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Stupidity in High Places

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After the blunt, goofy humor of yesterday’s post, today I’m going to rant. {pulls soapbox over and steps up on it} Today I'm ranting about stupidity in high places. I'm in the U.S. but I'm sure readers from other countries will be able to identify with the following peeves of mine. There are times that if I could move to the North Pole, I would--and I hate cold weather!

Now, before any teachers or school officials get ticked off at me, I'm not saying ALL teachers and officials are like the ones in my rant below. I'm speaking of the small percentage who seem to run everything. The ones that even the other teachers and officials rant, bitch and complain about too. The ones that pull me aside in the hall to share their school woes with me because I'm one of the few parents who grabs my flaming sword called Youpissed Meoffagain and go charging into the building screaming "I wear size nine and a half ass-stompers, hear me roar!"

Anyway, my grandfather was a school teacher from the age of seventeen until well into his eighties. He was also a professional college student, and he loved to travel to historic places such as Egypt. The man had common sense as well as a high IQ, a rare combination, imho.

Granddad was also capable of seeing into the future. He could watch how things progressed on a topic or situation and then state what the outcome would be. One such occasion was a comment he made about the U.S. school system.

“Mark my words,” he said, “twenty years from now, the government will stick its nose into the public school system and take not only the rights of the children away from them, but also the teachers and the parents.”

Man, oh man, did he ever nail that one down!

By the time I was in high school, my school district, which is one of the largest in the state of Ohio, began crashing like the Hindenburg. Things became so bad at my high school that I nearly quit school altogether. That’s a story in itself (for starters I was screwed out of a 60K art scholarship), but rest assured, education isn’t about education. It’s about the almighty dollar and power.

Fast forward to now. I have four children of my own and I’ve raised four step-children, too, so I’m well acquainted with three different school districts. Moreover, several members of the State Board of Education know me much better than they would like to. Let’s just say I was up at the last school so much this past year that when a few teachers or the principal saw me coming, they’d make an excuse to leave, followed by a hasty dash out the nearest exit.

The fact of the matter is this: our tax dollars pay their salaries and pay for everything that runs a school system. Since I’m essentially one of their employers, get off your damn arrogant, egotistical fat asses and teach our children, dammit!

Stop giving money to only the football team that should actually go to ALL sports and arts divisions!

Stop letting the kids have a free period in history while you, the teacher, are down the hall bs’ing at the water cooler or handling fundraiser money that should be done AFTER hours!

Stop male teachers from treating girls like they’re shit!

Stop worrying about the proficiency tests that determines how much the kids are learning. If schools would teach, then kids would know their basics! Duh! And while I’m at it, the reason the schools push the proficiency tests is because the higher overall score the school gets, the more funding it gets from the state, and I got that straight from the mouths of several school officials and teachers, including one on the state board.

Stop telling me that my daughter is too dumb to do online schooling (yes, I was told that by a superintendent who nearly got his coffee cup stuffed up his nose). and that I'm just an over protective parent. Hmm, how odd. Online school may be difficult, but now my daughter carries a four-point-oh! And she will graduate early too! Why? Maybe because she's challenged now? Maybe because she's learning?

Teach, dammit! And for God’s sake, get rid of these stupid math text books that require a course in learning how to read the infernal things before the parent can even help their child with a math problem.

What the hell happened to common sense? I’ll tell you what. The government stuck it’s big, fat nose into something that has worked just fine for years. It’s about competing with other countries too. Not every child is going to be in computers. Not every child will be a doctor, nurse, technician, attorney or scientist. A huge portion of all populaces are normal, blue-collar workers. When I was in school, those who wanted or thought they might want a career in something like law or medicine took college prep courses that would aid them in those careers. Now, my oldest daughter is taking calculus because she’s passed all the other math courses and the state insists she needs another one.

Don’t think the government has it’s thumb on everyone? Take this new school district my kids are in since our move. I got a call about a month ago that my youngest had three unexcused absences. Say what? I called the school and reported him ill each day he missed and I sent excuses to school with him when he returned. He’d been sick with a fever for three days, so why were those days unexcused?

