Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All you have to do...

...is make enough money for us to live on, and I'll do the rest, he says. I'm confused. I know I go on and on about what a sweet deal I have, but I was going over my schedule for today, and listen to this:

5:40 am Wake up, shower, make a lunch, eat breakfast and get ready for day job.
6:10 am: Leave the house to catch the bus.
6:22 am: Board bus, ride to work
Yeah Baby!!!! That's what I'm talking about!
6:34 am: Arrive to coffee shop, refrain from weeping all over poor lady who served me coffee FINALLY!!!!! because there was no coffee an no cream to make some before I left the house.
7:05 am: Make it to desk, only five minutes late, because everyone and their fr-enemy at work wanted to know where my new desk is and what workflow I'll be doing and how hard is it? (No idea, I'm only in my second day of training. Give a girl a break)
7:12 am: seek out new boss and tell her I know it's only my second day, and I'm still in training, but my son has a dentist appointment and I have to leave early. (She's a dear. She said yes)
7:37 am: wander with the rest of the newbies to the training room and promptly nod off.
8:17 am: clean drool of desk and try to find where in blazes on the system we are working....blah.
10:00 am: Finally break for more coffee. Thank GOD! Quickly dash off a few emails and check edits haven't arrived from publisher. No edits. Breathe deep. Either there's nothing much to do, and they're working on other stuff, or there's so much, it's taking them forever to figure out what the hell my story is about. DON'T PANIC. (wish I had a towel...)
11:32 am: realize it's another hour until lunch break and slip out of training room to find foods before I starve.
12:35: LUNCH at last. gulp down yummy food, think happy thoughts of hubby who made yummy food for me. Text him. Find out he forgot to tell me the appointment time changed, and I have to leave work an hour earlier than planned or talked about with new boss. Think less happy thoughts about forgetful hubby.
12:47 pm: locate new boss, explain problem, and realize as I'm doing so that an 'hour earlier than planned' is...NOW. (I like my new boss. She was very nice about the whole thing)
1:23 pm: catch buss towards home to pick up boy for dentist, frantically text hubby to bring laptop and sunglasses, and to find out where I'm supposed to meet them.
1:29 pm: realize I was suppose to meet them at the library stop. Two stops ago. Get off buss and walk in sweltering heat and sun with no sunglasses for four blocks, get to library, find they haven't even left the house yet.
1:43 pm: Meet family, exchange lunch bag and sweat for laptop, son, but no sunglasses. They have mysteriously disappeared.
2:02 pm: Board bus only to discover boy forgot his bus pass: scrounge for change. Forget to get him a transfer.
2:20 pm: beg next bus driver to have mercy and grant amnesty for forgotten transfer ticket. She relents. Nice bus driver.
3:00 pm: arrive at dentist, break out laptop, and work while waiting for appointment. All goes well. No cavities, too soon to talk about braces. The bank account is relatively safe for another year.
4:00 pm: arrive downtown, decide to stop for beer and coffee.
4:25 pm: realize we've missed last close bus by five minutes, and now have to walk three blocks to get home.
4:47 pm: text hubby to send reinforcements to carry groceries, and inform him we are starving.
5:01 pm: arrive home to find hubby lying down in cool bedroom waiting for us. No dinner. No cold beer. Think unhappy thoughts about rested hubby as I make my own dinner.
6:05 pm: Hubby asks to use laptop, and do I want him to save my files. Yes, of course, GOD yes, please do. Watch as he clicks "no" in answer to the questions "Do you want to save the file "Christmas story?" Dare not think any thoughts about Hubby at all right this moment lest they be murderous ones.
6:06 pm: warn hubby he'd best leave the house for a little while. No, REALLY. Go. take the laptop to the garage, just don't be in my line of sight right this minute.
6:07 pm: decide to watch Bunheads with the girl and eat chips and drink beer.
8:09 pm: make my way to computer to re-write all the words written at the dentist that got lost. Find hubby has taken my computer mouse.
8:11 pm: retrieve Mouse. 'nuff said.
11:52 pm: sigh a breath of relief. 1487 words written, better than the first time, and I. Am. Done.
11:54 pm: realize I can't go to bed yet. Still have to write a blog post. Fuck.
12:17: finish blog post.
12:30  crawl into bed, realize it's too late to do anything but sleep.

Tomorrow? Once more, from the top.

(Someone told me today to "[write a blog post] about women who work at a dream (say, writing) when they have other responsibilities (say, family and an Evil Day Job) and do it with grace and humor. Cause, you know, that would be something you'd know about ;-) ")

If I do anything with either grace, or humour, it's because of friends like this, who make comments like that, even when I know they know I lose my cool, just like everybody else, and yet, they still see the good and chose to remind me I'm not a complete nut case. (or, they join me in the nuttiness, which also works) Love you to pieces, Amy.

So. what's everyone else up to tomorrow? Oh. Wait. Later today. Right.


Amy Lane said...

ZOMG-- you just totally exhausted me! I mean, I've lived through days like that, but... DUDE! And you're so much better than I am. My husband would be soothing a mouse-shaped dent on his head. (((hugs))) You're awesome--amazing and powerful, and you wrote a kick-ass blog post. <3 <3 <3

Anthology Authors said...

Wow, Jaime! Rough day! Had Charlie pulled that shit, he'd be missing a nut. (g) Maybe two. (g) You are such a kind and loving wife. I hope he appreciates you.

If it makes you feel any better, I just had to clean up cat shit off the floor and the trail where he dragged his ass across it. O.o Can't tell you how excited that made me.

Now, sleep.

Jaime Samms said...

You mean all days are not like that???? Huh..... And Amy, I didn't say he didn't have dents. Just thought best not to leave incriminating evidence on the interwebs....

Marci, that's a pretty typical day. And to be fair, his look much the same, just with a different list of things to do. My nine yr old is working on hid grade six and my 12 yr old is working on her grade eitght. He does his share. :) and the cat shit? I have children. They've got to be good for something.....lol!

Valerie Mann said...

I cringed the entire time I read this! Being a wife, mother, full-time worker, author, etc. is always a juggling act! But hey, as my husband says, "You're so lucky to be able to have so many choices with what you can do with your life instead of being stuck at home!". Yeah, that's when he gets sent to the garage, too.

Faith said...

I don't have to worry about my hubby doing something like that to my laptop and losing wc. He barely knows how to use a computer and always says, "Come here and take care of this on the screen so I don't mess something up and lose what you've done."

Jaime Samms said...

Val! You lucky dog you! O.o yeah. Hope he's got a comfy chair in there!!!!

Faith, this incident is near inexplicable to me. He's the techno wizard of the family. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I saw it happening, couldn't really believe it was happening, and yet seemed powerless to stop it. Yeah. It was weird.

Janis said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post. Hubby DOES not go near my laptop and when he does, I hover over him until he hands it back.

Jaime Samms said...

Well, Janice, my laptop died, so we're down to one desk top and one net book for four people. We have to share......