Tuesday, 31 July 2012

T-Storms, Sex, Rain, Sex, Snow Sex...

Here in SE Ohio, we’ve gone from absolutely no rain with brown, crispy lawns, and extreme temperatures with high humidity to t-storms from hell and deluges that would make Noah cuss.

After such a rain in the evening, fog rises from the hollows and everything is dripping or running with rivulets of water. This setting makes for a nice evening of writing, but by that time my mind and my body are tired.

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Ever notice how rain seems to inspire the desire to make love? Ever spend a long rainy spell doing the deed as you listen to the rain drum on the roof or fall across a tent?

Rain plays a big role in many romantic scenes, even full novels, but if you really consider the idea, rain does this in real life, too.

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Rain is the theme in two of my latest short releases, MakingLove in the Rain and also Mother Nature’s Passion. I’ve realized I use weather themes a lot in my fiction. Everything from a tropical storm in Ruby, the White King and Marilyn Monroe to the novella Black Magic Margarita in the Masquerade Desires Anth (both my Ruby novel and the novella are set or partially set in Key West) to an unseasonably warm Indian Summer in my Crimson Bane Battles series, but autumn and cold, snowy weather has the survivors worried (Oh, btw, book 3, Absinthe Dawn, debuts today! Here are the links for books ONE, TWO, and THREE).
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I’ve used snowstorms, heat waves, etc., but for some reason a thunderstorm with torrential rains is my favorite to create tension and mood. And it's been proven that bad weather for long periods of time causes a spike in the birth rate, lol. Matter of fact, my first child was conceived during a terrible thunderstorm. And often the wives of a settlers were usually four or five months pregnant by the time the spring thaw arrived. Heck, even war times caused a spike in the birth rate; whenever the men would return for a furlough or for good, you know what they were doing when the lights went out, lol (thankfully we now live in an age where there are plenty of birth control methods!).

Weather is a useful tool when writing fiction, and I guess battles, war, and skirmishes are, too, which I will be showing in my Absinthe books as well. Both bring people together, and soon there are babies crying in the house and toddlers bee-bopping around the lawn.

So what’s your favorite pastime when it rains—besides sex, that is, lol!

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Hales said...

Dancing in the rain is mine. I know its not exactly clean but its refreshing. I love the way the air smells when rain is coming. Hate the body aches that come with it lol.
I love the way thunder rolls in the sky and how thick the air around me becomes right before lightening strikes... theres a sizzle of excitement. I have written many scenes of makimg love im the thick of a storm.

Faith said...

Great answer, Hales! There is something special about thunderstorms, isn't there? However, I haven't danced in the rain in a long, long time. We live on a big hill so the lightning keeps me on the porch watching it rain, lmao. I don't want to get a permanent hairdo the hard way!

LOL, seriously, tho, I totally agree oon that 'sizzle of excitement.'

Patricia said...

Nice post, Faith. My favorite activity when it's bad weather is to huddle inside under a blanket and read a good book.

Faith said...

I enjoy that, too, Patricia. Watching it rain or snow while reading under a soft comforter with cocoa or coffee nearby is always a treat.

Jessica Subject said...

Happy Release Day, Faith!

I've used rain in my current WIP, but both of my kids were conceived in November (snow weather here). LOL

Janice Seagraves said...

I'm like a kid when it storms. Love it! But then we don't get a lot of weather in California.

If I'm no glued to the window watching for flashes of lightning, then I'm reading.


Faith said...

My oldest dau is a snow baby, Jessica.

Janice, I would think CA would have a lot of cool weather. You have the ocean air currents meeting the mountains, but then again Marci talks a lot about that dreadful marine layer too.

Anthology Authors said...

I've forgotten what my favorite past time during the rain is because it happens so rarely here. I have to admit, though, if it's not a thunderstorm, I love swimming in the rain. It's very peaceful and often few people will come out to swim in the rain. I know, silly, huh? You'll be wet anyway. LOL

In my chapter book series The Whispering House, I use tulle fog for both peaceful and creepy. It was effective enough that Emmy said she was creeped out by it. (g) I took that as a compliment. LOL


Taryn Kincaid said...

Oh, oh, oh!!

I totally use weather. Figured in Healing Hearts (wind) and Sleepy Hollow Dreams (autumn leaves -- hmm, not sure if that's weather, exactly).

My 1Night Stand, coming soon from Decadent Publishing, is LIGHTNING!!


So, yeppers. I use it. Nothing better to set a mood!

Faith said...

Woot, Taryn!

Faith said...

Marci, I was always told not to swim when it rains but around here there's lightning and thunder with the rain 95% of the time, lol.

Dawn Chandler said...

I love to write in the rain, especially thunderstorms, but unfortunately in southern Idaho we do not get many. It is only ever couple of years where we get a good thunder and lightning storm. What I am hoping for is a house out in the country one day, with a large covered porch and a swing to bring my laptop out on and write. Snuggle up under a blanket with a hot cocoa and just disappear into another world. I also like to read when it is raining and cold. My favorite weather to write in I have to say is the fog. I love the dense wisps of caressing fog, it inspires me. I do use weather in my stories to a certain degree, rain and fog of course, but also the heat and the winter. It makes for more reality in ones work. In a shorter novella or short novel I try to keep it to a minimum but I like to meantion it once in a while no matter what to keep me grounded as to what is going on around my characters. Not saying that sex isn't a wonderful past-time during inclement weather, but if it last for days, well....you have to give him a breather at least occasionally....maybe :)

Faith said...

I love the fog, too. We have a lot of pea-soup fog mornings here in SE Ohio.

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