Oh, that’s easy. The reason is that the state has employed a new program that schools can join [and get funding if they do so] that prevents truancy. As a result, the only excuse that is accepted is a doctor’s excuse. Imagine the amount of money this costs some parents to take their kids to the doctor for eating something they’re allergic to or a horrible sinus infection, a bad cold, a sore throat, a migraine… Imagine the parents freaking out who only have one family car and the husband or wife uses it five days a week for work [been there many times myself]. What about a doctor office that is often booked solid, so no appointments are available? Well, then you take your child to the ER, which costs even more!

But that’s not all, after five unexcused absences, the truant officer begins harassing the parent, and if your child reaches ten, you’re dragged into court!

Yes, I know there are kids who skip school while their parents are at work, and I realize that there are parents and guardians who don’t keep track of their kids nor give a rat’s ass whether or not they attend school every day.

But does that make it right for the government and schools to penalize everyone for the stupidity of a few?

Like I said, stupidity in high places. And it’s getting worse. It’s up to the parents to take back our rights as parents and those of our children, concerning their welfare and education. From my battles with the government and the school systems, only a small percentage of parent fight for their rights. If we don’t all don’t speak up and do something, the government will control more and more parts of our lives.

Point in case: my oldest daughter’s health. When she was pregnant, the doctor insisted on running various tests. We said no, because we believe that nature should—at times—run its course. What really pissed us off was that she’d already had a test for AIDS, which was negative, but because she changed from one doctor to this one, they said the file was closed and therefore another one had to be done.


When you sign a paper giving a doctor the right to view ALL medical files, how can the medical profession ban you, the patient, or your new doctor from seeing them?

I fought it—and was threatened. Yes, threatened. We were told it was federal law and if my dau didn’t have the AIDS test a second time that she and the baby would be treated like they both had the disease, that I would not be permitted in the delivery room, and that they’d turn the matter over to social services too.

Furious, I told my dau to get dressed and that we were leaving. I also told the doctor she could stuff her office up her ass.

The next week, there was a sign in the sign-in window that said:

“Be nice or leave.”

My reply to that? “Grow a damn brain!”

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Anny Cook said...

Been there. Done that. AMEN! And soooo glad my children are all grown!!!

trinity said...

Okay what set you off? Another call from the school? I have to agree with you on the schools. They keep passing students who don't even know the basics which they don't teach anymore. Ex. My daughter is in the 9th grade was NEVER taught multiplication or division, but they put her in Algebra. HELLO you have to know how to the two above before you can do Algebra. They said she could use a calculator, I said what if there isn't one for her at the time? They didn't say anything.
Another example. My son is in the sixth grade he was told to write a paper in English class,it had to be in cursive. UMMM hello again they never taught him how to write in cursive! She told me to bad to copy her handwriting. Well I couldn't even read her handwriting!
It's a sad day!

Faith said...

Morning, Anny! I have one child graduated this past spring, one who is doing online school (she has the baby) and two in public school ages 12 and 6, so I have a few years yet of fighting this public school crap.

Nah, Trin. Nothing set me off recently 'cept the truancy issue. I've had this blog topic in mind for a while and just now got to writing it, lol.

Natalie Dae said...

We have the same thing going on here where the schools seem to want great passes on kids' exams so it looks good to the board. They seem more intent on that than actually teaching the kids what they need to know to PASS the sodding tests. I'm not talking about the junior school--that's fabulous and always has been--but the bloody high school.

The high school has become one of the best science schools in these parts, but what about those kids who don't dig science? Luckily one of mine does, but the other? Detests it. But you can bet they'll push him to take science in his final choices.

I've also got a big beef with how they keep issuing detentions and "yellow marks" for supposed bad behaviour, throwing the punishments out willy nilly, which, in my opinion, and also from proof of watching how my kids react to these "punishments", is a waste of damn time. The school issue so many of them so often that the kids just shrug. It's no longer a punishment. We're talking really stupid issues on things like ties being wonky or not showing exactly seven stripes below the knot. Yeah, anal as hell.

I hate that school. We're considering not letting our youngest go there, because all my other four have had hassle and hated the damn place.

As for the truant officer thing. Yep, I understand some kids truant, but mine don't. So, when I got a call at about 9:20 a.m. asking where my son is, I said, "Give me a chance to ring him in sick, please!"

Effing hell. There's being on the ball, and then there's being ridiculous. At least give parents until 10 to ring in for their children.

And balls, I just saw I'm in the wrong name, but I'm so pissed I don't care. So there. Your fault, Faith. You got me riled up. LOL

Much love from Sarah Sodding Masters


Natalie Dae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalie Dae said...

