Monday, 4 June 2012

Playing in the Shadows

by Jenna Jaxon

Anyone who know me knows that paranormal is not my first love.  However, anyone who really knows me, knows I have a penchant for vampires.  Always have.  I think they are the sexiest beings--beating werewolves out hands down--writers have created.  And I’m pretty sure my preference for these luscious bloodsuckers stems from my childhood fascination with the (then) spooky television series Dark Shadows.  (I read the words and I can hear that eerie music clear as a bell.)

At four o’clock every afternoon my friends and I were glued to the TV to watch the supernatural happenings of Barnabas Collins, resident vampire and all the other ghosts, werewolves, witches and other normal and paranormal happenings in Collinwood.  Was I in love with Barnabas?  I can’t quite remember.  I’ve always loved horror movies, so maybe it was just the storyline, though I’m sure I’d have gladly been bitten at the time. LOL

So how delighted was I to find out that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were making a movie based on the series.  And with Johnny Depp playing Barnabas Collins--just bite me now. J  I would not have believed it, considering the gray makeup, but Depp is one actor who even makes death appealing.  And sexy.  The original actor, Jonathan Frid was hardly a sex machine, though I think the allure of the vampire worked for him.  But Johnny Depp--who said when he watched the series he wanted to be Barnabas Collins--is hands down the sexiest vampire around.  (Eat your heart out, if you had one, Edward Cullen!) So if I wasn’t in love with Barnabas before, I certainly am now.

Of course, I was a bit skeptical as to how they were going to pull it off.  But in my opinion, they did so, and beautifully.  I do think they made the right choice in re-making the series as comic movie.  Though Dark Shadows was supposed to be serious in the 60s and 70s, looking back at re-runs now it was so melodramatic and campy it might not work as a serious movie.  (I do recall, however, the two Dark Shadows movies that came out in the 70s were pretty creepy, more seriously spooky than the series.)  But I love the fact that Burton took the comic sensibility into consideration, making the 2012 Dark Shadows movie a complete blast, with just enough gore and sex to satiate!

I haven’t kept up with reviews, so tell me, ladies.  If you’ve seen Dark Shadows, how do you weight in?  I’m a complete fan and left the theatre rooting for a sequel.  But I daresay there are some dissenting voices.  So, do you want to bare your neck or grab a stake?

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Anthology Authors said...

I was never a Dark Shadows fan, but then, I don't like horror movies. LOL We haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm tempted because of Johnny Depp. He's an amazing actor and hot, hot, hot! LOL


Jenna said...

I'm 100% with you on Johnny Depp. And in this he makes death look appealing. :) This movie has some horror aspects--he does feed at one point--but mostly it's a lot of fun. Thanks for coming by, Marci.

hotcha12 said...


hotcha12 said...


Casea Major said...

I love Johnny although Tim has always been just a little too 'out there' for my tastes. I was not a Dark Shadows fan nor do I really care for Vampires. I will not be rushing to see this one.

I will say however, that Michelle Phiffer is my all-time favorite actress. I wanted to be her when I was younger - Now I just want to look like her. LOL

Daryl Devore said...

The reviews I've read have mostly said the only good thing about the movie is Johnny Depp. Why don't they just make a movie of JOhnny Depp - 2 hrs of him - for us to look at.

Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

Like Johnny Depp, but not familiar with Dark Shadow, sad, I know, lol. I'm sheltered. The previews looked fun. Great post, Jenna, and your book sounds fabulous!

D'Ann said...

Loved the soap! Not a Johnny Depp fan. Sorry! *ducking* Will wait for the video.

Brenda said...

J.D is so awesome--he literally becomes whatever character he is playing. The guy is a genius!

Anthology Authors said...

Not a fan, you say, D'Ann. You must see Don Juan DeMarco. Oh. My. God. That man will melt you panties. (g) Ignore the reviews. Those people are stupid. :D I left the movie theater looking for someone to vent my sexual appetite on. (g) Alas, all I had at the time was a wet fish for a boyfriend. I need to watch it again with my husband. (g) It'd be one hot night. (g)


christine warner said...

I haven't seen the movie but I love--did I say LOVE--Johnny Depp. I've heard it's a good movie though and plan to see it.

Have I mentioned I love Johnny Depp? lol

Patricia Green said...

Johnny Depp is a man with great talent, and I love Burton's stuff. He's so irreverent without being silly. I'm not a go-to-the-theater person, however, I will look for this one when it's released to video. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenna!

Stacey Brutger said...

I used to watch Dark Shadows, but I was so young, I barely remember much.

I loved the haunted feel of it, the darkness around the vampire, and the mystery of the show.

I wasn't sure if going funny was the way to go. I'm going to reserve my judgement and wait for the video.

Jenna said...

My apologies--internet has been unavailable where I am for most of today. :(

Linda--Purrrfectly understandable!

Casea--It's a fun romp, even if you didn't watch the series. You should catch it on DVD. Michelle Pheiffer is wonderful!

Daryl--Haven't read the reviews (you know how they are :)), but I agree--two hours of Johnny Depp would make my day!

Jennifer--It would be a fun summer movie even if you don't know the series. Thanks so much for coming by. :)

D'Ann--Even if you're not a Johnny fan, you might find the movie fun. It may be a bit irreverent to the series, but I took it in the spirit I think it was intended. But Johnny was a good bit of the appeal. :) Hope you enjoy it on DVD.

Brenda--So true! He's an awesome actor!

Marci--I totally agree about Don Juan DeMarco! Hot! Any way you watch it!

Christine--Are you sure about Johnny? LOL You'll enjoy this one, trust me. :)

Patricia--I don't always enjoy Burton's work, but this is one of my faves of his. You'll love it when the DVD comes out. :)

Stacey--I'm sure some people who were fans of the series are not going to like this, but I really enjoyed the humor. It reminds me of The Adams Family movie (also loved). That kind of humor. HOpe you do like it on DVD.

I do want to thank Four Strong Women for having me here today. And to all the commenters who came by. Great feedback, ladies!