Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've Lost My Mind!

Yeah,I know. I missed my first day to blog yesterday. It seems that the gals who compose Four Strong Women are going through chaos of late ranging from family crisis to new jobs to all the irons in the fire falling out and setting the hearthrug on fire.

Pardon me a moment while I scream.



Seriously, February and March have been insane for my household. I am now three weeks behind in my work as a result, and I thank God all my editing for clients was finished before the crap hit the fan.

I thought this week would be quiet, but no! It has started off with a bang, and I’ve leapt from the chute to thunder down the road leading to the weekend. Today I’m heading to another appointment, and since it’s in the middle of the afternoon, it messes up my entire day.

So after a crazy day yesterday of dealing with my grandson, whose doctor wouldn’t see him due to a packed schedule, my dau and I ended up taking him to the ER to get drops for pink eye in both his eyes. Next, the pharmacy refused the insurance card because Human Services doesn’t seem to know how to update his card (we’ve been waiting 9 months for a new card), so the druggist tells her she has to pay for it out of her pocket. We tried to call my dau’s caseworker only to find out the woman was out of the office—again.

After I did a bit of cussing—hey, it’s been a long month and a half!—I marched into the drugstore. After I grouched about Human Services being so slow and the fact the caseworkers are always out of the office or on vacation, and the fact that they seem to have problems updating and cutting simple ID card for the baby. The druggist, bless his heart, gave me the store discount, and I only had to pay a third of the cost as a result.

After I marched back out to the blazer, I said to my dau, “You have got to learn out to talk to people to get your point across.” And then handed her the prescription.

So, on top of everything else, I’ve been under the weather going on a week. I got home in the late afternoon and crashed on the sofa, body thumping like a marching band. After hanging out with my two youngest for a while, I decided that since the pain reliever wasn’t getting rid of my achiness, I’d take a long, very hot bath.

But no!

My oldest son shows up and asks if he can take a shower after a day at the coalmine. And since we’re on well water, it’s not like we can run a lot of water at one time, so...


I sighed and got him a clean washcloth and towel, then I promptly made a beeline for the bottle of Advil on the kitchen table.

On the bright side, I was finally able to watch Pretty Little Liars and Being Human without any of the usual interruptions last night...well, not AS many.

This morning, I sat down here and thought, “I’ll check all my online work, answer emails, then sit for at least an hour with the laptop and get a li’l work done.”


As I was answering email, I suddenly remembered I have a new release today, so I had to compose a post for it to send to promo loops, post it on the usual social sites, and get another post ready to send through to my newsletter.

Damn! I have an author spotlight this week too! I had to hurriedly dash off another post and send that link through the social sites too.

Oh, wait! I have phone calls to make. Oh, holy heck!

[Stampedes down the stairs.]

I make the turn around the newel post —insert the sound of squealing tires—only to remember my coffee cup upstairs on my desk. “Aw, sh**!”

[Stampedes UP the stairs, grabs cup, hurries back down the stairs again.]

Quickly, I make the phone calls. I rush to the bathroom for a pee break, stomp back upstairs, sit down, and, “I don’t freaking believe this! I forgot to pour my coffee and bring the cup up here!”

With a big sigh of frustration, I head down to the kitchen again, pour my coffee and return to my office.

“Okay, now I’ll...” I frown at the screen. “I’ll...” Blink. Blink. “What the hell was I doing?”

It suddenly hits me, and I return to finishing my posts and promo links. However, as I’m doing this, a thought slams into me. “I forgot to blog at Four Strong Women yesterday! It’s Tuesday! I need to blog about SOMETHING!”

So here I am.

Now that I’ve blogged, I have to... Uhm...what was next on my list? Anyone have a clue?

Well, until I remember, here are the links to what’s going on with my work at the moment.

I have a new science-fiction romance release that comes out today. I hope you’ll slip over and visit it—Queen of the Storm. And from what I understand, this novel will be in print later this year!

This week I’m in the author spotlight at Long and Short Reviews. Answer each day’s question and/or leave a comment on each day’s post for a chance to win a gift cert from one of my publishers. This is the blog link where you can find my posts http://www.longandshortarchives.blogspot.com/ but the question for each day is on the index page here http://www.longandshortreviews.com/LASR/index.htm.

Oh! One more thing. I will be at Love Romances CafĂ© http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LoveRomancesCafe on April 5th from 7 PM to 9 PM Eastern Time for the first official chat I’ve had in over three years. LRC has over 3,000 members, so I’m hoping for a great reader turnout.

Now, if someone could hand me the bottle of Gingko Biloba, I think I’ll take some with breakfast. Wish me a good day, folks!


trinity said...

