Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: Return of the Cowboy

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Written by: Cathy McDavid
Publisher: Harlequin 2012

It has been years since I've picked up a Harlequin romance. I have nothing against them, but I like my reading material to have more meat and potatoes. This particular book, however, really surprised me. It's a contemporary cowboy/ranch story, a prequel novella for the Harts of the Rodeo series. I won't give the plot away, but in a nutshell it incorporates the past of a group of teens, centering on the main character, Wyatt, and his best friend, Paige.

An accident causes Wyatt to take the blame for someone else, but in doing so, it creates a rift between him and his family, more specifically his father. Twelve years later, Wyatt returns home after a serious rodeo accident, but old family wounds are still raw and his attraction to Paige is a thousand fold. Wyatt: Return of the Cowboy is a story of forgiveness and starting over, a tale of love that refuses to die, and how family is special and precious.

One of the many things I liked about the story was the rodeo ties. I come from a family that was in the rodeo business for years. Even my father rode broncs and bulls, but several broken bones later, he decided it was too dangerous. Wyatt, though, was forced to leave a famous career after a bad fall nearly ended his life.

Also, I loved the small-town atmosphere. Having grown up in and lived in several small towns, it was easy for me to relate to such life. Lastly and most importantly, Ms. McDavid writes with a crisp, fresh style that sucked me in the book in first three pages, something very difficult to do to this picky reader, and the author writes emotion so well I found myself tearing up several times.

I invite you to find out more about cowboy Wyatt, his brother, Jay, and Wyatt's forever love, Paige. I know I will definitely look for the other books in the Hart series.

At the time I write this, the novella is free at Amazon. Buy here: Wyatt: Return of the Cowboy 

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D'Ann said...

Oddly enough, I downloaded this just this mornin!

Faith said...

It's a really good book. You'll enjoy it.