Friday, 24 June 2011

Practical Jokes

Help us welcome erotic romance author Randi Alexander. She writes about cowboys. Apparently, she's into practical jokes and includes that humor in her books. A woman after my own heart. (grin)

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One sunny day, my husband were gardening, and I stuck a flower in my hair, over my ear. Hubby thought it was cute and found another flower to put over my other ear, then one in the bit of cleavage showing above my tank top. After about an hour, we needed to run to the garden center. He drove, or I would have noticed that both the flowers were still in my hair. And the daisy was still in my bosom.

Of course, it's a neighborhood store, so we ran into people we knew, and I couldn't figure out why everyone was smiling at me. And why hubby was smiling at me, too. Not his normal, 'Love 'ya babe!' smile, but a goofy old grin. In the truck on the way home, he burst out laughing. "Look in the mirror." I didn't have to. In that split second, I knew I'd forgotten about the flowers. I must have looked like a hippie to our friends. And the other shoppers. And the store employees. Hubby had a good laugh, and I did chuckle a little. So, Hubby-1, Wifey-0. But not for long.

After supper a couple nights later, hubby asked if we had any sweets. I pulled out the remaining Halloween candy, which was definitely the bottom of the bucket miscellany. He chose a blue sucker, something that came in the variety pack I'd bought. But he was happily slurping away on it.

Then he remembered he had to run to the drug store to get his prescription and asked if I wanted to go along for the ride. I turned to tell him I'd rather not when I noticed his lips were bright blue. Ah, I thought. That's why the sucker was shaped like a paintbrush.

Fighting to keep my wicked 'She's up to something!' smile from ruining this perfect opportunity, I jumped up, grabbed the truck keys, and said, "I'll drive." He shrugged, still working on that very blue sucker.

He finished it as we walked into the drug store, and we headed directly back to the pharmacy counter. We would usually split up, and I'd putter around, doing my little bits of shopping, but that night, I stuck to him like a thistle.

The pharmacist, jotting something on her pad, said, "May I help you?"

"Picking up a prescription for Alexander," he said.

"All right. Just a..." She glanced at him and did a classic double-take, then leaned in closer to examine the blue-lip phenomena.

Hubby stiffened, then smiled, unsure.

I gave it all away, though. With my hand over my mouth, I was holding back laughter, which always makes me snort like a truffle hog. And added to it, my eyes were watering with the pain of keeping it all inside.

Hubby looked at me, then back at the pharmacist. "What did she do now?" He was referring to the other ten or twelve dozen pranks I'd pulled on him during our short but interesting marriage.

She pulled out a little mirror and with a smile and a wink, she showed him.

While she was retrieving his prescription, he stood licking his lips madly, but the blue was pretty much on there for good. "I know what this is," he said between savage licks. "Payback for the flower-in-the-boobies thing, right?"

" We're all tied up now. Hubby-1, Wifey-1." I love my husband.

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Country music superstar/actor Chase Tanner has yet to be denied anything-and he's never wanted anything or anyone more than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden. So when the film they are working on is finally finished, Chase decides to turn up the volume on seducing Reno.

Reno Linden lived a quiet, rural life until she was thrust into the Hollywood scene when her book was adapted to film. Chase Tanner is larger than life, sinfully sexy and hell-bent on getting her into bed. Skittish after a failed wedding engagement, Reno risks the plunge into Chase's arms, and is surprised that her good girl self can keep up with bad boy Chase.

Though Chase returns to his cowboy roots often, and Reno cherishes the time spent with him on his ranch, the two find their careers pulling them in different directions. Will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

EXCERPT: Over 18 only

Chase's sports car sat in the driveway and after settling Reno in the passenger seat, he jumped in. He squealed the tires out of the driveway then slowed to cruise along the quiet neighborhood streets.

On a flat stretch, he took her hand. "Reno." His brow furrowed, but he didn't say more.

She watched his profile as they meandered past million dollar houses. The quiet time together was what she needed, yet so poignant it hurt. She'd miss him. Her phone beeped in her purse, and she sighed. "That's my reminder. I have to get to the airport."

He pulled over at a spot with a view of a canyon, and tightened his grip on her hand. "One more day, Reno. I promise I'll make it worth the cost of another plane ticket."

Chase gritted his teeth and fought the urge to steal her away. He wasn't ready to let her go.

Reno stared at him, her eyes sad and slightly red from her tears. Her hand smoothed over his cheek. "I wish I could. But the studio is flying me home in one of their jets. On their way to Canada to pick up some execs who are fishing, or hunting, or something."

He opened his mouth to say he'd arrange for another flight, but she cut him off.

