Friday, 7 January 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s raining. Another bug of mine. I don’t mind normal rain, where by using an umbrella you still remain dry, but I hate the kind of rain, like today, where yes, your hair remains dry, but the rain is coming down so damn fast it’s splashing off the ground and up your legs. By the time I got home from the school run this morning, my leggings were wet—don’t shoot me, they’re trendy in the UK, honest!—and the arse of my coat was wet. Now, luckily, a neighbour of mine gave us a lift to the school, so I only got wet walking back. I dread to think how wet I’d have been otherwise.

Yep, I know there are more important things to gripe about, world hunger and all that, and I do feel for all those with massive problems where only having a bit of rain would be welcome, but shit, I just had to rant. And I hate to say this, but I’d rather have the snow we had than this downpour. It’s like a pissing monsoon out there. Now we’ll have people in the country flooded, homes damaged, and God knows what else, because of course, the snow having melted recently will have drenched the ground, and now the rain on top will probably cause havoc because it has nowhere to go—down is not an option, it’s full already!

I love umbrellas, I’d be lost without one, because the UK weather is just crap, to be honest, but at times I think we need umbrellas that not only cover your head, or the kind you can get that are transparent and reach your shoulders, but a whole damn body umbrella!

Oh, and does anyone remember those hat umbrellas from years ago? I never had one, but it was an umbrella that left your hands free.

What weather situation do you hate the most? All we need here now is high winds and my pissed-off state will reach the highest level, because you just know some poor sod’s roof is going to come off and, coupled with the rain, will leave them out of pocket and very wet.



Valerie Mann said...

I hate the heat. After living in the tropics of Florida for two years, this dyed-in-the-wool Yankee decided a change of seasons, including the long, sucky winters, were just dandy. I'd rather bundle up and stay warm than sweat my a$$ off every stinking day. But yeah, the monsoon rains you're experiencing aren't any fun. Stay dry and here's to no leaks!

Cassie Exline said...

Quite agree, hate that kind of rain. It seems someone has pissed off the weather gods.

Here in the states, weather has being running wild. Snow in areas that haven't had snow in a century and other places that have had more rain in a couple days than they get the entire season.

Mud slides. Snow piles. Flights cancelled. Nasty tempers.

Until spring, I'm being a good girl. (fingers crossed)

Hope the rain stops by end of school day.

Faith said...

I was going to say the bitter cold, but Valerie's right. This last summer was so darn miserable in most of the U.S. that even vacations by the water or pool were miserable. People began planning things that take place inside like going to planetariums or simply a hotel that had the indoor water parks.

We barely came out of the house last summer until the sun went down, then we went over to the pond and fished with the li'l guy. The heat was tolerable then, but barely.

Sarah Masters said...

I'm with you, Valerie! Heat is hateful, bundling up is cool, but rain...bugger off!


Sarah Masters said...

Ooooerr @ US weather, Cassie.

It slowed down, but it didn't stop.


Sarah Masters said...

We had a hot spell here, Faith, but it was still a shit summer compared to you guys regarding heat. The UK is so poo weather wise.


Anonymous said...

I am not a winter-lover. Bleh. Not only do I hate being cold at any time, it is ridiculous to have to put 27 layers of clothing on to go to the car, unwrap, find a place to put your layers and hoods, drive 2 miles to work, wrap up again so your nose and toes don't freeze off, slip and slide across an ice rink (aka Parking Lot), then have to unwrap once more. When you have small kids it's worse. And forget mall shopping with a giant wool coat.

Not to mention, the forced air heat does not do any wonders with curly hair nor already-dry skin. I literally used to daydream about bathing in a vat of hand cream.

Heather @
Decadent Publishing

Natalie Dae said...

LOL Heather! Shopping in a wool coat is so not fun. Especially when having a "hot flush" day. Urgh.



Janice said...

Fog, I hate the fog. We get it so thick here you can see in it to drive. And I hate driving in the fog. I did it the whole time my daughter was in school. Thank God she's in college now and has a car pool to get her there and back.