Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Dreaded Blank Page (And Giveaway)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I seldom get writer’s block but when I do it’s frightening. However, I’ve finally realized the one thing that will make it worse and even keep my muse firmly blocked--staring at the blank page.

Don’t do this.

LOL! Well, don’t!

Seriously, though, that empty expanse of white tricks your brain into believing there are no ideas, that the muse is dead or passed out behind the couch with an empty fifth of whip-cream-flavored vodka [the lazy bitch!]. Don’t fall for the blank page. It’s a ruse of the Furies. It’s a weapon of the bad guy who sits on your shoulder. It’s the excuse we all use to do other things from laundry to sorting the sock drawer and more.

I find this happens to me the most after I’ve been working like mad on more than one manuscript. This occurred last fall when I wrote three holiday stories right after edits and promo for Fire in Winter, a short tale that’s part of The Edge series. I guess Naomi’s new, wintry-hot lover inspired me, lol. Take a bit of handsome, blue-eyed frost, some sex toys, being cooped up while it dumps snow outside…

Uh… What was a talking about?

Oh, yeah. The blank page.

Naomi even gets gifts of ice sculptures from her hunky winter representative, and although he turns down the heat in her house, he turns her thermostat up, up, up. And then he—

[Looks around at all the quirked eyebrows and stares]

I wandered off again, didn’t I?

Anyhoo, if you complete several manuscripts within a close time frame, always remember to give yourself at least a week off before you start pounding the keyboard again. I speak from experience. An exhausted brain will refuse to cooperate, and if you stare at a blank page, that only compounds matters. Walk away from the laptop or PC and let your mind wander. That’s when a blog topic or a new plot will pop into your head.

But Naomi’s new man can pop things into her that—dang it if this keeps up [no, not *that* up!], I’m gonna have to go find the hubby! I won’t even get started on the hunky vamps of The Holiday Series or talk about Richie and Albert. Too many dreamy guys! No, I’ll blame it on the climbing temperatures here in eastern Ohio. It was 2˚ the other morning and now, as I type this post, it’s 70˚ and I’m sweating. I’m blaming it on the weather. Yeah, that’s it. The Weather!


I find myself with several guest appearances this month so my giveaway is going to be a little different. I’ll have a small giveaway at each appearance, but at my last one for January, there will be a grand finale prize. At each of my guest blogs, leave a meaningful comment and be entered to win an e-book from my Molly Diamond (retired pen name backlist. Comment at every stop and you’ll have more chances to win the grand prize on January 30th—a nice, big coffee mug with goodies stuffed inside it AND an ebook! 
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Jaime Samms said...

I've noticed that phenomenon, too, Faith. After working hard and finishing a few MS in quick succession it's always tough to get moving on something new. And it's a little bit scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh the terror of the blank page!

I've found if I have an ever handy file of WIPs writer's block is rarely an issue. But I agree, an exhausted mind is of little use in the creative process.

Faith said...

Hi ladies! Yes, there is definitely merit in having a rested, fresh mind and perspective.

Janice Seagraves said...

Maybe it comes from being an artist, but I don't find the blank page scary at all.

I see all the possibilities. And I'm thinking what will I write next.

Anthology Authors said...

Yeah, that blank page is frightening. That's my excuse. ;) I'm working on a short story--well, I will be working on one after quarterly reports and 1099s are out.

I'll trade you. You can do the 1099s for me, Faith. I'll take to staring at the blank page. (g)

Faith said...

Hi Janice. That's a great way of looking at it!

Marci... Nooooo! [hides under bed]

Dee Thomas said...

Blank page would be a Great reason to grab a huge coffee! LOL! And then hopefully the muse would be working!
Thank you for the chance for the big prize! Have a great day!