"I have a meeting with my agent tomorrow morning. And..." She sucked in a choppy breath. "...putting it off is just going to make things harder. I need to get home."

"All right." He released her hand, drove to the airport, and found the studio's hangar. Both of them silent.

He wanted to argue. To swing a U-turn and kidnap her. To beg for one more day. But she was right. The closer they got to each other, the harder it would be for them to be apart.

He helped her out of the car and walked her to the plane's steps. This was tough. He didn't know how to say goodbye.

To celebrate the release of Chase and Seduction, I'm giving away, to one lucky *commenter, an e-copy of my novella Her Cowboy Stud. Just leave a comment today and we'll choose a winner tomorrow. *Commenter must be 18 years of age or older to win.

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I'm also giving away a cowgirl hat to one subscriber to my newsletter. For more details, and to sign up for this contest, please go to my website, And while you're there, you can read the first chapter of Chase and Seduction.

Good luck, and thank you!

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Cassie Exline said...

What a great post. Loved it. Fun pranks. My hubby allowed me get into the wrong truck once. I was yacking and not paying any attention while walking in the parking lot. I could have died and he was lucky he didn't. ;) Will be checking out your books. Sense of humor is a wonderful thing.

StacieDM said...

Loved the post and excerpt Randi! I love humor in my romance stories. It makes the characters more human and real to me. BTW - I signed up for your newsletter a few weeks ago. ;)

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

pamerd said...

Great post and the book looks fun. I love humor and romance together.



Randi Alexander said...

Cassie - what a great story. I hope you found a way to return the favor. Thanks for coming by!

Randi Alexander said...

Hey, Stacie, jumor is so much a part of my life, I can't help but write it into my books. Thanks for joining my mailing list. Hopefully you received the newsletter I sent yesterday. I have a free read available - the link is on my website, if you didn't get the e-mail.

Randi Alexander said...

Pam, I agree. A writer once said that you can't leave humor out of a story because it's a real part of our every day lives, that to ignore it makes a book unbelievable. I guess I took that advice to heart ;-)}

Faith said...

I laughed so hard at: "With my hand over my mouth, I was holding back laughter, which always makes me snort like a truffle hog."

Love it!

Spencer said...

I love stories where one of the main characters is a writer! This sounds like a great read & your blurb was such a tease! :)

Congrats on the new book!

Fabian Black said...

Lovely fun post and the book sounds great too. I like a bit of Cowboy Kink! ;-) A book for my to buy list I think. :)

All the best,


Randi Alexander said...

Hi Faith, yes, it's taken years for me to accept that I'm a snorting laugher, and nothing will change that fact. But to balance it out, my hubby's a silent laugher, so we do make the perfect pair.

Randi Alexander said...

Hey, Spencer, I dream of someday adapting one of my books for film. And I bet most authors do. Glad you liked the little 'tease' I posted!

Randi Alexander said...

Libby, thanks for the great comment. I love the whole Cowboy Kink line - take a strong, sexy man and add in a little naughty. Yummy!

ClaudiaGC said...

Thanks for the great laugh I just had! Hilarious! Humour is so important especially in everyday life. Why else would we get up in the morning? :)

claudigc at msn dot com

Janice said...

I love the blue lips on your hubby. It gave a much needed laugh.

Good luck with the new release.

shadow_kohler said...

Great post! Love the sound of your books. Cowboys are hot! Thanks!

Randi Alexander said...

Claudia, that's so true. Humor can really help us through the day. Thanks for your great comment!

Randi Alexander said...

Janice, I can still picture his lips. When he gets home from work tonight, I'm going to ask him to read this blog. He'll get a kick out of it, and out of everyone's comments.

Randi Alexander said...

Howdy, Shadow. Yep, cowboys are hot. I'm writing a short story right now and I have the hero's image in my mind, and I'm getting all gooey inside. Sheesh! I'm so bad...

Jaime Samms said...

You know what? I find that a totally adorable story. how great that you two can laugh at yourselves like that and have that kind of fun together. that is so awesome!


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

LOL! Loved your story, and the excerpt for Her Cowboy Stud sound wonderful! ;)

Randi Alexander said...

Hi Jamie, our being able to tease each other and play pranks has kept our marriage fresh.

Every morning, we each choose an annoying song or jingle and sing it here and there as we get ready for the day. Invariably, one of us ends up singing the other's song. Usually all day long, too.

One afternoon, hubby called and said, "Jessie's Girl? Why would you do that to me?" LOL

Randi Alexander said...

Lisa, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for dropping in!

Randi Alexander said...

Congratulations, Shadow! Using, I chose you as the winner of my e-novella, Her Cowboy Stud. Please contact me at to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to read my blog, and a huge thanks to Four Strong Women for hosting me.