Thursday, 11 August 2011

There’s Always A Crazy One

Today, 4SW has guest author Mahalia Levey with us. Welcome her and share a giggle.

In 103-degree heat the last thing you want is to have to listen to the rambling of a rude woman on a public bus. I was already in a less than amenable mood. The DH and his idea to keep the dishwasher appointment with broken A/C was not his brightest ever idea…since I was the one sweltering in the house waiting. I had the grand idea to meet him at his job. The bus takes about an hour or so to get there from our house. The library attached to his building is the only one on a bus line.

Perfect. He’s working late means I can knock some workout in an air-conditioned building!

Snorts. Everything was fine until the fifth stop after my house. A woman got on. Our very polite bus driver asked her how her day went. His biggest mistake! She proceeded to tell him how every other bus driver was pissing her off and holding up the line for other passengers to get on.

A lady with the most adorable baby boy named Kaidon sat next to me. We chatted quietly as did all others on the bus using our “Inside Voices.” This lady must not have learned that etiquette. As she passed us, she hollered at the bus driver, telling him not to ask a question if he doesn’t want to hear the answer.

My immediate thought was ‘she needs a ball gag shoved in her mouth or a cock.’ Yeah, on the bus surrounded by people I don’t know. I didn’t have a vision of someone slapping the ish out of her. No, it went all BDSM on me.

The bus is cool, and we’re traveling down and hit a detour. Immediately she begins piping back up. The bus driver cut his eyes at her in his mirror and shook his head. Apparently he was taught good de-escalation skills because I would’ve tossed her azz out on the hot streets for her belligerence. We get to a stop that doesn’t have a four-way light or stop signs and have to wait for ten minutes before we can edge into traffic and turn. The entire time “The Crazy” was yelling, “You could’ve went ages go, learn how to drive.” By now the entire bus is agitated, all fifty of us. He got a chance to turn, she calmed down, and then her cell phone rang.

HOLY ISH! The last thing I want to hear about is her love life or her baby daddies, or how she handles her business. Again, I have these visions of some old Dom strapping her mouthy azz down and dishing out punishment. For the Next Twenty Minutes that’s all we hear about. And then the clouds parted and rays of sunshine surrounded us in a calming light. She got off. :P

The rest of the trip was uneventful but I was thankful that I had the forbearance not to say a word to shut her up. I could finally think about what I want to write next after the few series I’m doing currently. I’ve decided blue-collar workers. The EMT’s that helped me, the Marine A/C tech, who was sexy with a smooth drawl that left me drooling before snapping a camera pic…(what he did didn’t work :P He has to put in a new compressor when it gets in, whoot.) Yea,h these sexies need stories of their own, so I’m using them all: Travis the plumber, Bobby the A/C tech, and the EMT’s for a new series of sorts. And to think… .It only took 45 minutes for me to think about writing.

Here’s what I have coming Aug 22nd from Liquid Silver

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Makhi- Coming to Liquid Silver Books August 22nd

Enforcer Makhi didn’t expect to fall for a woman. However, one look at the new female in need of defending brings out the dead emotions of his incubus. Be it the fates will to bless him as her counterpart, he plans to teach her the fine art of self-control and satisfy her on every level imaginable.

Kamaria Valentin is scared for her life. Blackouts, strange cravings for violence and blood have plagued her for the last two years. Add hot sex dreams with a nameless face and she’s one hot mess. Ready to break, the need for answers pushes her to free herself from the prison holding her a drugged captive.

Caedon Bolton searches for the lost. Deities looking for home, for sanctuary. One night a vulnerable soul screams out to him in her dreams, he must find her and save her from the brink of death. Once he has Kama in his arms, Caedon realizes only he can give her the emotional support she craves.


Makhi pinned her svelte body to the bed, his hands stretching her arms above her head as he gazed down at her with tender eyes. Even though his beast dipped into the fear to taste, read her and get information, her face read like a book. She had no idea what she was, no idea she carried a succubus demon and kitten within her.

He bent his head down and brushed his lips over hers, gently, softly, coaxing her to relax some as the demon shredded her insides. His top priority was to make her understand that this first lesson would be the most difficult. In order to gain freedom from their protection, Kamaria had a tough road ahead, learning constraint after years of unrestrained impulsivity. His hips rocked side to side, pushing between her thighs. Settled there, he spoke, brushing his words gently into her mind. His voice an echoed caress of lust and power rushing over her sensitive skin, beckoning the succubus demon to his wishes.

“You’re home now, let me feed you.” A dark chuckle fell from his lips. “I'll take care of you anyways if you don't bend. I am going to fuck you, then teach you how to feed without ensuing a blood bath. Let's hope those drugs still in your system don't fuck with your comprehension.” His lips swooped down to hers, taking her plush flesh into a dangerously high kiss, passing his demon down her throat. She tasted of the sweetest ambrosia, and the pulsing of power he radiated fed her starving demon.

“But being free was sooo much fun, the blood, the fear, the pain,” the succubus purred into his mind. The lips against his, teasing and sucking, were not those of the petrified girl lying on the bed moaning and whimpering, but those of the starving demon playing with her newest acquisition. Makhi appreciated beautiful women, though there was nothing sexier than African American women, with their varied shade of skin tones. He found mocha coloring one of his favorite, that and pretty brown eyes. Kamaria held the beauty of a Nubian Queen, smooth soft, skin, long eyelashes, and soft full lips. He ignored his libido to take in her breathtaking body.

The sound of her heart thundering in her chest aroused him. He liked her body writhing on fire underneath him. She wasn’t sure of anything, but he knew she craved more than she would ask for. His voice dropped an octave, causing her skin to break out in goose bumps and her core to contract and dampen. God he loved reading her mind and the cacophony of emotions running through her. She thought herself the devil who’d devour him at will. He’d prove how wrong she was. Priceless, her demon called to him but didn’t master him. No he’d mastered her.

