Sunday, 16 January 2011

10 Things that Piss Me Off

It's my turn to blog this week, so I thought I'd launch it by posting ten little things that irk me to no end.

1. Guys who email me on MySpace or Facebook telling me how beautiful and sweet I am only to leave their phone number, asking me to call them.

Oh sure! I’ll stop what I’m doing right away, call you in Bum Effed Egypt, run my cell bill to the moon, and chitchat about how the sky is blue, puppies are cute, and you are too—NOT!

2 . Telemarketers who, no matter how many times you tell them you don’t have Northern Gas Company in your region, still try to sell you their heating fuel.

Hey stupid! Why don’t we telephone Hell and ask ‘em if they want to sign up for North Gas Company’s services? I bet Hell could use a li'l help, so tell ‘em I sent you!

3. Satellite stations that advertise a movie from 8 PM until 11 PM just so they can fit in two and a half hours of commercials.

Damn, I can take a bath, make a snack, put the cat outside, AND take a dump and be back just in time to pick up where the movie left off!

4. Notebook paper that has that “wonderful” waxy sheen on it.

What IS the point of that wax-like coating on paper? Try using a pen on it...ha! Start to write a note or a letter and it’s: “Write, dammit! Write!” BAM! BAM! BAM! Sometimes I’ll get so ticked off over it the notebook AND the pen hits the trash can.

5. Ice pops that are no more than colored-ice.

Oh, gee. I guess the food company forgot to put any freaking flavor in my batch...again!

6. Late-late night TV that is all infomercials.

Make sure all guns, rifles and pistols are out of the house as you flip through the satellite channels after midnight. The temptation is just too much. Trust me on this!

And did you know that there's even a sex infomercial being aired around 3 AM???

7. Tortilla chips that do not have warning labels on them.

Seriously, have you ever sliced your tongue or gums on these things? You’re chomping away, and suddenly a piece of your tongue falls out and you’re...gurgle! ACK!

8. Rugs that state they have slide-resistant backing.

Do not, I repeat, do not believe that warning. It is a lie!

9. Dusting sprays that promise to repel dust.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Whoever came up with those chemical solutions has obviously never lived in the country.

10. A vampire named Edward.

Jacob can kick your ass any day. And he’s pretty to look at too.

So what little things can you randomly list that piss you off?


RuthZ said...

I enjoyed reading your list! MIGHT I add one? How about salespeople working on commission that put it over on the consumer? I went to my favorite department store and bought an area rug! I told the salesman I would be taking my packages out to my nearby car and be back shortly to pay for rug. When I return he had the bill ready and the rug was rolled up with a guy "Going on his lunch soon" to assist me to the car with it. I really wanted to check the rug for any flaws but since it was ready to go and the guy was soon going to lunch I paid and had him put it in my car. I got it home and the family loved it. However, when I found a big flaw at one end I was so annoyed! Grrr.

Faith said...

Salespeople, oh yeah! The ones that tick me off are the ones who work in jewelry stores and car dealerships. Talk about pressuring the customer to buy! Sheesh!

Nickie Asher said...

People with piss-poor driving skills. Nuf said.

Faith said...

Oy! Gotta agree with that one, too, Nickie. You'd think living in an area where all the towns are small hick towns the drivers would be more alert and courteous. Bwahahaha!

Sarah Masters said...

GRR @ telemarketers. Arseholes, the lot of them.

Hormones. I hate them. I get pissed off at everything lately. Someone's only got to breathe wrong and I want to stab them.


Faith said...

Heh, that started for me over the weekend. I was ready to clean house this weekend and I don't mean dirty stuff and laundry either!

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Faith, I hate infomercials. Period. Especially late at night when I can't sleep. Why can't a decent movie be aired? And how many folks believe all that stuff anyway?

Faith said...

It makes no sense to me. You'd think if they wanted to sell something badly enough they'd put infomercials on when most people are awake, lol.

Melissa Bradley said...

I could get on board with these things for sure. I might also add...People who muscle their way ahead of you to board the bus, then don't have their fare ready. Drivers who don't know where they going and drift along at a snail's pace looking in both directions. People who bring a cartload to the 10 items or less counter AND the cashier takes them.

I would love to go all Yosemite Sam on these people

Fiona said...

People who ask me "Why are you working 2 jobs if you are a published author? Aren't you making a butt-load of royalties?" Yeah, right. Then they excitedly tell you all about the book they just bought, Snookie's life story or Justin Biebers autobiography...and they wonder why you either burst into tears or smack them upside their head!

Faith said...

OMG, that Snookie and Bieber thing makes me feel postal!

An autobiography? For what? A lousy 14 or 15 years? What, he can remember everything that happened from the time he slid down the birth canal to now? Don't think so!

Jim Hartley said...

One of the channels (CW18) that puts "Movie" on the on-line program guide listing! Can't you guys figure out what you're going to run and tell us? Or do you wait until two minutes before the scheduled time and have a blindfolded assistant pull a random DVD from the rack? The whole point of the on-line guide is so I can decide in advance what I want to watch! If I try to find out what movie it is, by the time I know and can decide, I've already missed the beginning of whatever is on some other channel. Just not helpful!

Faith said...

Life Movie Network! It does that all the time! Drives me crazy!

Anthology Authors said...

Construction companies that call claiming they are from the area and you can hear they are in a call center in the background. Oh, and even after you've told them not to call again, they do. Gr...

Cassie Exline said...

Telemarketers for sure. My teeth are gritting together just thinking about them. Especially when I can't understand a word they are saying or my voice echoes back with every word I say to them. What's up with that!

Faith said...

That's sorta like the Northern Regional Gas Co. that calls here, Marci. They call over and over and I tell them over and over their co is NOT in our region. We're in the area and... Yeah, that's why I hear other reps talking in the bkgd, right?

Cassie, an ATT repair man told me why you can never understand most of their reps. When a call comes in, it goes to the first available station and that's often in India or someplace like that. You have to ask for a U.S. based rep station, but then you usually have to wait 20 min or more before someone picks up.

Janice said...

I have a major driving pet peeve: People who don't stop at stop signs. Not only is this annoying, but dangerous. They'll take your turn, oh you stopped then I can go.

Last year one of my hubby's co-worker last his wife to a semi-truck driver who though he didn't have to stop at a stop sign. Little car big semi--she was killed instantly. The police came to work to tell the husband. The poor man fainted at the news.


Faith said...

The same thing happened here about four years ago only it was the car that made a left turn without stopping in front of a big dump truck that had the right of way.

Scarlett Knight said...

Love Jacob! <3 Edward is just silly.