Friday, 4 March 2011

Dropping the Ball

I well and truly dropped the ball here this week, didn’t I? Oh my word, all I can do is apologise. I lost a week of my life somewhere since I last posted here and I have no clue where it went. First, I thought I was blogging here last week, then next week, and now I know it’s this week I uttered one word: Shit.

My excuse is that I started a new job this week and of course that takes priority now over everything else. This is why my house looks a mess and why I hadn’t washed my hair in…too many days to mention. I mean, if I tell you, it means I’d have to swear you to secrecy, and if I tell you, I risk you thinking I’m a total minger. Which I am and have confessed as much by omitting the amount of days I stuffed my greasy hair back into a ponytail because time wasn’t on my side, but there you go.

It wasn’t on my side this morning either, but I made myself wash it. Couldn’t stand it filthy any longer. And on a day where I wanted to just get going and dig into my to-do list, Smallest decided, because it’s Friday, she was in slow-mode. So, as well as running late for the school run due to me washing my hair, I had to chivvy her along to eat breakfast, to dress, to brush her hair, to put her glasses on, to get out the damn door. Then Youngest Son announced he had to take stuff in for cooking lesson today. I’d remembered to take the minced beef out of the freezer and put it in the fridge last night, but this morning it was still frozen. ARGH! And he didn’t have the list of ingredients to hand—they’re at school, just where we needed ‘em!—so I just had to guess what he should take, stuff it all in a plastic box, and that was that. (For the record, I just typed ox in my rush. A plastic ox full of chilli ingredients. Interesting…)

You get the drift. A crazy morning, all before 8:30 a.m.

So I walked to the school, dropped Smallest off, and rushed back power-walk style as though my tits were on fire and if I didn’t rush, some God somewhere would strike me down for the sin of having forgotten to blog here. I had to get home, write this, and then get on with my work.

I walked in, saw the kitchen is a mess—and it will stay that way for a bit—and thought: Oh, bugger.

This is my life as it stands today, and although it sounds chaotic and crazy, I’m loving every damn minute of it.

Here’s to more zany, fantastic days ahead! May you have them too!


Cassie Exline said...

At least when you drop the ball, you've got little ones to pick it up or in this case -- blame it on. hehe My kids are grown, now it's all hubby's fault. Sure ain't mine.

Faith said...


and rushed back power-walk style as though my tits were on fire and if I didn’t rush, some God somewhere would strike me down for the sin of having forgotten to blog here.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I don't know why, but that hit me funny, and I can't seem to stop laughing. Nutter! Love ya, lady!

Valerie Mann said...

I'm with Faith on this one...I just got a hilarious visual of a powerwalking chick with her boobs blazing. Thanks for the laugh...and for having a very normal life. Now I don't feel so badly.

Janice said...

This post make me glad my daughter is nineteen now.

I hope the rest of the day is better for you.


Fiona McGier said...

Isn't that what we women refer to as multi-tasking? That thing that men are unable to do, since they do only one thing at a time? (g)

Kate Richards said...

It's true, we do more before work than most me do all day! Hope your day went smoothly after that.

Kate Richards said...

And the tits on fire thing...LMAO

Anthology Authors said...

HAHAHAHAHA Sarah. Visions of tits on fire with people screaming to get out of your way for fear of being lit up. (g) HAHAHAHAHAHA