Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Racing the Clock...& the Holiday!

This is my week to blog, but I have a big deadline looming in a few short days and I'm hosting Thanksgiving in my home for up to twelve people. The hubby is baking the turkey, but I have the rest of the dinner to plan/make and I still have to meet that deadline and clean the house.

One of the other 4SW might post this week, so please stop back.

Until next I snark, quip, or rant here, I leave you a cute cartoon and an easy contest for the avid reader.

I wish everyone who observes the U.S. Thanksgiving a beautiful holiday and many blessings!


Valerie Mann said...

Good luck with the big turkey day! And kudos to you for getting the hubster to do the bird. Try to get some rest afterward, you work too hard!

Fiona McGier said...

In years past when we hosted turkey day, my husband had to do the bird...I've never cooked a turkey in my life! Every year I do the pies and the cranberry sauce, and on occasion, will contribute breads and/or veggies as needed. I actually like all of the sides better than the bird anyway, though I'm not a vegetarian. I'm just not a big turkey fan.
Best wishes to all, may the bigger part of the wishbone be yours, and may the relatives all behave...or if they don't, may the liquor not run out!

Toni V.S. said...

From the age of 10 onward, my son always cooked the turkey because I generally had to work. He went online and got cooking instructions and the result was as good as anyone could have done.

Faith said...

Well, me and the youngest dau will be making pies today, and I'll prolly make devilled eggs for finger food until it's dinner time. We're eating at 2 PM.

Anthology Authors said...

My mom has always done it, but this year, my brother will be barbecuing the turkey, a sister-in-law will be bring the potatoes and stuffing, Mom will make the salad, and I'm in charge of cranberry. Hopefully, this will be a much less stressed Thanksgiving. :)

Have a great one, Faith!