drinks to the storeroom weren't carrying as many cases as the men. I told him, I have seen some of the men carrying as many as four cases at a time. I told him that if he comes down to be treated for back pain for lifting more than the allowable 40 pounds at a time I would write him up for malingering. He went off muttering to himself.


Faith said...

Working on day three of feeling like total crap. Marci I know what you mean, tho. Went through the same last spring. Seemed like one or the other of the two kids here at home were sick with something.

Janice, thank you!

Hi Darcy! Nice to see you here!

And Ray, good for you!