Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Motherf@#!&ing Stress

by Valerie Mann

I guess you can tell I’m a little stressed right now. I’ve had some days lately when it sucks to be me and more crap gets heaped on the shit pile when I'm not looking. But one thing I’ve learned in the Game of Lifethere can be lots of curve balls, tackles and blows to the head. And there is only one thing you can do:


If you find another, more productive solution other than dealing with it (one that doesn’t involve a shot glass) I’m all ears. But here’s what I’ve found has helped me the most.

     1.   Bitch to your friends. A good friend has a wonderful ability to just listen, maybe offer some advice, or know when keeping her mouth shut is good logic. And in the Game of Life, chances are you will be returning that favor.

     2.   If someone offers help, TAKE IT.  I don’t accept favors easily. But I’m learning.

         3.   Eat chocolate. Or cookies. Chocolate cookies are a two-fer. Indulge.

         4.    Read or watch a movie. Take time for yourself. My friends know I love going to the movies. Oftentimes, it’s not the movie so much as the dark theater and the escape for two hours that the movie provides. It’s a little sad that the kids who work at the local indie theater know me now and that I like a diet Coke with no ice and popcorn with butter.  The point is, find something to take your mind off your problems. Sure, the problems will still be there when you come back to reality, but that mini-vacation is so worth it.

        5.   Exercise. Those who know me are laughing. I hate exercise. Seriously though, a walk around your neighborhood isn’t exercise, it’s not even hard work. But it will get your blood flowing and you may even meet neighbors you didn’t know. Case in point: our black cat, Turbo, loves to walk with us. Evidently, he’s quite the social butterfly because people on the other side of our subdivision told us they knew him. Or rather, their dog did. What a wonderful way to meet new faces! Sort of.

        6.   I’m not a shopper but hey, if it’s retail therapy that gets you through, by all means, take advantage of the opportunities life gives you.

        7.   Strangle your children. Oops, sorry, bad typo.

        8.   Laughter is the best medicine. Find something to laugh at. There is humor everywhere.

        9.   Hang in there. And remember, there is always someone who is way worse off than you could even imagine. Be glad you aren't dealing with THAT!


Jessica Subject said...

When I'm stressed from issues at home, I have to get out and away from everyone. Usually that means going for a long walk with my mp3 player. Sometimes I sing, which makes everyone I pass cringe, but at least I feel better when I return.

Faith said...

I don't handle stress very well anymore. And now that I'm without a car, it's even worse.

Jim Hartley said...

My solution for stress is to take a Stresstab (found shelved with vitamins, but not all stores carry them) every morning. A couple of weeks ago one of my doctors wanted me to stop them, and I tried ... four days later I was ready to throw the dirty dishes on the tile floor rather than in the dishwasher ... went back to the doc, pointed out that Stresstabs are sort of OTC Valium, now I'm back on them and calming down again.

Valerie Mann said...

That's a thought, Jim! As long as it's safe to use, why not?

Jessica - I'm with you. Getting away from the problem, even if it's just for a short while, sort of rejuvenates me!

Faith - you need a girl's weekend!

Faith said...

Jim, I used to take those. Forgot all about 'em. Will have to see if I can find some and try 'em again.

Valerie, don't I know it!

Anthology Authors said...

Swimming is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes. When my sister died, we exercised a lot. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes us feel better.

I must say I am partial to chocolate, too, which is why I don't keep it around. I eat too much of it. LOL

AJ Best said...

I'm a huge proponent of listening to REALLY loud Metalica, baking, and cleaning - if that doesn't work, step away from the bitchy woman.

Valerie Mann said...

Hmm. Perhaps the woman is bitching because the music is too loud and annoying and you're messing up her kitchen? Just a thought :-)

Janice Seagraves said...

We had only cats after our pet pigeon got ate by a raccoon, but my daughter recently brought home two dogs, so now we have dogs. A German Shepard puppy and a Jack Russel mix.

Another part of my stress is the two dogs dig holes and bark all night, but they are friendly and sweet.

I've been taking time out of my day to just sit outside with our two dogs, admire my container garden, the leaves on the trees, watch the humming bird at the feeder and just breath.