Friday, 6 April 2012

Gabriel and Tatiana Part 3 ~ The End

by Kate Richards & Valerie Mann (Evil Editors)

Continued from yesterday... 
Tatiana gasped in an aching breath and pressed her lips to his. “Gabriel,” she said, “I must have your adorable manhood in my chamber of love before another moment passes.”
“Okay,” he said, holding firmly to the girth of his heavily bobbing penis and directing it toward Tatiana’s soaking folds. “But if I am yanked away to hell in mid-thrust you’ll have to excuse me.”
“That can’t happen,” she said. “I have connections.”
He rocketed back on his heels and stared at her, agape. “Tatty, are you an angel, too? I thought I noticed an unnatural light in your eyes, but I’ve never seen an angel with gleaming orange irises twirling in opposite directions.”
She grinned, baring gleaming, pointed fangs. “I am surprised you didn’t guess. I am the daughter of Satan, here on earth to take the virginity of a stupid angel in order to impregnate myself and bear a half angel half demon offspring for nefarious purposes of my great and evil daddy.
He groaned and shoved himself to the hilt in her heated chamber. “I don’t care. I am wearing a condom anyway.” He screamed. His huge balls slapped against her butt cheeks, sending him into spasms of need.
“Yes, I have activated the acid bath that eats through condoms. You will impregnate me now. I want you to. I need you to. I want …yeah, anyway.”
“It hurts, so good.”
“Sure, it’s only acid. Allow me to clench my muscles around you.” She groaned. “Uhhh Uhhhh Uhhh. The giant vein is rubbing against my G-spot. Mmmmm.”
He banged her violently, rocking her head into the headboard.  “I love you. I will give up everything for you for no reason whatsoever except your hot pussy that even now milks me of my fluid of life.”
She seemed to be thinking of something else what she was doing after and he tried to bang the thoughts out of her head.
“Oh baby, it’s so good.” He rocked harder, giving her a concussion and her back arched off the bed.”
Her legs bent at the knees, her feet locked around his neck, and she took the opportunity to admire the baby pink polish she’d chosen at the salon that afternoon. It was her favorite color and reminded her of the time her old boyfriend brought her some pink carnations when they made love for the first time. His penis was almost as long as Gabriel’s and she had enjoyed it greatly. Bucking and thrusting, driving and rocking, growling and roaring, he plunged into her.
“Please rub the tiny bundle of nerves nestled between my nether lips,” she ordered. He used a long, masculine finger to circle her love nubbin in slow, controlled rounds. It throbbed and ached and swelled until it was even harder down there. “Now suck my breasts.” He nibbled gently on her tightened peaks.  “Rub your belly and pat your head at the same time.”
The angel in his desire to please her grew two more arms from his armpits and did everything she wanted while she drew his tongue into her mouth and waltzed with it. It circled and caressed the insides of her cheeks and danced around her teeth. He hoped she’d brushed and flossed that morning.
Her legs began to ache and she lifted them further, locking her glossy pink toes into the headboard and unintentionally exposing her gorgeous rear rosette. He sniffed at the tiny brown star and inhaled the appealing fragrance it exuded of toasted marshmallows and graham crackers. It reminded him of sitting around the campfires that time at band camp.
“I must take your anal viriginity next,” he announced around her tongue.
“Cool and we don’t need any lube or anything. When you’re ready just go to it.”
“Oh, you must be experienced then, with an ass the side of a subway tunnel,” he growled, disappointed. This might not be as fun as I thought, he thought.
“No, never done it before, but I’m sure it will be fine,” she groaned shrilly, the rosette twinkling invitingly. “I just want to feel your jets of love fluid pulsing when you reach your climax!”
“Well for now, I’m gonna finish up here.”
The phone called them.
He leapt off her. “I’m expecting a call. Please excuse me.”
“Sure, go right ahead. I’ll order room service.”
He picked the phone off the table and put it to his ear, speaking into the receiver, “Hello?” he sang. “Oh, it’s for you.”
She tumbled from the bed, giggling. “Hi? Oh, hello, Daddy.” She cupped her hand over the phone. “It’s Daddy,” she explained to him in an aside. “What? I’m working on it, Daddy. Yes, Daddy. Okay, Daddy.”
She handed Gabriel the phone, which he took with his left hand. “Angel, hurry up and impregnate my daughter now.”
His tone was amok.
Tatiana rushed across the room to fling herself on the blue quilt and push her ass in the air.
“Due me, Gabriel.” She arched her back and wagged her luscious ass back and forth, the shiny globes beckoning . “Hurry, the puddle of my desire for you is soaking the mattress.”
“I love you, Tatiana.”
She tucked and rolled, landing on the floor on her knees at his feet. “I love you, too.”
“We should run away to Nirvana and we can be safe there.” He winked. “You’re not the only one with connections.”
“Oh, good plan! I love that band!” They both chorused and she spoke to his dick. “You can cum, too.
“Gabriel frowned, mockingly. “No, my love. He can’t cum. But I promise you, we’ll all come!”
Her nipples pouted prettily as they both laughed at the same time. “Silly nouns and verbs!”  


