Monday, 11 June 2012

Getting Dressed in the Morning

by Jessica E. Subject

I’m a morning person. I get up early to get things done before the kids wake up. And even though I get them up with plenty of time to eat breakfast and get dressed, it always seems to be rushed. They have to fight at the breakfast table, refuse to eat, or think they should dance instead. So when it’s time for them to get dressed, I’m counting down the minutes until we have to leave.
My daughter is old enough to dress herself every day. But that doesn’t mean she dresses properly. In the middle of winter, she’ll wear a t-shirt, pants, and no socks. In the summer, she’ll choose her flannel pajamas to wear to bed.
But the thing she does most often, is wear her clothes backwards. Seriously. I don’t know how she cannot feel that her clothes are on the wrong way. I hate when a shirt or sweater is too close to my neck. It feels like I’m being choked. And yet she doesn’t notice.
When it was Backwards Day at her school, she loved it. She simply dressed the way she normally would.
Now she has a dance recital coming up. She’s in three different dances, meaning three different costumes. And I won’t be backstage to help her during rehearsals or the recitals. I just hope she puts her clothes on the right way. Should make for some interesting pictures. J

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Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.


Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHAHA, Jessica. My daughter's idea of matching is, um, interesting. She's not quite 8, but she'll take horizontal striped pants, pair them with another pattern on top, and say, "See, the pink in the stripes with pink of this star." (HAHAHAHAHA) She'll also will take two different striped articles of clothing and pair them with each other. It makes for interesting outfits.

She also likes to wear things that are inappropriate for weather. The other day, she went to gymnastics in a sweatshirt, long pants and long shirt. It was 80 degrees out. O.O I let her do it because we would have had a major argument over it. Not worth it. I decided to let her learn the hard way. She's decided not to do that again. (g)

In the middle of winter, which granted is not that cold here in So Cal, she wants to wear short sleeves and mini skirts. I don't let her do it. Stupidity is not allowed. LOL


Faith said...

Love that cover, Jessica!

Wee Man is 7. He has a habit of putting shirts on backward. I know instantly because the neck is crammed up against his throught instead of scooping like they normally do. I'll tell him his shirt is on backward and he will argue with me until the cows come home that is is not. The argument always ends up with me saying, "Where is the tag supposed to go, L?"

"On the back of my neck."

"Where is it now?" I ask.

"On my throat."


Jaime Samms said...

I've discovered that it doesn't matter how old or capable our dancers get, there is always a Kodak moment of shame or doom in every recital. It remains our oath bound duty as mothers to find and capture those moments for future generations. (and wedding photo collages, just so their partner is completely aware of what they're getting, and cognizant of the 'no return policy"). It really is in everyone's best interests.

Jessica Subject said...

Marci, my daughter is just a bit older and that's exactly what I go through with her. One similar color is all it has to have and its an automatic match. LOL When fashion starts to matter, I think that leads to a whole other area of problems.

Jessica Subject said...

Thanks, Faith! :-)

I don't have to tell her to look at the tag anymore. I just say, "Your shirts on backwards." She growls then goes back to her room and turns it around. That is if I haven't told her to take it off because it's not weather appropriate. :-)

Jessica Subject said...

LOL Jaime. It should be interesting. I hope they get it all worked out during the dress rehersals, but either way, I'll have the camera ready. :-)

Anthology Authors said...

I just take pics of her outfits and send them to friends. I get a kick out of it because I know that soon enough it will matter if her clothes really match or not. It's not the combination of the outfits I worry as much about as the appropriateness of the outfit. (cold vs hot, etc.)

We've made it a game if she puts her shirt on backwards. Now, if she does and I tell her, she just giggles and turns it around. :) Much better than an argument.


Jessica Subject said...

Yes, Marci, if an arguement can be avoided, all the better. :)

VS Morgan said...

Congrats on your release, Jessica! Loved it! My son is ten but it's a challenge getting him going in the morning - not a morning person. :)