Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Love-Hate Relationship with our Back Bathroom

I have a love-hate relationship with our back bathroom. As grateful as I am to even have a second bathroom, I can't help but get irritated with it.

First, what I love about our back bathroom:

  1. We have one.
  2. The shower head. It's one of those big ones. It's lovely to stand under after a long day.
  3. If someone is camped out in the front, we have the back one.
  4. The size of the shower. It's very large. Compared to the coffin in the front bathroom, it's as spacious as a mansion. Okay. That's a slight exaggeration, but in the front shower, two people in there regardless of the size of the people means that one person's butt will be kissing the cold, tile wall.

That's about it. They are all good points, but there are things I hate about that back bathroom. Just a few things:

  1. The cockroaches. While I haven't seen any for a while (knocking on wood), this is the bathroom where I was doing my business and a large one came out from under the vanity, scaled the heater, and turned to look at me as if contemplating the possibility of leaping onto me. (Blog post here.) It's from whence the cockroaches came and infested my underwear drawer. (Other blog post here.) As you can see, it's been a sore spot for me.
  2. The size. It's teeny. Yes, the shower is huge, but the rest of it is minuscule. Matter of fact, the shower is larger than the other "half" of the bathroom. The toilet is flanked by the shower on one side and the sink/vanity on the other. Two adults in the bathroom are too many. I suppose, that could be the case regardless the size of your bathroom, depending on what you are doing. (g)
  3. If you need to do anything other than pee, you must use the front bathroom. Why? Well, whoever added this room on didn't do the pipes right, so it cannot handle poop. This is not good when you have two people hit by Mother Nature at the same time. (g) It doesn't happen often, but it is inconvenient. Oh, and if you happen to get the stomach flu, you can't use it either. You must rush your ass to the front one and hope you don't toss your cookies before you get there. (Having just had the stomach flu a few days ago, I can attest to how inconvenient that is. I would have preferred lying on the floor in our bedroom instead of the hall floor.)
  4. Until Charlie fixed it, it leaked, which made our walls wet, which attracted the cockroaches, which... You get the point. Whoever redid the bathroom didn't do it right, so now we have to be vigilant about any cracks in the grout. I have no desire to repeat cockroaches in my underwear drawer. O.O
  5. The d├ęcor. Yes, I can paint the walls, but there's not much I can do about the bland tan floor tiles nor the awful white wall tiles. I don't know why people like white tiles. Have you ever tried to keep those clean? If I wanted to live in a sanitarium, I would. I don't. Some day, we'll gut that sucker and do it right.
  6. It's not self-cleaning. (g) Okay, this is not the fault of the bathroom. No bathroom is self-cleaning. It would be really nice if they were. (g)

See, it's a love-hate relationship. I'm grateful to have it, yet I wish it were different than it is. Love-hate. Love-hate. Some days, it's easier to love it than others. (g)


Faith said...

HAHAHAHA @ "Well, whoever added this room on didn't do the pipes right, so it cannot handle poop."

I'm not sure why that struck me as hilarious, but it did. Thanks for the good belly laugh this morning.

Anthology Authors said...

I'm glad you find it funny. (g) Every morning when I have to do my business, I must go to the front bathroom. It would be lovely to just go into our back bathroom instead. (g) If I did that, I'd be plunging it. O.O

Faith said...

AHAHAHA!!! I swear, I must be slap happy today!

Anthology Authors said...

I'm glad you find my situation funny. ;)

Toni V.S. said...

Cockroaches? You haven't lived until you've had one FLY across the room and chase you out of it!

I once rented a house with two baths. The one in the basement had separate tub and shower and toilet and when I say separate, I mean each was in a room by itself. Made it easy for two people to bathe at the same time, though.

Great article! This site has the best blogs!

Anthology Authors said...

I can honestly say that I can live without that experience, Toni. LOL This one did fly from the top of the space heater to the wall. It turned at looked at me as if considering jumping on me. Eep!

Depending on the basement, I don't know if I'd ever use those unless I had to. LOL

Jaime Samms said...

You have TWO bathrooms?!?!?!?!

Anthology Authors said...

I know, Jaime. It's great to have two bathrooms, even if only doesn't function as well as it should.

Jessica Subject said...

I think the big shower would be worth the other hassles of the bathroom, but with cockroaches, I don't think I'd ever go in there again. *shivers*

And if you ever find a self-cleaning bathroom, let me know. That is my least favorite place to clean.

Shiela Stewart said...

Great post! It had me chuckling and grosed out at the same time. Cockroaches. **shudders***

I have three bathrooms and none of them are large. I have a bathroom joined to my bedroom and if you sit on the toilet and someone opens the door, you're garrenteed to end up with bruised knees. The second is small as well and if two people are in there at one time you'resure to end up with an elbow in your eye. The third one is connected to the laundry room. Who in their right mind wants to sit on the pooper while the laundry is being washed or dried.

Oh the things we suffer for a simple poop and pee. LOL

Fiona McGier said...

I once told my husband the only thing sexier than a man holding a baby is a man holding a toilet-bowl brush, because that means he loves me enough to not make me clean the bathroom! Grin. It worked! Well, that and the fact that I don't put my glasses on in the morning so I never seem to notice how grody it's getting in there until my husband has hit his "dirty" quotient and cleaned it again! Unfortunately 2 of our kids take after me, and those 2 share one of the upstairs bathrooms, so he's always threatening to charge them to clean it for them when they are arguing over whose turn it is, and in the meantime it smells like an outhouse! (and one of them is a girl, so she's like her mom!)

Anthology Authors said...

It is really nice, Jessica. I just wish we had a bigger water heater or one of those tankless heaters. When you have the full shower head on, the hot water lasts about five minutes. :(

Shiela, your bathroom where only two people can stand sounds like this one. Also, if we didn't have a sliding door that goes into the wall (their name escapes me right now), the door would have to open out because you wouldn't be able to get in. LOL

Fiona, you sound like my husband. (g) the bathrooms get cleaned because of me. The ick factor plays a big part in when they get cleaned. It needs to be cleaned now or I'd have posted a pic of it. LOL

Janice Seagraves said...

We only have the one bathroom, but when my husband of 30 years finally started to scrub the toilet I stopped doing it. SO now when it gets gross, I just wait him out. It's become a game of wills.

How long will "he" hold out?


Anthology Authors said...

I try to do this with Charlie, Janice, but I cave every time. (sigh)