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REVIEW: Daughter of Lust

by Ann Mayburn
For the Love of Evil, Book 1

Publisher: Decadent Publishing, LLC
Format: e-book

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Natalia is a cambion and doesn’t know it. What’s a cambion? Here’s
a link that explains it. I had to do research into it for a novella I wrote last year. It’s quite an interesting paranormal creature. And as a matter of fact, Merlin was supposed to be a cambion.

But I digress, lol.

Natalia doesn’t know she’s a cambion. Her father, Asmodeus, High Prince of Hell and High Keeper of Lust, is having trouble with Belal, another demon who has found a way to bring sloth and apathy into the human world via opium. If humans have no carnal interest, then Asmodeus loses his power, because, after all, he’s the Keeper of Lust. He feels it’s Belal’s way of taking over his kingdom.

So he sends Raum, his general, to Earth to solve the problem of Belal and the opium shipped through Russia. However, this is also where Natalia lives. Asmodeus also wants Raum to protect his daughter and help her through the awakening of her demon side.

This sets the pace for the story. On one side there are politics in Hell; on the other side, there’s the romance between Natalia and Raum as she struggles with her powers and what she feels is the onset of insanity. The two plots combine into one and work extremely well together.

But as Nalalia’s demon side awakens—remember, she’s the daughter of the High King of Lust—things get a little tricky. She discovers the teachings of ‘sex is bad’ wars with her inner demon who wants sex. Yeah, baby! Sex! Come on, give it to her…give it to her now! Rowl!

Uh, sorry. Reading that book is like Viagra for women. “Honey, I need you in the bedroom now!” Or on the floor. Aw, hell, fire up the washing machine and let’s ride that baby for a while.

Ahem. Sorry.

Ms. Mayburn did an excellent job of keeping Natalia innocent and at the same time one kick-ass demoness. Look out, the pretty lady will bite!

Now for all you fans of hot-sex romance. Let’s just say that the expression “when Hell freezes over” isn’t an option in this book. The sex in Daughter of Lust is…how do I say this? Aw, screw it. I’ll put it this way…if I was Natalia, I’d have to walk around with an ice pack in my panties 24/7. Natalia craves sex, and it’s what fuels her powers. Oh, and lets not forget her concubines such as Gregor and the ones Raum has and shares with her.After I read the book I was hollering, “Honey, where are those damn ice cubes?” This book should come with a warning label: Do not read this novel unless you’re wearing asbestos panties.

It’s obvious the author did a lot of research to create her Hell world. I recognized many things that I’ve studied myself, so rest assured the novel is based on a lot of background work into angel, demons, Hell, Heaven, magic, and so on. The intricacy of Hell is amazing, and it certainly made me pause and contemplate what most cultures believe Hell is versus…well, what IS it really?

This is book one of either a trilogy or a series, so I’m curious to see what happens in the next novel. Daughter of Lust is well written, extremely vivid, and a roller-coaster ride that criss-crosses Earth and Hell. It’s probably one of the most unique romances I’ve read in a long, long time.

My only complaint is that I would’ve liked more of the historical aspect of Natalia’s life in Russia for the year 1870. Hell was rich and lushly described, but I was curious about Kazan, Russia, too.

I highly recommend, Daughter of Lust. If you’re a fan of sizzling sex, gripping romance, dark underworld politics of both man and demon all mixed with mystery and action, this is the novel for you.

Well done, Ms. Mayburn. It’s extremely difficult to impress me in fiction, especially erotic romance, so I give you both thumbs up.

Now, who has those damn ice cubes?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, m'gawd, I am laughing so hard I have tears. This was both hilarious and fabulous.

Don't think quotes won't end up on Facebook. :-)

Faith said...

LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We try really hard to keep everything, including book/movie reviews, thought-provoking or humorous. Tears of laughter are uber cool! :-D

Valerie Mann said...

Ann is a talented and prolific author! None of her books will disappoint you!

Faith said...

I look fwd to reading the next book.

Ann Mayburn said...

Oh dear lord, Faith....get thee to a nunnery! You had me rolling, that is one awesome ass review and I'm so so glad you enjoyed it.

I'm also happy to have a reader that shares my obsessive research on religion/magic/etc and I'm happy that I didn't let you down. This will be a trilogy and the next book, Princess of Lust, will be going into edits sometime this spring/summer. :)

ps- If my 'inspiration' gets you pregnant and it's a girl, consider the name Natalia. ;) I'll let you pass on having to name the boy Raum.

Debbie Gould said...

OMG, Faith. Great review, and congrats Ann, this sounds like one hell of a book. (yes pun intended)
I will be picking it up ASAP!

Faith said...

Oh, heck yes re obsessive research!!! Woot! I'm not the only one who does this, lol. I love learning about anything paranormal, religion, myths, magic, and so on. I use everything I learn in my books too, so it's way cool to find a fellow author who's the same way.

And nope on the baby girl. Thank god for tied tubes. Raum, however, is an interesting name to suggest to the dau who has been popping out the babies, lol.

Very happy you enjoyed the review. :o)

Faith said...

You won't be sorry, Debbie. It's money well spent. It's a highly entertaining erotic romance.

Anthology Authors said...

Sounds like a great book, Faith! I'll have to check it out. Is it available B&N too?

Faith said...

I have no idea.

VS Morgan said...

great review!

Jennifer Probst said...

An absolute fantastic review - love it!! And I LOVED this book!

Faith said...

Ann, your review is live on It was approved. :o)