Monday, 15 August 2011

How Many Days ‘Til School Starts?

Today we have author Trinity Blacio with us, who also writes as Maria MoonStar.

I have just found the sentence I hate worse than anything in the world: “No, you don’t do it that way.” I swear, if my kids or husband say that to me one more time I’m going to pull their hair out. It has to be theirs since old age takes mine forever to grow!

I don’t care what I’m doing someone always thinks they can do it better, but do they offer to get up and do it? NO! They just sit there pointing as they tell me how to do whatever I’m working on. Example: Husband, son, and I were watching TV, and our female cat was on top of the TV. All of a sudden, she puked down the front of the screen.

Son: “Oh, god, gross!” He started heaving, so he ran out of the room.

Husband, whose backside was glued to the material for the whole time and does not move at all: “Hurry, throw the cat outside.”

I ran and grabbed paper towels and the 409 cleaner, and then moved the cat off the TV and into the bathroom so I could start cleaning up the mess.

Husband: “You know, if you use the other cleaner it would work better, and I would have put the cat outside.” All the while, he still laid on the couch and watched me clean up the cat’s puke.

Now I don’t mind if you are going to show me a better way to do something that will make it easier on me, but if you aren’t going to get off your butt and help me then shut the hell up!

Example two: Cleaning the kids’ rooms.

I asked for two weeks for my kids to clean their rooms, telling them if I come in there and clean for them they will know it because I will start pitching stuff out. Do you think they listened? Nope.

So, on Sunday, I got a large black garbage bag, the vacuum, Pledge, Windex, paper towels, and focused on the worse room first: the daughter’s. For one hour straight, I cleaned all the while she was laying on the bed drawing. She didn’t say one word until I got to her desk where her prized pencils are. “Mom, don’t do it that way, you’ll mess them all up.”

Did she get up and offer to help me? Of course not. That was when I blew up the first time. “You have five minutes to clean that desk while I clean your closet.” That was when she finally moved to clean.

Next stop: son’s room. The same thing happened there, too, but when it came to my son’s Xbox, he proceeded to tell me how to clean it. Blow up number two. By that time I was all sweaty, tired and dirty.

Come Sunday night, all beds were stripped, all rooms were cleaned, and I was totally tired so I crawled into the tub full of hot, bubbly water to relax and clean up. You will never guess who was at the bathroom door wanting in: the cat. He sat there, paw under the door, screaming. I rolled my eyes and ignored him, silently counting the days until school starts up again and I can have peace and quiet for at least part of my day.


So some of you may or may not know that I also write as Maria MoonStar. I pen erotic romance in the paranormal, steampunk, sci-fi, and time travel categories with my co-author, Azura Ice. Here is a blurb of our latest co-written release. It’s book one of the Sky Streamers Series: Conquering Venus.

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Blurb: Three hundred years in the future, Earth is dying. Venus Dalshvire, the daughter of murdered scientists, is one of the last survivors. Barricaded in a bank building with only her dog for company, Venus raises a rooftop garden and scavenges during the heat of the day to avoid the Bone Eaters. She’s independent, strong…and utterly alone.

Light-years away, the Ruling Body of Planets decides to send extraterrestrials to Earth. Their mission: to re-populate the planet, as well as utilize hidden vaults of DNA, seeds, and spores. Through time travel, these aliens will retrieve people from the past and re-introduce them as settlers into the ravaged world.

Equipped with Earth’s entire history and plenty of tools to help them survive, Volund and Jaxxon arrive in a small, desolate town near Lake Erie. Upon finding a curvaceous female, each man knows Venus is a lovely and intelligent mate. The dilemma, however, is that they both want her. Will their passion tear them apart, or can they find a way to share and love as a threesome?


Jaxxon didn’t want to leave the silver-haired beauty so soon, but the information about the Bone Eaters left him unsettled. He looked at his brother. “Shouldn’t we stay here with her? We can combine our forces that way.”

“Oh, no,” Venus spun on her heel and aimed the blocky weapon at him. “Don’t push your luck, Big Guy.” She smiled sweetly. “Besides, if the Bone Eaters would manage to break into this building, you’d have to fight them before they ever reach this floor.”

“I bet that’s what we killed outside,” said Volund.

“What did it look like?” the woman questioned.

Quickly, Volund described the thing, but Jaxxon only half-listened. He couldn’t get his mind off of how good the fair-haired female would feel wiggling beneath him once he made her his mate.