Deletion was me. I got so irate I posted the same comment twice.


BrennaLyons said...

I'm with you!

Trinity, I sub in classrooms where the kids use calculators. AAMOF, they not only use calculators, I am required to leave the "formula" they have to use on the board for tests. And still, about half this class fails tests, because they just don't care if they pass or fail. Now, I was talking to another math teacher...same class but one grade higher, and he told me that even with them failing the tests, it's set to let most of these kids (if not all) pass. HOW is that serving them or us? It's not, IMO.

Now, my kids are all straight A students or darned close to it (SAVE when they have one of the ones Faith was complaining about). When they have that one teacher, my straight A students will suddenly get Cs in English.'s the funny thing. She's supposedly teaching Honors English in middle school, but the books she chooses are ones I would consider appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade students. At home, my son was reading Heinlein's THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS and debating the sociological implications of a prison planet, while she was teaching Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH. Think the boy MIGHT be a little bored? I do!

And don't even get me started on Zero Tolerance. Rolling eyes.


Faith said...

Nat, we have the same problem here, too, on all those punishment slips. Hell, when the kids get a detention, all they do is sit in study hall or a classroom and do their homework, read, draw, or text on their phones.

What's worse is the slips for the stupid stuff you've mentioned. One of mine got a detention for another kid walking past his desk and the air from his passage blew his math paper under a cabinet. No, I'm not kidding.

Brenna, boredom is my oldest dau's problem. Now she's quite happy in ECOT and has her 4.0. She's planning on going to college to be a veterinarian, that involves a host of topics, one of which is medicine and very difficult, but that superintendent swore she was dumb. I kept telling him it was boredom, and he kept arguing with me. Guess what superintendent is going to get a copy of her diploma and her GPA sheet with a lovely letter from moi?

BrennaLyons said...

Oh... Now Natalie got me started on Zero Tolerance. These people have NO common sense. Examples...

My oldest was told to remove my keychain from her backpack (she was using it as a zipper pull). No naked bodies. No inappropriate verbiage. The character (a PAINTING mind you) was holding a dagger in PRAYER. Not even fighting with it. The amusing part? The school's mascot is a knight holding a lance (which is on all their shirts and such), and in the entryway, they have a suit of armor with a sword. But the keychain is against the rules?

A teacher gave my son a detention because (first) SHE got him upset and then she refused to let him go see the counselor, which is in his he walked out of class and went anyway. Keep in mind, the child has been on a behavior mod system since the age of 2 and lives by the rule that he is responsible for his OWN actions; ergo, everyone else is responsible for their own actions...but that never seems to apply. She was punishing the whole class for the actions of a few idiots, and then she yelled at my son for pointing it out to her. IMO, she shouldn't have punished him for someone else's actions, in the first place, and she should have followed his 504! She has no business ignoring his ed plan. It doesn't ask for much, and the law requires her to follow it. In this case, he was upset to the point that he couldn't speak and had to write the incident out for the counselor, and she was refusing his 504 plan of going to the counselor for cool-down time.


BrennaLyons said...

Ah, my oldest is in a wonderful Ag-Tech and studying veterinary science right now. She loves it!


JC Coy said...

Public schools suck gopher shit. That's why we homeschool even though it's a huge commitment. We can still do better than those morons any day of the week.

Faith said...

Brenna, I had a round with the last high school over a pair of discarded sneakers. The principal gave him three days suspension for theft. Say what? Shoes that had been unclaimed the entire school year??? All that stuff goes into a bin for first takers after 60 days, and if not taken then, the stuff is thrown into a dumpster. That was what started my relationship with the state board too.

Jade can't wait to enter college. She's soooo sick of the high school scene in brick and mortar as well as online.

Faith said...

JC, home schooling is part of what I do. The schools don't teach as they should, so I spend half my time at night working with my kids. I've often said I should just pull them out of public school and do it myself with as much time as I spend on it anyway, but combined with my editing and writing, etc., I'm strapped as it is.

My youngest is super intelligent, tho. My worry is once he's out of kindergarten he'll be "taught" by the school to hate learning. And when I say super intelligent, that's not proud-mama syndrome talking. He may end up in the Gifted Children Program. I kept telling his teacher he wasn't a typical kid, and now she's getting a lot of surprises from my li'l guy and marvels has fast he learns. It'll be interesting to see what happens for his education by the end of the year.

