Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Virgin Sheikh's Billionaire Baby Part 3

by the Evil Editors

continued from The Virgin Sheikh's Billionaire Baby Part 2. Read it HERE!

**content alert - heavy sex and improbable plot**

“Oh, boy, this feels so good!” he yelped to himself.

“I can’t believe this is happening!” himself agreed.

Hands grasping his balls, he moaned when the girl kneeling on her knees, squeezed the dangling orbs between his legs. “Oh, Markie-Linda,” he moaned.

“How did you know my name?” she asked, her mouth full of the huge, hard, thrusting rod of delicious manhood touching the back of her throat.

He swelled even bigger. He got even harder. 

Imogene tapped his shoulder. “Dude, you’re gonna bust if you get any harder or bigger. Just sayin’.”

Himself agreed. Dude, she is so right. That would ruin the mood. And if that happens, you can’t have a ménage and tell Markie-Linda how rich you are. Right now she has no clue you're loaded, she only wants to have hella sex with you because she hopes you’ll impregnate her. But don’t worry because she won’t tell you she’s pregnant. She’ll hide it from you, maybe even tell you it’s not yours. Then you’ll have to go back to your stormy homeland and be super sad for awhile before you finally say,’to hell with it!’ and you just have to be honest with her, tell her you’re really a billionaire typhoon sheikh, and force her to marry you. She’ll think you’re only doing her a favor and she’ll fight you and hurt you by telling you she doesn’t love you, even though she already does, but in reality you’ll be so in love with her, you won’t be able to see straight for the rest of your entire life!

Joseph ignored himself’s annoying inner thoughts. Gripping the lovely Markie-Jane by the ears, he pushed, in and out, in and out, and so on. That was when he felt it. It felt so good. It felt like, oh hell, why should he even bother to describe it, it just felt so gooooood! Like when you’re riding in a rollercoaster, up that first steep hill, up and up, and you know it’s going to be scary and thrilling when you go over the edge.

“Unh! Unh!” he hissed.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about,” his getting-bigger-and-harder-by-the-minute erection bobbed against her palate as Markie-Jane agreed lovingly.

Throwing his head back with a triumphant roar, his rod jerked and hot spurts of liquid shot up his shaft, up and up, and exploded from the tip. His knees sagging, Markie-Linda sat back, releasing him with an audible *pop*.

Joseph’s eyes sought out his remarkable length with reverence. “So that’s what you’re for.” He petted it with affection.

“Hey, what about me?” Imogene whined cattily. “You’re supposed to get her pregnant, then marry her so she never has to worry about money again after her parents died in that fiery car crash when she was in her freshman year of college and left her broke and unable to support herself or her siblings!”

Markie-Linda’s eyes narrowed at the other woman and wailed, “You said you were a baby broker. I thought he was supposed to impregnate me so you could buy my baby when I had a bad accident and hit my head and had amnesia and then sell it back to him, but then tell him I had no memory of either him or the baby, so he could woo me and make us one big happy family!?”
Joseph giggled. “Don’t forget rich! You’ll be so rich, you won’t care what I look like, how sexually inexperienced I am,  or that I am dragging you back to my stormy homeland, where you’ll be surrounded by my family who will never accept you as anything but a foreigner because you aren’t accustomed to our ways!”

Imogene’s hands clapped with glee. “Someone should write a book about your love story! It is so unusual, everyone will buy it!”


Tune in tomorrow for when the Evil Editors sacrifice The Virgin Shiekh's Billionaire Baby on their evil Altar of Reviews!


Kate Richards said...

Hope you all enjoyed these!

Jessica Subject said...

*pop* That's quite the happily-ever-after. LOL

Sara Daniel said...

Ha! He really is a typhoon!