Monday, 11 April 2011

It's been one of those weeks. Who am I kidding? 
This started about two weeks ago, although I didn't 
suspect those next two weeks would basically be in 
the toilet. Oh, there've been some summits that have
kept me sane, but the nadirs... Yeah, they've been 

pretty good. It could be worse, of course.

So, it started with quarterly reports. I wanted to 

complete them a week ago Monday, and I have this
fabulous accounting program that cuts the time down
by 7 or 8 days, maybe more. It's just that I have a
knack for finding all of the bugs in this program. It 

seems every time I use it, I break it. (It's a gift, truly.) This time, I 
accidentally put in a date when importing some data that made the 
program crash. (See, I told you I'm good.) They knew about this bug, 
but no one in the history of the program had found it (g) 
I had to send my database to the programmers to fix. Luckily, they 
work fast. However, this, and a few other things, put me back a day.

I suppose this should have been an omen of sorts for these next two
weeks. It wasn't. I mean, I'm used to screwing up the program. (g) It
was par for the course, and all was well until Saturday night.

That night Lily came down with a really nasty cold and a fever so high
she burned to the touch. This is particularly scary as Lily has had
seizures. For two days, sleep did not exist.

It's been up and down from there on out with too many troughs and not
enough summits that it's almost funny.

I managed to finish quarterly reports and send them all out a week ago
Tuesday, nearly a week in advance. That's a first.  Yay me! But
Wednesday saw me cleaning the biohazard of a front shower as Mom and
Jan, a family friend I haven't seen for 7 years, are coming to stay
with us on Friday. If I didn't clean it, Mom would, and I'd be
embarrassed to let anyone use it.

Mind you, sleep had still eluded me even though Lily's cold had
improved to just a cough. With each successive day, I was growing more
exhausted and grumpier. They were scheduled to arrive Friday. They
did, but not until midnight. Mom had a key, but couldn't get it to
work so she called me. I was sleeping, and despite being exhausted, I
pulled my ass out of bed and sat up for another hour. I could sleep in
in the morning, right?


Um, no. Lily was so excited that Grandma was here, she was up, which meant I was up because she had to come into our bedroom first and wake _me_. 

(I love her, but sometimes... ;))

My Saturday plans were shot to hell because Jan wanted to go to Malibu and spend the day on the beach. Lucky for him, we had a beautiful day. Besides seeing them, this was one of the bright spots of the past two weeks. I played with Lily, and we built a sand castle

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