“You’re lucky you encountered it during the daytime,” the woman replied to Volund. “Unprepared, you would’ve been infected with its venom. And don’t give me any of your shit about being so big and having powerful weapons. Speed is usually the best weapon, and Bone Eaters are fast when the night is cool.”

Jaxxon blinked down at the woman who called herself Venus, his groin stirring. What a feisty female! He liked his women with strength like a roaring fire.

“All the more reason,” Jaxxon interjected, “to stay here with you.”

“You ask too much too quickly of her, brother,” Volund said from the soft bench. He rose slowly and moved over to join him. “Let us go and secure a place for us. Tomorrow is a new day and we can all get better acquainted then.”

Venus nodded as the intensity in her eyes faded. “Listen to your brother. At least he shows a little sense.”

“Very well,” said Jaxxon, disappointed. He’d really wanted to stay and talk with her longer. He let his gaze rove over her tall, voluptuous form. One way or another, he’d taste her lips and sample her body before the night was done.


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Jaime Samms said...

Trin, my husband would have been soaking in cleaner and wrapped, mummy-like in those paper towels, I swear. And I would be sitting watching the tv with the cat purring on my lap, remote in my hot little hand. He has offered that kind of advice to me, and I have been known to literally drop the tools and walk away without a word. He knows what it means. ;p

Faith said...

Yanno, I'm really surprised that the dau's room was worse than your boy's. It's usually a boy's room that's the disaster zone. I just spent three days of 2-hour blocks of time cleaning my six-yr-old son's room.

However, I gotta admit that both my daus could sure give my sons major competition when it comes to blast-site rooms.

But whenever family members won't get up off their lazy butts to help, OMG. I explode like a volcano. I can't stand laziness. After a few such explosions, the hubby is really good about keeping his li'l spot at the kitchen table clean now, lol. However, he busts butt day in and day out like a work horse, so I don't ask him to do much other than to keep his li'l area at the table clean. When the trashcan and the aluminum can bag are both only four feet away, there's no sense in finding that sort of clutter around the table, yanno?

Fabian Black said...

How your post struck a chord with me. I once got so angry and fed up I packed a bag and booked into a hotel for a night. Place was a lot tidier when I got back, lol.

Good luck with the new book. :)


trinity said...

Jamie oh my kids know when I'm ready to blow. They can see it coming in my eyes and how I act, but husband nope don't care says his thing until I blow. Then he is up in seconds and I mean seconds cleaning and kissing my ass or he can clean his own clothes and make his on lunch for work. We might be married in name only, but by god he knows you push the damnn buttons I will blow. I'm not like his first wife who will take the crap.
Oh he got it all right because that night I went to McD's got the kids something, because I'm on a diet, but didn't get him crap! :) Mom's can be so mean when need to.

Oh and Faith, nope daughters is worse, because grandma has done everything for this child and I mean everything. It is her only granddaughter.


trinity said...

Oh Libby I would do that in a second, but I wouldn't trust the hotels around here at all!! I worked in one last year and the stories, and what I saw. Nope no way, bed bug heaven around here and they don't get rid of them the professionalism way either. So nope I'd have to leave the city.


Valerie Mann said...

I clean the room my teenage boys share annually, when they're at Boy Scout camp. I give fair warning - if you don't want me to find it, you'd better take care of it now. If you don't want it thrown away, take care of it now because right now, everything looks like garbage to me. Do I get a thank you for cleaning their man cave? Hell no. "You did it wrong, I can't find anything, My bed smells funny, this looks terrible." Yeah and guess what? Mom's going to do it again next year.

Valerie Mann said...

Oh, and school starts next Thursday. I may get drunk and cry tears of joy as the bus pulls away.

Side note - had to take son to orthodontist today at 8:00 AM. Went to wake him at 7;15...he's never gone to bed. He had the gall to ask if we could stop at McDonald's for breakfast. That would be a no. And I put his sorry a$$ to work as soon as we got home and told him not to even think about going to sleep today. Staying up all night...sheesh. What does he think he is? A teenager??

Faith said...

Valerie said: "Oh, and school starts next Thursday. I may get drunk and cry tears of joy as the bus pulls away."

LMAO! Val, I laughed so hard at that!

Valerie Mann said...

Tell me we haven't all had thoughts like this. Just because we love them doesn't mean we don't mind seeing their backsides as they trot down the driveway and get on the big yellow bus.

Faith said...

LOL! Oh yeah!

trinity said...

