Thursday, 12 July 2012

Burglaries and the Police

Since June 1st, there have been some eight burglaries in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood, which is considered to be very safe, has become a bit scary to its residents. Of course, people are stepping up, installing security cameras, joining the neighborhood watch, and just being more aware of others where we live. This is not a bad thing, but it's certainly crappy that we even have to do it.

At least in the case of two of these burglaries, there has been home video of the suspects and/or cars of the suspects. Some of our neighbors (Angie and Doug) actually caught the burglary on our block on video. That's right: on our block! Very scary!

I ran into Angie this morning, and she was telling me about their saga of trying to get the video to the detective. It's something like this:

This particular burglary happened nearly four weeks ago. For the past three weeks, Angie and Jason have been trying to get the video to the detective on the case. They have been playing phone tag. Doug would call immediately upon receiving the message from the detective. The detective would call some 4-5 days later. O.o Doug would call again immediately upon receiving the message. And 4-5 days later (or longer), the detective would call again. O.o

That makes me feel so... safe. As safe as if we had the deputies from the Dukes of Hazzard patrolling our streets.

Deputy Enos Strate from the Dukes of Hazzard

Finally, after three weeks of this crap, Angie got fed up and found the detective's superior's email and emailed him. According to Angie, the captain responded literally within minutes of the email. The captain said he would forward the information to the detective. Two days passed, and no response from the detective. (Surprise!) She was going to give it another day before sending another email to the captain with something about the incompetency of the detective on the case, but then Doug called the detective at 7:30 am this morning.

Apparently, Doug had shared the video with one of the neighbor's friends who forwarded it the detective. Despite the detective having the video, he never bothered to contact Angie or Jason to let them know that he had it. He could have called or emailed. But, no, that would take too much time to thank someone for giving them evidence.

Now, the other day, I was watching the news. A family was home when a thief broke into their house to rob it. He jumped out of bed and attacked the man. He made so much ruckus that it woke his neighbors. They came out, one called 911, and the other three jumped the guy. They kept him down (they had to beat him up to do it) until the police arrived.

The officer on the news said that, even though this time it turned out well, he highly discouraged people from taking the law into their own hands.

Deputy Cletus Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard

I get it. It could be dangerous, but if our neighbor's experience with the local police, which is supposed to be a really good department, is any indication, I'm thinking why wouldn't we? I know the police have a hard job. I wouldn't want to be a cop, but from what has been shared (which isn't much. They haven't even publicized the burglaries in our local news.), this video is the best lead they have on this case. From what I gather, they might even be able to make out the license plate of the car. Why wouldn't they jump on the chance to get it?

Just saying...


Faith said...

Sounds like my neck of the woods. The thing is that there are so few deputies to patrol, and if you call, it might be three hours before they show up!

Anthology Authors said...

It's not lack of deputies. If you call, they will show up in a matter of minutes. We are lucky in that sense. It was the lack of response that got me going.

Jim Greer said...

Wow, somebody needs to drift on into their Investigations Division and kick somebody's rear end. Video of the suspects and it takes DAYS to get a response? Highly unsatisfactory. The job isn't THAT hard.

Anthology Authors said...

I agree, Jim. It took them at least two weeks to get the video and it wasn't for lack of trying on my friends' part.

Anthology Authors said...

BTW, Jim, yesterday, I saw three kids climbing the fence of the high school. Because of everything that has been going on around here lately, I called the police.