Oh my god you so sound like me. I swear I have a calendar thing around here I bought just for this purpose to write down everything. Well do you know I haven't touched the damn thing. It's hiding somewhere and I always forget it anyway!

Faith said...

Morning, Trin!

I have a planner, too, but although I do use it all the time, I've been forgetting things of late, even when I write them down on the planner!

Stress does horrible things to one's memory.

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm with Trinity...your life sounds like mine. I had big plans this week, but the school is on Spring hiatus so I have my eight-year-old grandson....plus he has a bad cold and cough which I anticipate inheriting at any moment. I have a huge desk calendar but even then I forget to write things down. And the bad news...recent reports show that Gingo does nothing to help your memory. Save your money for when you get to the "life alert" stage. :)

Faith said...

LMAO! Life Alert! Ginger, thanks for the laugh!

Anthology Authors said...

Ah, Faith, I just returned home from EPICon yesterday. I've been gone since Wednesday. It was great, but--of course, there's a but--I haven't really been able to do much of anything until I came home. Why? Well, internet connection worked if I sat facing a specific cardinal direction AND the wind didn't change, which is did frequently. So, yeah, internet connection? What's that?

On top of that, I'd been up since 3 am yesterday, arrived around 2 pm (5 pm EST), had a teleseminar to attend from 5-6:30 pm. The child was clingy (understandably so, so I was okay with that,) the husband didn't understand why at 10 pm I was more than ready for bed and not slightly interested in sex, and my brain was, well, fried.

Today, what's on the menu? Hm... well, quarterlies are fast approaching, I have to go to the post office to mail a book out, I have grocery shopping to do (our refrig went south while I was gone), editing to do, promotion, and a marketing class to pull together and give. Well, sh**!

And now that I know that this week is yours, that means next week is mine.


Oh, and there is a storm brewing with parents at my daughter's school and guess who's involved. Yeah, it's going to be fun.

So, um, insanity central seems to be everywhere.

ev said...

I have a planner too. Just no time to update it. Even with all the kids gone. Go figure.

Pink eye? Johnson's Baby Shampoo is the prescription from my eye surgeon. It's anti-bacterial, doesn't sting and is great to use on a daily basis. I haven't had it for over 20 years (the pink eye) thanks to that surgeon. And it's a great thing to use to take off makeup,even waterproof. And for kids, it's so much easier than that nasty medicine they have you put in.

Janice said...

At CVS they have eye drops for pink eye that works just as well as the prescription stuff. They're good about giving you the store discount too.

I hope that rest of the week is better than the beginning. But at least you can laugh about it.


Faith said...

Oh, how I hate to come back from a trip to have chaos greet me, Marci.

Ev, Johson's Baby Shampoo? I know the shampoo is supposed to be no tears, but pink eye makes for a really itchy, irritated eye, so I'd think the shampoo would burn it.

It's good to know about the CVS drops, Janice! Thanks for mentioning it!

Fiona McGier said...

I keep 4 calendars. One in the kitchen on the bulletin board, with when I work my 2 jobs, when daughter and son work theirs, doctor apts, etc. Husband NEVER checks it...claims to not know where it is despite the fact that HE HUNG IT THERE and we've been living here 18 years! Then there is one in my purse, for me to record my work days/times when I get them, as well as doc/hair apts...to be transferred to the main one. Then there's a b-day one, that freebie from Hallmark, that I try to check at least monthly, so I never miss any friends/relatives b-days. Then there is the one down here next to my laptop, which has all of my blog dates, release dates, etc.

I don't have a good memory, I'm just anal-retentive enough to write everything down in at least one place! Otherwise all of my weeks would be like yours!

Rhiannon Mills said...

It's probably a good thing your son STOLE your shower time...cause if he was in the mines that day, especially underground, he was probably absolutely covered in coal dirt. Have you ever tried to wash coal dirt out of a pillowcase or something? Oh, it's hours and hours of scrubbing with Dawn dish soap and an old toothbrush, and even then you may not ever get it out!

Hope your grandson gets rid of the pink eye! My daughter had pink eye once...it's horrible!

Faith said...

Morning, Rhiannon (love that name btw!).

Yeah, I know what you mean about the coal dust. The oldes son doesn't live here, tho. He lives two miles down the road with a friend. They're well isn't the best, but instead of getting water hauled in or dozing so the spring feeds into it correctly, he comes up here all the time. It can be quite aggravating when I'm trying to do laundry.

My dad worked in a carbon black plant. That stuff is even worse. He could take a drop the size of the head of a pencil lead and spread it all over his entire arm. That's the stuff that tires have in them that makes the rubber last longer. Mom would go crazy with Dawn trying to get that stuff out of Dad's clothes, lol.

Yes, the baby got rid of the pink eye, but now he had the croup. Poor li'l guy!