Monday, 8 August 2011

Autocorrect and autofill ins

I'm sorry for the lateness and the shortness of this post. We had a guest scheduled, and I'm not sure what happened to her. Something fell through the cracks (could have been my memory). Regardless, I just had to share a very brief story and a link for your entertainment, but be warned of the link. It's racy (g), and it can suck you in for hours. Oh, and you may laugh so hard you can't breathe. We need that sometimes. I need that sometimes.

First my story. A little rant, if you will. I went in to pay an author via PayPal. The check I'd sent was returned because I didn't have the current address (Google address book has been reverting to server and erasing some of my updated information. ARGH!), and the author chose PayPal instead. Works for me.

So, I pop in to PayPal and paste the email account to send the author money. The stupid autofill option drops down a menu of all of the other authors I've paid. I hit the tab, but the cursor didn't obey because the amount I put in ended up at the end of the email address. I thought I just deleted and moved on. But NNNOOOOO, somehow I hit the down arrow button, which then put in someone else's email address. I didn't realize this until the last screen after I'd made the payment. The payment sent, I did not have the option to cancel it.


Autofill, you can be a PITA sometimes.

It will get straightened out, but I was highly annoyed.

On a lighter note, here is the site: Damn You Auto Correct. Go there only if you need a good laugh and don't any plans for a while. (g)

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