Monday, 10 January 2011

Man Boobs vs. Man Chests

Our guest today is EM Petrova. And she's taken on a really fun topic. Very thought provoking and something that bugs the crap out of me. Take a look at these dudes. Do we want that, ladies? Shouldn't those pecs be firm before you display them? Hell bells, they make us pack ours into BRAS! LOL

Here's EM...


Recently, my five-year-old son and I had a discussion about breasts. Who has them and why. He said, “Some men have boobs, Mom!” And I couldn’t argue. He-teets, man-maries, moobies. Let’s face it—men have ‘em. However, my conversation with my son made me think hard about the fact that not all man-boobs are created equal.

The sixties and seventies brought the world a marvelous pair when Davy Jones, singer of the Monkees, arrived on the scene. The eighties had Khan. And who could forget Baywatch and David Hasselhoff’s oiled set as he did his slow-motion sprint to the ocean? Even President Obama has them, and I salute him for it.

These are a few of the stranger man boobies. How about the over-developed ones, a la Schwarzenegger? We’ve all cringed a little when we see bodybuilders pose and their enormous pecs bulge. On the flip side of the scale, we have the mambo-man-tits. You know—the ones at the beach that could double as flotation devices for a family of four?

So how much moobie is too much? Romance readers sigh over the covers of books depicting Vikings and Highlanders with impossibly muscled chests. Yet, I love them. This leads me to believe that, as in all things, there is a fine line between sexy and overdone. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on man chests. Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind!

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Sarah Masters said...

I'm disturbed by the sweat patches beneath David H's tits. This image will give me nightmares for some time to come.


Shawn said...

I like a big muscled chest. Anything soft is just not sexy to me. I remember and episode of Seinfield where Kramer invented "The Bro". It was a bra for men. Honestly. I think some men need them.

Melissa Bradley said...

There is a line and some guys just stomp over it. Or in this case, heft their man-titty down on top of it. Went to my nephew's baseball this summer and there was a father there with moobies to rival Dolly Parton. Dear God, I thought I was going to asphyxiate from laughter when he rested them on the fence. They made a great target because he got hit with a foul ball.

Great post. :)

Rhiannon Mills said...

I could care less about moobies. All I'm after is a broad, strong set of shoulders. Not sure why I'm so obsesssed with a man's shoulders, but I really am lol.

Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHA, Sarah! David H is disturbing. He just gives me the heebie jeebies.

While in college, I was swimming in the university pool. It was lunch and open for both lap swimming and the casual swimmer, which made it hard for the lap swimmers because the casual swimmers pay no attention to anyone else. But, I digress. These three frat guys came up to the edge of the pool, their beer guts hanging over their swim trunks. I'm watching them as I can see they are about to jump in right where I want to do my flip turn. So I'm treading water waiting for these boys with moobies to jump in and what do I hear? They are dissing on the women laying out. Puh-lease! Honey, you got the "stomach sticks out further than the dick do" and you are bagging on the women laying out? (snort) Please jump in so I can drown you and save womenkind from your stupidity! (g)

Anthology Authors said...

Oh, my God, Melissa! That's hilarious! I would have been right there with you. (g)

Ing said...

LOL...this post had me cracking up. Body builders creep me out. Especially with all that fake tan on their big ole' man boobies. There should be a law against orange man boobs. It's just not right.

Another famous man boob is Simon Cowell. Love him but he wore a lot of white shirts that put those puppies on display! LOL.

Laurann Dohner said...

I knew a guy who always wore matter how hot it was. I finally confronted him and he told me about how he'd had a growth problem and in his teens they'd given him hormones to fix it but the side effect...He grew a breast. Me bad can it be??? I tell him take off the jacket, we're friends, and let me see. I was a 34 d cup...and on his right side only he was a C cup. WOW. It made it worse it only happened to one side and really look freaky uneven that way. I used to play a lot of sports for fun and with big breasts...yeah you learn how to get around it. I taught him how to wrap his chest down so he could at least wear T-shirts without people knowing. I never really thought about that kind of stuff for a man before but it really affected his life. Imagine wearing a jacket in 90 degree weather just so people wouldn't gawk and make fun.

Roz Lee said...

I can live with moobies if there's muscle to support them, but I can't stand a guy who looks like he should be a woman in a National Geographic spread. You know the ones, tribal women who've never owned a bra. Saw a guy in restaurant the other day. Boobs hanging under a t-shirt. Made me want to gag.

Laura said...

The moobies are usually accompanied by the belly hanging out under the t-shirt. At least around here. I can't stand that. Give me muscled pecs any day, but not the body builder. I'll take my man with a nicely muscled chest/abs, big arms and nice shoulders. Hey, I just described my husband (20 years ago!). LOL

Fiona said...

Very interesting topic! I agree that some men seem to not know what a mirror is, so they go out in public looking as bad as some of those "People of Wallmart" pictures, but they think they are hot! Then they have the gall to comment on the bodies of women around them? Sheesh! And don't even get me started on the whole Hefner in his 80s and bimbo in her 20s thing! Insanity rules!

Monie said...

LMAO! This reminds of me of the scene in the Pacifier when the little girl ask's Vin Diesel when she will get Boobs like his! ANd his were pretty good!

I like nice hard, firm pecs...huge arms...I better stop now! LOL

Sarah Masters said...

Awww, Laurann. I feel for the guy with the medical problem.


Sarah Masters said...

Marci, David H has always disturbed me. Gives me the bloody creeps, in fact.


KD KING said...

There are mitties (man titties) and there are chests. i like chests, a chest can be flat, can be muscled, but it most be solid. If it starts to drop, has fat in it, then its a mittle. I have enough boobs for two people. so the guy shouldn't come with any.

They actually had a special on TLC a few years ago about men with boobs, some just said to hell with it and purchased bras. There was this one man who worked out everyday, was muscular and well sculpted except for his chest which had mitties. Its genetic or something (cant remember) and he couldnt get rid of them so he had surgery to get rid of the mitties. Deep stuff.
Still cant get with the mitties.

Anonymous said...

You guys are insanely funny! Thank you for reading my blog, and to the Four Strong Women for granting me the guest post. I loved the Man Bellies!