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by to play with us this week. Guesting at 4SW is so much fun!

Jessica Subject said...

Wow, thanks for the laughs. :) Off to check my own stuff. LOL

Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHAHAHA That was hilarious, Kate! I'm sad this is the last installment... or is it? (g)

Kate Richards said...

I don't it? I try never to underestimate the 4Strong Women!

Nickie Asher said...

Oh. My. God. That was funny as hell.

S.A. Garcia said...

I laughed so hard I scared my pet bunny. Honest, I mean a real rabbit, not, well...

I can't wait to see a sequel. Kudos!

Shiela Stewart said...

Holy fnuck that was hillarous!! I was killing myself laughing and my hubby and daughter were eacger to know why. Like I'm going to tell my 17 year old daughter about breaking an anal cherry. LOL

Jennifer James said...

More please.

Although I think you guys have forever ruined S'mores for me. Damn you! ;)

Valerie Mann said...

Every author makes funny things happen that they never intended. The last line where Tatiana's nipples are laughing was a line I saw a few months ago. I think I went the full three rounds before I noticed how hilarious those nipples found the situation, LOL!

Anthology Authors said...

My nipples frequently chuckle over events. I can't seem to make them stop. It gets rather embarrassing at times. (g)

Kate Richards said...

That's why I rarely go to see comedies, once they get a fit of the giggles, they bounce and jounce and tend to steal the show.

Anthology Authors said...

It's horrible, isn't it, Kate? (g) They can't seem to keep it to themselves either. Oh, and when they see a hot man, they perk right up and practically scream, "Look at me!" Heavens to Betsy, but it's mortifying! (g)

Kate Richards said...

LOL! The headlights blink right on! But they can't help it,in their pulsating yearning for freedom from their lace cup prisons

Anthology Authors said...

It's true. Without those torture devices know as bras, I am sure mine would run around poking every hunky man within 100 miles. I'd be in marathon shape because they'd drag me with them.

Kate Richards said...

You're very wise. They must be contained.You know how men would hate that.

Mychael Black said...

I've been an editor. This is brilliant. LOL

Anthology Authors said...

Oh, wouldn't they, though? (g)

Valerie Mann said...

Kate knew I had to have something in there about the butt sex dilemma. We've instituted a new policy when we edit that unless there's adequate lube and prep, the butt sex isn't happening. This was on the advice of an astute gay man. Yet in nearly every case, we see the wenis headed for that tiny twinkling star like a heat-seeking missile. Incoming!

Lisabet Sarai said...


Hurts so good!

L.M. Brown said...

OMG! That was so funny.

I wish I could say I never did any of those but it is rather hard to deny it when my angel not named Gabriel is gay!

Janice Seagraves said...

Isn't the angle named Sam? Or was it something else?

So funny, so sad this is the last one.


Kate Richards said...

Something like that but Tatiana didn't like that name, she preferred Gabriel, like all angels with defined abs and giant ummm, rods of love

whodunitrdr AKA Deanna said...

I found a new example of purple prose in a book excerpt recently. Needless to say, I decided not to buy this one. lol "Begging silently with her body for more, she grasped his stick shift and playfully ground his gears."

Kate Richards said...

I have no words...but that author did!

Valerie Mann said...

OMG. Snort.