Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanksgiving with a Twist

by Valerie Mann

I'll admit it...I'm always looking for the funny and romantic in my day-to-day dealings, because I write romantic fiction and need fodder for Ms. Muse. I also edit erotic romance and let me tell you, some of the stuff I edit curls my hair, right along with my toes. I found out just how much I've learned about the erotic world we live in when I recently had to edumacate my niece on the difference between menage and polyamory relationships. I don't think she understood the distinction, nor did she truly care since she's expecting a proposal and a big, fat diamond very soon from a super-hunky former Marine. Sharing him with anyone else is so not on her radar. But I digress...
Today is Thanksgiving here in the United States. For you readers not of the US American persuasion, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we use history as an excuse for gluttony in its many, sports and shopping. Turkey being the main food ingredient, American football the sport ingredient and Best Buy (at least  for me) being the shopping ingredient. Add salt and pepper to taste. M-m-m good.
So...I'd like to bring some humor into our Thanksgiving tradition, putting an erotic twist on the translation. Hopefully, these pictures will give you a lift and keep the stress away. Or maybe this blog will help the turkey and stuffing put you into a cozy stupor for a much-needed rest before you hit the stores on Black Friday. 

See you at Best Buy! 
~A BDSM Thanksgiving Dinner~
Bondage style 

~GLBT Thanksgiving Romance ~
Tom Turkey crushes on Peter Pilgrim
~Sci-Fi  Thanksgiving Romance~
Alien Poultry
~A Rubenesque Thanksgiving Romance~

~Military Thanksgiving Romance~
(featuring Captain Tom Turkey )

~An Interracial Thanksgiving Romance~
Have a wonderful, Romantic Thanksgiving  Day, 
no matter how you choose to celebrate it!


Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHHAHAHA My favorite is the bondage. It suits my warped sense of humor. (g)

Happy Thanksgiving, Valerie!

Kate Richards said...

You always find the funniest images! Happy Thanksgiving@

Jessica Subject said...

Of course, you know I love the scifi one. :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Valerie Mann said...

I know, I thought of you, Jessica, when I saw it. LOL!

Desiree Holt said...

Didn't get to read this until the end of the day but fell off my chair laughing. Great post.

Faith said...

Good morning. Cute cartoons. Currently suffering pumpkin-pie hangover. Nuff said...