Friday, 23 September 2011

Cussing the Air Blue

Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my email and Yahoo groups. I also have IE, or Internet Exploder as 4SW Marci calls it. I hate both my email provider and IE. It’s bad enough when IE freezes, but when my email account decides to glitch, refuses to attach files, or just doesn’t connect, I tend to cuss the air blue…and purple, and sometimes I get a lovely rainbow effect when I’m really on a roll.

The other day I couldn’t get into my email account. I figured when I switched to one of my alternate Yahoo emails that I forgot to tick the “stay logged in” button when I returned to my main account. After about twelve attempts to put my password in, the damn thing would NOT let me in. The log-in page kept giving me a message stating I was using the wrong user name and password.

What the hell???

So I thought maybe this was just the company’s way of getting me to change my password. I changed it, wrote it down, and logged in. Worked great. Besides, it’s a good idea to change your passwords once in a while due to hackers out there.

Darn. Forgot to do something in the alternate account. So I logged out and went back into my second most-used email. However, when I returned to my main email, know what happened? You guessed it. The log-in page kept telling me that I was using the wrong user name and password so I had to change my password again!

Later, I remembered I could promo on a particular loop that day, so for the third time, I went back into my alternate account. And for the third time of returning to the main email, it gave me the same damn message.

OMG! Did I ever come unglued! I cussed and ranted. I shouted at the laptop so loudly my cat ran and hid under the kitchen table. I cussed some more, put the laptop on the footstool and glared at the screen until it began to vibrate. Matter of fact, I think I had a coupla rainbows that shot out of my ass, too.

I swear there are times I think my email provider does this to me to piss me off on purpose!

When we were first moving into this house, I had all of my Internet info transferred to this address. My provider, email, everything was switched here and all ready to go, and I was assured nothing would cause any problems.


After we moved in—AFTER—I discover there was no DSL available in this area. Wait. I was assured DSL was in this area! We moved 8 miles closer to the provider’s base, but there is no Internet here???

All we had was phone service and that sucked too.

It took me three months to get it through the company’s collective consciousness that I did not want dial up at almost $30 a month, and that I did not want their expensive-as-hell wireless service either. Three months! Finally, I got so pissed dealing with bone-head reps that I had the landline disconnected and went with my current provider. Although it’s expensive too, it’s not as much as the other and the service is a lot better.

So my original provider allowed me to have my email account without having to pay for it yearly because of all the grief their dumbass reps put me through—not to mention bouncing me from one department to another and another and… The thing is, they’re still sticking it to me through all the email glitches and the loop problems. Why don’t I shift everything over to a new email provider? Simple. I have a minimum of 15 years of contacts, etc., in my email account that deals with my work and publishing in general. The idea of trying to switch all that over to a different email system scares the bejeezus out of me. With my luck I’d lose everything.

However, I’m open to suggestions for a new browser. A good friend of mine suggested Opera. I’ve looked at it but know very li’l about it. I use Chrome on my office machine. And I’ve never had any luck with Firefox, so I don’t really care for it.


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Liz said...

I love our mutual sense of humor Faith. Your blog is one of my personal favorites. commented over on the Boom Chicka post too.

trinity said...

You are so funny!!! But I have to agree there are times you want to take your computer and throw it out the window, or take a baseball bat to it!

Faith said...

LOL, well, ladies...I have a bad temper when it finally blows, so one way to control it is through humor. My mother says I'm the only person she's ever known who can be so pissed off and hilarious at the same time, lol.

Cassie Exline said...

When I say, I feel your pain -- I'm serious. Living in the country with haphazard connections is enough to make anyone cuss a blue/purple streak. As for browsers, I gave up IE a couple years ago for all the reasons you said. I use Google Chrome at home and Firefox at the office. Hear me out on Firefox. At first I also had trouble with it and hated the piece of crap. But Chrome has also pissed me off with one too many "wait" messages, I gave Firefox another try. So far, so good. Hasn't frozen on me yet. (let's keep our voices down, I don't want to jinx anything) But I have heard Opera is a good and stable browser.

Faith said...

May have to try Opera. I'm reluctant because it'll be on my new laptop. I'm terrified of frigging it up. So far I've never had any problems with Chrome. I use it on my office pc. After having IE on it, too, I tried Chrome and love many of it's features. And wireless in the sticks is a major pain, I agree!

Fabian Black said...

I'm also having a lot of problems with yahoo email and groups. Drives me mad, so you have my sympathies. I don't know what the answer is.

I loved your post and the graphic of the man thumping the computer.It made me lol.

Computer rage must feature in the lives of people across the globe. :)

One of my wardrobes is like a computer graveyard - it's full of fractured keyboards and mouses that I've trashed in rage and frustration. I'm not proud of it, but being a redhead I have no self-control, when my temper blows, it blows!


Faith said...

LMAO @ Libby re redhead/temper comment! On my mom's side we have a huge dose of redheaded, blue-eyed Irish. Although my hair is brown-black, I have the redhead avatar because when I'm in sunshine or a bright light, the red in my hair really shines. The hubby teases me that whenever he sees the red in it, he knows my temper is close to the surface. And when the computers or the net/email/loops get on my very last nerve, Katy bar the door! That's whent he rainbows shoot out of my butt. HAHAHA!

Fabian Black said...

Faith - My red hair heritage is Scottish rather than Irish and I have dark brown eyes rather than the blue that usually goes with red hair, I think it's a double recessive gene or something. I've heard it said that redheads use their hair colour as an excuse for indulging in explosive outbursts of rage, but personally I don't believe it. I reckon we're hard wired with shorter fuses than most - espeially when it comes to Internet stuff! ;-)

Paul McDermott said...

You seem to be a victim of Murphy's Law ... "If it CAN go wrong,it WILL"

My sense of humour (and my British sang froid) have combined on many occasions to hold my wild Irish temper in check but it isn't always easy if my PC decides to throw a strop! Last Wed I had brilliant Internet all day, until I tried to log in to TheWritersChatroom [2000h EST].

PC: "Don't wanna play no more, goin' home an' I'm takin' my ball wiff me" (strop, strop, snarl)

Breakfast time (6 hours later) no problems, perfect service...

Personally I'd recommend Firefox to anyone, no comparison with Internet Constip ... sorry "Explorer"

For the record, my IT-savvy teen daughter swears by Google Chrome. I think you've probably had the best advice anyone could give so I'll just second the above and say Firefox and Chrome are both excellent alternatives to IE...

Faith said...

LOL, thank you for the nice giggle, Paul! At least I know I'm on the right track with Chrome. I'm still wavering between it and Opera for my laptop.

Janice said...

I have a cricket stick. Some times it works like a dream and other times--not so much. But I live two miles out of town, and it's a internet stick or dial-up.

I have Google chrome and I like it a lot better than Firefox. I haven't tried Opera. I'm kind of afraid to.


Faith said...

I doubt that would work around here, Janice. Seems like only ATT Yahoo and Verizon are the only companies that even function in my area.

Robyn M Speed said...

Hilarious! Especially the rainbow sparks coming out of your ass!!

Faith said...

LOL, glad you got a good laugh.