Oh yes Val I so agree with you! I think we should pick a day in the middle of Sept. when all kids should be in school by and have a party!!! A mom party! We could have it on the trove where we just sit back and do nothing, but talk BS! Maybe talk about some good books we are reading stuff like that. HMMM Idea forming,might have to work on this.
Oh and the all night thing, hmm yep my 12 year old did that to me on his xbox,but he now only stayed up, but had me up all night too hearing his crap yelling at the game.
Finally at 3 am Mom stormed up the stairs and I mean stormed, didn't care if I woke anyone I was so mad and he knew it. Boy he opened his bedroom door and backed away from.
"I'm sorry, it's off, I'm going to bed." I just stood there, there had to be steam coming off my head, because he shook. Never was I so pissed and do you know what time he got up the next day, same time I did 9 when the cats woke me! UGGG.

Fabian Black said...

On the subject of kids going back to school - there used to be a wonderful tv ad in the UK at this time of year. It started off with a Christmas song 'it's the most wonderful time of the year' which would then trail off into the caption 'They're going back!' It featured a euphoric father dancing down the aisle of a stationary store happily filling a cart with school supplies. I loved it because it echoed my sentiments so perfectly. :)

I can't wait for the college term to start so I can have the house to myself for a few hours a day without demands for food and teenage boys fighting with each other and yelling at computer games. (by the way, Trinity. it sort of cheers me to know the yelling thing is kind of international, I used to worry that only my kids did it) :)

Valerie Mann said...

We had that commercial here, too (For Staples, I think). In fact, I sing it on the first day of school to my kids. You can imagine how well that goes over. And my boys have played video games all summer long with their friends, online. So, I not only get to hear my boys yelling, but their friends too, from all over the country. I guess it's not much different than when we were kids and our parents listened to us all yelling outside.

trinity said...

I laughed so hard, who ever or what ever is watching us above has to be shaking their heads watching the kids playing their games all summer long, while the moms outside their bedrooms yelling. I finally went up there this afternoon and said out. I turned off the game, didn't yell or nothing. My son's friend was there to and they both looked at me like I grew an extra head. Rudy started to say something and I just said "OUT." He didn't say anything put the headset away and they both took off to the pool. Mind you my kids have season passes to the pool around the corner to us, I think my son has used it six times this whole summer!
OH and it was staples that has the commercial going to have to pull it up on the internet so I can show my kids. :)

Anthology Authors said...

Charlie will on occasion give me advice. His eyebrows, nostril hair, and whatever is in the path of the fire shooting out of my mouth disintegrates. (g) Lily, my daughter, knows if I clean, I will throw everything out. When I've hit that point, she starts to clean. Actually, she's starting to get much, much better. When I ask her to put things away, she does. (g) Perhaps it's because I still a lot bigger than her. (g)


trinity said...

Here ya go.

Fabian Black said...

"Here ya go."

Thank you, Trinity, Lol, Happy memories! I so love that ad! :)

Fiona McGier said...

I'm luckier than all of you...I have a much higher messiness quotient than the others in my family. My husband cleans our bathroom because he gets grossed out first. My kids clean their rooms when they want to, and as much as they want to. I solved worrying about it by not ever going in their rooms. When their friends come over and make comments about the mess, that usually galvanizes them to do something about it. Otherwise, I figure it's not worth my time or energy.

When our 4 were very small, husband and I once told them that if they didn't clean up their toys from the family room, we'd throw them all out. They didn't. We collected them all into huge black trash bags and hid them in the garage while the kids were napping. When they woke up and came downstairs, they looked around, then grinned evilly at each other and yelled, "Look at how much room we have to run around in now!" And they proceeded to run, jump on furniture and off again, and even probably ran on the walls. Husband and I looked at each other and shook our heads sadly, saying, "Our biggest mistake was letting them out-number us. From now on, their messes are THEIR problems, not ours."

Fabian Black said...

"Here ya go."

Thank you, Trinity, Lol, Happy memories! I so love that ad! :)

Janice said...

Gee, after reading everyone's comment, I'm glad I have only one child, who's grown. She cleans her own room and does the dishes and vacuums.

My hubby is the clothes Folding Nazi. Need I say more? I can't fold anything to suit him, so he does it.

I'm glad, it gives me more time to write.


trinity said...

Oh Fiona I wish I could be like that, but my daughter would just sleep on top of filth and I mean disgusting make you shiver stuff. I'm talking about a bowl of cereal that she didn't finish in the bottom mold had grown on the milk and the bold. I go to grab a cup not a single cup, I cringe thinking about going up there. So every weekend I go up there crawl around her room looking for dishes at least.

Janice you are very lucky!!