Melissa Bradley said...

The public schools here drive me insane. They have so-called magnate schools for "gifted" students which receive the bulk of the available funds leaving the rest of the schools to flounder. They've eliminated remedial classes so now all kids, regardless of learning level are in the same classroom. This forces the teacher to studio teach a class with at least four different grade levels.

Bullying is supposed to be a zero tolerance thing, but my nephew was bullied and his tormentor never received punishment. The excuse and I quote "we couldn't find the casebook to log in the incidents so therefore we can't punish a child based on what essentially amounts to here say." Here say based on the words of a parent volunteer who witnessed this little jerk manhandling my nephew into a locker. Here say based on three kids who witnessed this bully trip my nephew and call him several expletives.

There were three other instances, all reported to the teacher and vice principal and yet no punishment was issued. The principal finally stepped in after he became aware of situation by my nephew's parents.

I could go on and on about the things that tick me off royally about our dear public school system, but I would take up the rest of your blog space. Great topic Faith :)

P.A.Brown said...

The dumbing down of -- I won't say America because it's happening here in Canada too -- is growing. The population in general distrusts people who are too smart and instead admires and slavishly follow blithering idiots.

If parents would take back their rights things might get better, but the sad fact is a lot of parents have abdicated responsibility for their kids to the schools. They don't want to have to deal with the headache. They demand that Johnny and Sara pass, regardless of whether they qualify to and heaven help the teacher who flunks their kid. So the problems in the school system are on everyone's head. I'm glad my kids an adult and hasn't had any kids herself. That may change in the future, but for now all I can do is sit on the sidelines and watch idiots take over the country.

Anny Cook said...

Heh. Dumb things school call home for... a few days (3? 4?) before he was to graduate, the school called me. Now my son was NINETEEN (an adult in every single state, right?) so if he walked out of the school and never returned, there really wasn't much anyone could do about it. BUT the school chose to call me because he went to Burger King for lunch.

Yep. It was THAT important.

I kindly explained to the principal that my son was an adult. And could pretty much make it to BK and back on his own...

James L. Hatch said...

Okay, okay, everyone's pissed. Let's all step back a notch and sing another verse of, "Barack Hussein Obama" to bring the family together. All I can add is that the day school became more about left wing politics than education, we were in our own death spiral. Some blame Dr. Spock. Why paddle the little bugger because he slapped his mom? That will only teach him to be more violent. Say what? When the government got involved so strongly that kids cannot be punished in any physical way at school or at home, it was pretty much destined that the kids would run amok. I feel for any teacher today, and I know many who simply quit. They couldn't stand the administration...or the kids. I pray for the rebirth of common sense, but don't hold my breath.

Faith said...

neyesMelissa, when my son was a sophmore, he was attacked by all the boys in his gym class and "stoned" with basketballs. He had bruises and scrapes all over him. And worse, the teacher knew ahead of time it was going to happen, so she turned her back on it by stepping out in the hall. A teacher's aide stepped forward and told the principal what happened, and although he wanted to punish the teacher who knew and allowed this public "stoning' to occur, the superintendent's office brushed it under the rug. That was yet another time I contacted the state board.

P.A. Brown, you're right about a lot of parents, and it's one of the many reasons I have a mixture of fear, loathing and admiration when I walk into one of these three schools. It's nice to bump into the parents who support my views, but the nasty parents can sure be hair raising to deal with at times. Yeesh.

Anny, good for you re your son!

James, I'm like you. I actually do pray for the rebirth of common sense, but sadly I see more and more of it slipping away. People have free will and make their own choices, but it seems most take the easy road.

BrennaLyons said...

Oh, tell me about it. The parents of some of the little demons have stopped being parents altogether. Don't know why they bothered to have kids, in the first place. All they do is make excuses for their "little angels" and teach them how entitled they are to anything they want. Rolling eyes.

My kids are very well behaved, in comparison. Typically more a "Why won't she look at me when I'm talking...?". Uh...autism? It does mean she probably won't look at you, but she's getting an A. Must be taking in the information, so don't sweat the focus of the eyes.