A breath-stealing dark smile, renowned for sending women’s hearts aflutter, curled Makhi’s lips. This side of him, mothers warned their daughters to stay far away from. At his worst the predator in him demanded obedience. A soft sizzling noise accompanied his next action toward her, bindings made from electricity peeled from his lean digits would keep her pinned effortlessly as he toyed with her body. Leaning back, crouched on his legs, his eyes shifted over the nude mocha body bearing the testament of a bloodletting before entering the compound. His nostrils flared as he fell back down, his hands catching his weight near her head as he ran his tongue across her delicate cheek.

"You are far too young to have been forced into this destructive way of life, succubus kitten." The knowing whisper came from the darkness inside him. Firm lips traveled over her cheek, along her neck and across her chest. His demon cooed to the succubus, "Learn what I teach you and your kitten and you will no longer be at odds with each other.” His hand rolled along her abdomen, up her stomach, to cup the underside of her breast before moving back down across her flesh.

Giveaway- I’ll pick a commenter for some Makhi Swag  and book tether with Makhi frame charm.


Melissa Bradley said...

LMAO!! I love how everything went BDSM for you. You rock!

I hate people on the bus sometimes. I mean, hello, etiquette anyone? I got on the bus and this little old lady in a pink dress with a huge walker starts yanking on the cord to stop. The bus driver her tells her that this route doesn't include a sop on 77th that it's the 15 that stops there.

She screams out to the poor driver, "Just because you didn't get no d*&k last night, don't mean you gotta take it out on me."

Poor lady bus driver keeps her calm and lets the old biddy run on. As an erotica writer, I took notes to investigate some of the stuff this old lady was talking about. :)

trinity said...

Okay I so would have told her to shut the hell up!! Boy you have more patience then me!! Good to hear from you lady.

Faith said...

Hi Hales!

When I first read over your post and uploaded it, I was thinking, "Wow, I guess there's people like that all over the world. I've ran into people like that in Hickville too!" However, I can say that they are few and far between in my neck of the woods.

And girl, I love that cover. I'm partial to red, but that one is riveting.

Melissa, if that had been me on the bus, someone would've had to picked up my chin from the floor. An elderly lady did that? An elderly lady???

Melissa Bradley said...

Faith, hand to God it was an elderly lady. There were several jaws on the floor as I recall. Fortunately, I wired mine on good that day. :)

Faith said...

"Fortunately, I wired mine on good that day. :)"

HAHAHA!!! OMG, too funny!

Kate Richards said...

Hales, if you show up dressed in full BDSM gear and 'help' the driver...they'd build a statue to you in the garage.

Crazy sexy cover btw!

Anthology Authors said...

Perhaps that woman was possessed by a demon, Mahalia. (g) You have to wonder sometimes, don't you. (g)


It makes you wonder if the old woman is the one missing d**k. Or missing her meds. (g)


Hales said...

LOL Melissa Thanks :) And here I was wondering what on earth I was giong to write about for my day haha. Faith OMG they do live everywhere, though the lingo may be different. I either get that or some thug in grillz trying to talk to me, which I can't understand because the mouth pieces alter how words are spoken.

Trinity. I have a heart monitor on so it wouldn't have been pretty I'd have had to take it off and prob fight on the bus. I don't do that I try to behave now that I'm an adult. :P

Oppos forgot Faith! LOL I love the cover too! I already have the model for the second Enforcer Series and He's a hot one too.

Kate let me lose about 40 pounds and I will although the DH and I went shopping for Vegas wear and he was like I can see the tops of your breasts in hat NO. To tight. I was like I'm fluffy who the hell is gonna look and he goes. You don't know men well do you?

Valerie Mann said...

Too funny, Hales! I sat next to a crazy man who sang, "Danger Zone" from Top Gun, from one end of town to the other. Problem was, he didn't know all the words, which did NOT stop him from making words fit wherever he could. I still can't hear the stupid song without thinking of that guy. And Makhi sounds sexy as ISH! LOL

Kate Richards said...

Dang I thought I was the only one whose husband thinks cleavage is not for wives...not that I listen. And oddly...when he's bitching he's also usually copping a feel. Works for me!

Randi Alexander said...

Hey, Mahalia, kudos for toughing it out without organizing a 49-person revolt on the loud lady! But I bet you would have if you had your bag of goodies from BDSM 'R' Us! Great post, thanks for sharing!

Hales said...

Hey Val! THanks ROFL!!!!! Man I love that song but I love the volleyball scene in the movie more :P Hehe Makhi is hot as hell but so is Caedon the other hero. Lucky herione gets two mates :P

LOL Kate the DH is so wierd like that. You'd think he wouldn'tcare you know we never go to public venues like clubs or bars together. He goes with his friendsI go with mine and he always says keep it respectful.

He's not a jealous type but he dislkes seeing other people appreciate my goodies erm my beauty lol!

Randi :P I'd love to have had a bag of goodies or even just some duct tape

Anthology Authors said...

I have a pair of shorts that barely cover my butt. DH says he's okay with me wearing them...indoors. (g)


Kate Richards said...

Hales we need to bring something very cleavage exposing to the conference...anyone else coming? Our husbands are coming and we can tell them it's required by the EEA LOL Or maybe not

Hales said...

LOL Ladies Viva Las Vegas!

Janice said...

Hi Hales,

Great excerpt. I wish you much luck with your release.

I hate people who don't have volume control. Good for you, controlling your tempter. Imagining a gag ball in her mouth probably helped.


Hales said...

Thanks Janice! It helped a little!!!