Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Disintegrating Underwear

And it ain't pretty. You see, the last time I visited my mom, we went shopping at Wally World. Well, every time we visit Mom, we go there. The closest one near us in is Compton. While Compton might be a perfectly nice town, it's not a particularly safe area, or at least that is its reputation.

I needed some new underwear. Some of my panties date back to, um, college. So, um, about (cough, cough) ten years ago--maybe more. (More. No doubt it's more. ;) ) Those panties are finally starting to disintegrate. It's hard to get rid of them, though. It's not easy to find Looney Tunes and Disney print any more for adults. This is very sad to me. I'm going to miss my Taz, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse undies.

I suppose it's time to grow up. (Nooooo!)

(These pairs from college, by the way, lasted ten years longer than the ones we purchased from Victoria's Secret. So, yeah, I purchased those like, um, two years go. Yeah, two years ago. Grin)

Having thrown away a third pair of underwear, and seeing that a few others were hanging on by a thread or falling off of me (if underwear needs a pair of pants to keep them on, it's time to let them go), I decided it was time to purge and pick up some new ones. I don't know about you, but I have issues paying $10 a pair, especially after the dismal performance of the Victoria's Secret panties. The $2 pair last just as long as the $10. Since we were going to Wally World anyway, I figured I might as well look there.

Buying underwear is nearly as frustrating as buying jeans. It's hard to find the kind I like. I don't want grannie panties, I won't wear thongs, I'm not into low rise, and I don't want French cut. (I've tried those. I just don't like underwear up around my waist. They might as well start just below my bra.) Just give me bikini or string bikini style. Apparently, everyone else in my size buys bikini as well because the pickings were slim.

After several minutes of searching, lo and behold, I found a package of six for $10, they were my size, AND they were Hanes "guaranteed not to ride up." As I am of the firm belief that thongs belong on feet and not covering my female parts, they sounded perfect. I bought a pack of a different brand as well. And, yes, they creep. Not too badly because they are the right size.

However, one pair of the new underwear is already starting to fray. One washing and it's fraying. Seriously? And it's the aqua blue, my favorite color of the batch. (sigh)

Now, the guaranteed not to rise pairs keep their promise, but--of course there's a "but"--they don't rise because the holes for your legs are so tight they not only prevent the panties from creeping, they cut the circulation off. Okay, it's not that bad. However, throughout the day, I feel like a man when I wear them because I have to make minor adjustments to relieve the pressure...on my legs, that is. (g) Which would explain why there were so many of the bikini cut in my size. (g)

BTW, when looking for graphics to accompany this post, instead of holey underwear, there were pictures of a really hairy back (Ack!), a dildo, a welcome to New Jersey cartoon, and this one:

Disintegrating underwear never looked so good. (g)


Anthology Authors said...


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I had "grown up" bugs bunny undies too! I miss those. I am a huge fan of Cosco. If I can buy a 100 pack of comfy cotton underwear (not sexy enough to call them undies), I'm happy. My hubby may not be all that impressed; but you can't please everyone.

Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHAHHAA I'm sure your underwear excite your husband about as much as my flannel nightgown excites mine. (g)

Shaunna Wolf said...

Trying again.

The thing that gets me is anything gotten at wally world is cheap crappola. It wears out is the wrong size or seems to have been gotten from the "irregulars" bin.

Underwear? HA Seems a size 6 is a mix of adult's and children's sizes. The waist and butt are adult size 6 and the leg holes are children's size 6.

Lovely. NOT!

And after one time wearing them they do start to come apart because the person or machine that made them doesn't know how to revers the sewing machine and back over the stitching so it doesn't unravel.

And the cheap t-shirts, by the end of the day they are so out of shape they look like the football team wore them during a game, and after you wash them once . . .camp TP anyone?

My daughter wears men's boxers, she says they don't fall apart, does that apply to tighty-whiteys?

If the picture with this blog has any merit apparently men have worse underwear disintegration problems than us women!

Shaunna Wolf said...

one more, on the theme undies--my 17 yr old just reminded me that her grandmother, my husbands mother sent her Dora the Explorer underwear when she was 15, she was not amused. LOL

Anthology Authors said...

I may regret buying the underwear from Wally World, Shawn, but it's working for the moment. You are right, though, it does seem like the Hanes underwear and made for two different sizes of people.

There's no question men's underwear is much worse than ours. Notice the view is from the front and not the back. (g)

Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHAHAHA, I bet she was.

Faith said...

I hate shopping for panties!!! I love pretty ones, but after half a dozen washings, they always start falling apart.

Cassie Exline said...

What's up with those tight leg holes? It doesn't help on the wear of the item by yanking hard, but it feels much better. Next, Fruit of the Loom.

Anthology Authors said...

That's why I stick with cotton for the most part, Faith. Pretty, lacy panties usually last about ten seconds, and cost more.

You know, Cassie, I don't know. Maybe they think I'm in reality a pre-teen instead of a full grown woman. Or perhaps they are just trying to torment me. Either way, it's uncomfortable.