Monday, 28 March 2011

One Doesn't Laugh. I Don't Have Any LOLLAGE.

Everyone knows someone without an ounce of LOLLAGE in them. What I mean by that is no sense of humour. No matter how many jokes you crack, their face doesn’t register even the slightest hint of amusement. Boring shits.

The other day I was having an email convo with…let’s call him Humourless Hubert. It was the kind of convo that didn’t inspire much beyond inane chatter, until HH said something I found totally hilarious. And I told him so. I don’t think he found it funny, or what he said wasn’t even meant to be funny, because I haven’t had a response since.

No LOLLAGE, see.

I imagine HH huffed off, thinking me a childish brat for laughing, but I honestly thought he’d see the funny side of it. Evidently not. Ah, well. You can’t live all your life without offending someone…

So, I wonder if next time I hear from Humourless Hubert, whether I can make him laugh. He doesn’t have to respond with a ROFL, LMAO, or even a LOL. A lowercase lol would do me fine. Even a smiley face. EVEN a basic “Ha!” I think it’s my mission this year to make HH laugh.

What experiences have you had with the likes of HH? Please join in and make up a name for your person. I fancy a good laugh. Unlike HH.


Tess MacKall said...

I've met people like HH. I like the idea of making them laugh too. But basically? All you're going to get is just a hint of a smile. They can't belly roll with ya, hon. lol

Faith said...

I always feel stupid when I pop off with someone and the person looks back at me like I'm the foulest creature on Earth.

I tend to write 'em off and move along.

Sarah Masters said...

A hint of a smile will do, Tess!


Sarah Masters said...

I don't feel stupid these days, Faith. I just feel glad I can laugh even when at times I didn't think I would. If they have a life without laughter, that's a shame. I'm not being sarcastic either. Makes a change...LOLROFLPMP and all the other signs of LOLLAGE ever created.


Anthology Authors said...

For me, it depends on the day. One day, I feel find Charlie's attempts at humor hilarious; other days, he'll piss me off. (g) But, yes, there are people who have no sense of humor. It's sad. My humor tends to the raunchy side, especially if I'm tired. I've met so many people who can't joke about sex. They'll give me the gimlet eye. Really? Sex can be intimate, it can be fun, and it can be downright hilarious. Someone who has issues with that, well, I feel sorry for their significant other. (g)

Janice said...

I've run into people like that and if I'm on one of my funny days I'll pop off with something. I may get a grunt.

Really that's all I get.


Oh poo.


Sarah Masters said...

Gawd, Marci, I have some funnies about sex, but people might not find it funny. I could blog about it, but it kinda borders on gross too. I think I'll keep my mouth shut!


Sarah Masters said...

Same, Janice!