The only fights they've gotten into have been times they have been physically attacked. I've flat-out told the school, if you let someone attack my child, I will NOT punish my child for defending himself/herself. Break it up before it comes to my child needing to defend himself/herself. It's that simple. My child will NOT be pummeled, because you don't want him/her to fight back. If that means my child has a suspension or detention as well, it does.

Oh, and my youngest is on a medical 504. I have told the middle school, in no uncertain terms, that the bullying the older two put up with will NOT be tolerated. We will file suit if the youngest is physically bullied...ever.

Speaking of which, I just got back from taking clean clothing to the school for the youngest. She slipped and fell in a mud puddle and was mud from backside to ankles.


Natalie Dae said...

Anny, I've had the same bloody thing happen! The college ringing and asking me where my 18 y/o son was. What? He's a MAN! How the hell should I know where he was?



I told her he was a man now, and that if he chose not to go to college that day, or for that lesson she was to take it up with him.

Man, there comes a time when the umbilical cord is severed, and for me, age 18 is IT!

Rather amusingly, the veri code here is: phockf.

Yeah, you can guess how I read that. My sentiments exactly!


Faith said...

Brenna, I've always said the same thing about self defense. My dad was an Army boxer, and since I'm an only child and not a boy, lol, he taught me how to box and fight, but for self defence purposes only. mother was in the office over me defending myself a lot. No, I didn't start fights. Seriously, I didn't. I'm also a preacher's daughter, so me starting a fight was NOT an option, lol.

But I've also passed the boxing and self defense knowledge onto my kids and they've been suspended for defending themselves. So be it. I'd be pissed if they let themselves be beat to a pulp.

Nat, I got the same thing with Michael when he turned 18.

Brindle Chase said...

Not to pick a fight, but James... dude. It's easy to blame Obama for an education system that has been deterioriating for 30 years. Many of those years were years the conservatives had control. Your blame is misplaced. BOTH are too blame and until BOTH sides accept their fault in it, it'll never get better.

Faith said...

Well, don't even get me started on Obama, and let's not even go there period, but the 30-year-thing is definitely true and that's why I mentioned the deterioration of the school system really going into full swing when I was in school.

I'm 42 now. Just had a bday in early Dec. When I was in about the third grade, the stupidity started in the school system re laws, rules and regulations. My mother was in the office all the time over someone's stupid decisions or "brilliant" ideas.

One included allowing a teacher pull my hair by my ear when I'd just had major jaw surgery. Looking back now, it's a miracle the roof didn't blow off the school when BOTH my parents went in to talk with the principal that day.

I was raised to use common sense, kindness, and respect my fellow man, so maybe I'm the oddball, but I think those three things go a long way in not only the school system, but the government and then some. Yeah, yeah, I know, I ask a lot.


Anthology Authors said...

You had to go there, Faith, huh? (sigh) Okay. Well, then, brace yourself because here I go.

Remember that blog post about math last month? Well, I finally spoke to her teacher about it. Apparently, my daughter has some challenges with word problems, or what they call "algebra." When you read the word problems, it's not a surprise. Poorly worded, confusing, and really beyond a 1st grader's developmental curve, these problems sometimes stump the parents for a few minutes as we try to figure out what they want. Some of the strategies are just ass backwards. The teacher readily agreed with me, told me there was nothing she could do because the district was committed to using this curriculum (a sucky curriculum) for the next 9 years due to budget issues, and that I could take it up with the principal if I wanted. And then I could write the board of supervisors, but she really didn't know how much it would help. She gave me a piece of paper with a url to visit where I could watch the short movies on the math strategies she's teaching the kids. The same movies she shows the kids. That's right. The teachers are instructed to show movies to the kids to teach these stupid math strategies. It's ridiculous!

You know, if someone doesn't start, nothing will change. So, when I have a few minutes to spare (HAHAHAHAHAHA), I'll write a scathing letter.

BTW, my neighbor has a child who is in kindergarten. He has a teacher that was kicked out of 4th grade because she couldn't deal there. Guess what? She can't deal in kindergarten either, but the principal can't fire her. Gee, I wonder why.

So, we get screwed by the politicians whose kids are in private school and screwed by the schools because of the unions.

Last year, I took my daughter with me to New Orleans when I attended EPICon. She was in kindergarten and I figured New Orleans would be more of a learning experience than a week in school. I let her teacher know, who agreed with me. A week after coming back, I get a truancy letter from the school. I went in and said a few words to the registrar who said, "It doesn't matter. She's still truant. However, since she's in kindergarten, this won't go on her record."

