Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Short...sweet? Definitely Sassy

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosKids think they're smarter than grown ups. Did you know? Check it out.

My son today figures he's going to take his dinner of peanutbutter toast to the tv and eat In front of the tv. (in an open concept house all of twenty-seven feet from end to end. Not like he can't see the tv from, well, pretty much anywhere)

So I tell him to take his plate to the table.

Boy: "What table?"
Me: "The dining table, kiddo. Where civilized people sit to eat."
Boy: "I'm sorry" *innocent* "I don't know what civilized means."

This from the kid who has used "delectable", "oppressed", and 'deviant behavior' in sentences correctly.

Me: "civilized parents send their kids to bed early for being precocious. How's that?"
Boy: "I am not precocious. I'm a smart ass."

Not sure who came out on top in that conversation, but he was finished his toast by the time it was over.... Good thing he's cute.


Valerie Mann said...

Sounds like a very normal teenager to me. "Smart Ass" is exactly the right label for most of them. Fortunately, most of them do grow up and become "civilized" with very little remaining "deviant behavior" :-)

Faith said...

Sounds like one of my "conversations" I often have with my 13-yr-old daugher. Those usually end with her going to her room and staying there until I say she can come down again.

Valerie Mann said...

Ohh, banished to the black hole bedroom! I still use it too, once I've determined that there is no junk food stash under the bed to keep their blood sugar elevated during the banishment. And all laptops, X-box controllers and power cords are in my safekeeping. And cell phones are confiscated. Which leaves no form of communication for them except flashlights and Morse code. Hell, it's hard work these days for me to be a bitch.

Jaime Samms said...

Very good points, Val,and Faith. except....he's eight. Yes. eight. shoot me now! Lol!

Anthology Authors said...

Cute is often the only thing that saves kids. (g) I haven't reached that point with Lily yet, but we do butt heads on more than one occasion. She's rather stubborn. (Hm... I wonder where she got that from? g)

Here's a conversation we are having at this moment.

Lily: whine (does it really matter what they say when they whine?)

Me: Why aren't you doing what I asked?

Lily: whine

Me: Are you still hungry?

Lily: Yes.

(Ding, ding, ding, ding, we have a winner, er, whiner here.)

Me: Well, you need to tell me. I can't read your mind.

Lily: Silence.

Me: Would you like another piece of cinnamon french toast?

Lily: Yes.

(head to wall) Is it so hard to tell me these things? We could prevent this whole conversation and whiny episode if she would just communicate with me!

Terri Talley Venters said...

My sons are 9 & 11 and I'm butting heads with both already. Bribery and threats work most of the time. Except when I remind them I'm a second degree black belt (so are they). But they're lucky they're cute too=)

anny cook said...

They usually survive to be adults. And then they have grandchildren for you...My oldest granddaughter is 14. :-)

Jaime Samms said...

@Marci, ve *had* that conversation!!!!! Word for word, even (except the food usually involves peanut butter or Kraft Dinner)

@ Terry, bribes sometimes work. Threats have to be really, really serious, and strictly adhered to, because usually, there's nothing he cares enough about that losing it, evn for an indefinite amount of time, matters to him enough to do what he doesnt want to do.....

@ Anny, he's got a ways to go............