Monday, 21 January 2013

Skyfall Review

So, around Thanksgiving, Charlie and I went to see Skyfall in the movie theaters. He was hot (Get your minds out of the gutter, people!) to see it, and I was, eh, not so hot, but willing. We did the whole date night thing, which we rarely get to do as, well, we are parents. Anyone who is a parent understands what I am saying.

The theater was relatively empty, but the opening rush had past and we went on a weeknight. (You take what you can get, right?) I'd say about a third of the audience were women.

Something had gotten up my butt. I don't remember what, but I remember being irritated about something. (Obviously of little importance or I'd still be ranting about it in my head. LOL) As I sat there, peeved and grumpy, the previews came on. Each succeeding preview was more violent than the last, and I wondered, "Why are they showing all of these horrible previews (Eg. Django Unchained directed by Quentin Tarantino, etc.)? Aren't there any nice romantic comedies that I would like to see?" As the fifth preview started to play, a light bulb clicked in my head and I realized where I was and what movie I was about to see. And I laughed. Well, duh! Of course, they are going to show violent, testosterone-filled trailers. Not that a third of the audience would watch it, but, hey, maybe we would. (Not in this life, I wouldn't anyway. You'd have to tie me down and prop my eyelids open to make me watch any of them.)

So, before the movie even started, my mood had traveled south. Of late, I've been more disappointed by movies I've seen than pleasantly surprised or happy. Actually, that's been for the past several years.

Overall, it was a typical James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is good, of course. But the movie is all about him aging and perhaps not being able to do what he could do in his youth. Scotland Yard wants to get rid of him because he's "too old." They want M to retire because her methods are too archaic. The ones who want this to happen aren't in the trenches and have no idea what they are talking about. (Isn't this always the case? People who have no idea make decisions they shouldn't be making.) Of course, when Bond saves their ass, they change their tune. He may not be as young, but he has more experience than his younger cohorts. Needless to say, he proves them wrong because age and treachery always prevail over youth and skill. (grin) It's interesting to note that the bad guy is also "old" compared to the young kids trying to track him down. And the kids can't find him because he too outsmarts the young "geniuses." It's up to Bond to defeat him. Of course, he does, but not without a steep price.

First, I have to say I wasn't enamored of the whole "Bond is too old" thing going on here. When I go to a Bond movie I expect certain things: action, adventure, gratuitous sex not refined upon (Because Bond always sleeps with the women.), chauvinism, and a happy "Bond" ending. The chauvinism bothers me more now than ever before. But the plot line? Um, okay. HAHAHAHAHA Most action adventure movies don't seem to have that great of a plot, in my opinion.

Still, it was a fun movie…if you don't include the things that bothered me…


  1. The beginning. It felt very British. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, as Bond is British after all, but it was that slow sort of British you don't expect from a Bond movie. For example, they spent a good 15 minutes on him wallowing Hemingway-esque in a bar in some tropical paradise upset that M had ordered the other agent to shoot (the agent missed the target and hit Bond instead). I wondered if the movie would ever move forward.
  2. Despite the fact that this same agent eventually saves his life at least once, he still tells her—yes, her—she'd be a better desk agent than a field agent. (rolling eyes—because men never make mistakes.)
  3. There were a few issues that were either hokey or irritating when they finally return to Skyfall (his ancestral home in the highlands) to wait for the bad guys to come after them. First, his home has been sold because they thought he was dead. So, he's destroying someone else's property, but no one seems to mind. Second, the old groundskeeper is conveniently around to help when they arrive. Third, and this inconsistency really bothered me, was during the fight scene between the bad guy and his men and Bond, M, and the groundskeeper. One moment, it's early afternoon outside, and, the next, it's pitch black. Now, mind you, I am aware that in the mountains night can and does fall quickly, but it does not go from early afternoon light to pitch black in seconds. I am not kidding when I say, "Seconds." One moment you are outside and it's light. They cut to inside and through the windows it's suddenly seven o'clock at night in winter in the highlands. This was not the worse offense for me, though. The worst offense is coming next.
  4. The final thing that bothered me enough to say something was how after M dies in Skyfall's chapel, the new M is a man, and his new assistant is the female agent whom Bond told she'd be better at the desk. The feminist in me did not like this at all. Yes, I know they are trying to return to more of the original Bond, but these were written in 1953. The societal opinions of the time when it comes to women are less than optimal. We have a hard enough combating these prejudices without seeing this crap in the movies.

That last one is my biggest complaint really. I feel like we've fallen backward. Why couldn't the bad agent have been a man? Oh, wait! Then Bond wouldn't have been able to sleep with him… Um, well, maybe he could, although he might lose a few fans. (grin) Of course, Bond sleeps with a few other women, so why does he need to sleep with the agent who should be at a desk? And why couldn't have the new M's secretary have been a man?


That being said, it was still entertaining and I'd still recommend it for people who enjoy action/adventure and/or Bond films. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time, and, if Charlie is to be believed, I did a lot of jumping and squealing. I know I hid my eyes a few times, but didn't realize I was squealing. (Apparently, I am as much fun to watch as the screen at these types of movies. Yes, I am a wimp. I admit it. LOL)

The best part of the movie is the soundtrack by Adele. Fabulous, fabulous music!

So, I give the movie a B overall rating. Worth seeing, entertaining, but not stunning. In short, the typical Bond movie.


Faith said...

I love James Bone movies, always have. I own several of the ones with Sean Connery, who I feel was the all-time best Bond. The chauvinism doesn't bother me because Broccoli wrote the stories and it was part of the times. I'm not saying it's okay, but I realize it's a theme of the movies. And it also caters to the alpha male crap that is so prevalent in today's erotic romances.

I had to skip over the spoiler alert part because I haven't seen this one and I'm a Daniel Craig fan. Loved him in Cowboys and Aliens.

Anthology Authors said...

Broccoli wrote the stories? HAHAHA That's one talented vegetable. (g)

I'm a Daniel Craig fan, too. You know, I think it's more the writing than anything else. I don't remember Bond being quite as bad in others as this time around. Perhaps it was Sean Connery and his delivery, but I really think the writing for this movie is different.

Faith said...

Whoops, sorry. Broccoli is the producer of several. Ian Flemming was the author. My bad.

Anthology Authors said...

I wonder if Broccoli is a vegetarian. ;) Seriously, I'm not that into James Bond movies and did not know who directs the movies. I enjoy them, though.

Dan O. said...

Good review. Not the most perfect Bond movie to come out in recent time, but still a very good one none the less and one that makes me hype for the next couple of movies they have planned.