WTF? On her record? As if my 5 year old was some kind of criminal.

My response: "Fine. Next time, she's sick."

Last week, we were late coming in because she had a doctor's appointment. We were 30 minutes late. We checked in at the office. That evening, I get an automated phone call from the school saying that my daughter had an unexcused absence.

Huh? The registrar I spoke to said all I needed was this little slip she gave me. Apparently not.

The next day, my daughter comes home with a piece of paper to fill out stating why she had missed the entire day of school. Um, no, she hadn't.


It's definitely time to take our power back.

Anthology Authors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faith said...

Marci, I can just see us heading up a "take our rights back" movement for both government and the school districts. Hmm...wonder how much it costs to hire bodyguards? LOL!

BrennaLyons said...

Hire bodyguards? I can just TELL how well that would go over. Grin...


Anthology Authors said...

Regular citizens aren't supposed to carry weapons, but all those people for gun control have bodyguards.

Yeah, Faith, it will take parents like those who responded this post to make changes.

BTW, CA's budget is so bad they are wondering how we are going to keep paying for anything. Charlie might be looking for a job. It's big news. Well, not big news as we knew it was bad, but it could mean thousands out of work. Yeah, that will help the economy!

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Faith, I've been dealing with school and superintendent stupidity lately. Seems our guy can't make up his mind whether school is in or out when inclement weather rolls around. Anyone of us know that when a child rides a bus they get on waaayyy before 7:50. Heck school is in session here by then.

Anyway...we had flooding a few weeks back. There's a creek that runs through our property and it had risen and was gushing over the road we had to cross to get to the bus stop. I held my breath and pray. We made it across, but who could know if the earth on top of that culvert was even still there!

Then Monday it snowed and the temps very cold. In Alabama, we not used to such frigid weather, and heating in houses and schools is not quite adequate. I, at least had enough common sense to overrule the superintendent's decision and kept Morgan home. At 8:30 he cancels school. :(

Today, we have sleet, freezing rain and snow moving in. Supposed to be here by 9:30. School lets out at 11:30. Where's the common sense in that? Roads are already getting bad. The kids are crammed into those large buses, and nobody here knows how to drive on black ice. The only reason I sent Morgan is because they're having semester exams. And if that's not enough...the school calls and says, "Morgan isn't in class for her social studies test."

I say, "Why not? I put her on the bus this morning."

Office worker: "I'll go check. Maybe we misplaced her."

What!!! Me: "Can you call me back and let me know if you find her or not?" My mind is running a mile a minute, worried that she's been abducted or something.

Long pause......."Sure. When I find her."

She calls back ten minutes later. "Morgan was found in the gym taking her P.E exam."

Duh!! Exactly where she was supposed to be. I could bite nails or chew broken glass...I'm so frustrated.

Faith said...

Lisa, up here it's the bus drivers who decide whether or not school is canceled. They then call the superintendent's office who then contacts the school. If your superintendent is calling all the shots, then he has no clue what he's doing because it's the drivers who know the routes and where the water floods or the icy and drifty places are for snow.

I'd've had a few people by their nuts over misplacing Morgan.

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

It's the superintendent here, Faith. He calls all the weather related shots for Morgan County, which is fairly large. And as for Morgan, yeah, I'm still stewing.

BrennaLyons said...

The superintendent calls off school here, but back in VA, the bus company did it. VA state law says (because of the sea level and the fact that you CANNOT know the road is there beneath rain and snow) that if the driver cannot see the roadway, the bus cannot travel over the road. End of subject.

But...I've had a hospital lose one of my kids (my oldest at two days old for four hours!). No kidding! The school is not permitted to even JOKE about it, at this point.


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Brenna, I drove a bus for our school district for quite a few years. Used to be it was the transportation director that said yay or nay. Not so anymore.

But even a few years back, our old superintendent handled things so much better than the new one does, and he's not even what I consider a newbie, as he's been here a few years. Just seems the previous super cared more for the safety of our children and not the money they'd lose.

And as far as Morgan being misplaced. Makes me wonder if any one of them have a brain in their heads. I can't imagine the horror you went through with a newborn baby being misplaced for hours. There's no excuse for that, or what happened with my daughter today.