Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Eleventh of February…

by Kate Richards

Eleven years ago today I was approached online by a crazy guy by the name of Brewmiester. I tried to ignore him but he was so persistent and had such a smooooth line, that we’ve been together ever since.
Eleven years ago online dating was pretty new and my family thought he was an ax murderer and ordered my brother not to let him out of his sight the day he arrived.
Now…February 11th is three days before Valentine’s Day and I happened to be single at the time, which may have made me susceptible to his charms, but for whatever reason we found one another, three thousand miles apart, and without the internet, that wouldn’t have happened!
So …without further ado (love that phrase) I make the following suggestions for finding just the perfect guy for that first date—how’s that for pressure?—Valentine’s Day.

1.     Your mother is sure to know the sons of friends who would love to go out with you! They’re thirty or so, live at home, so she can reach them, and he has already been naked with you, remember? In the bathtub when you were five? So there’s no need to be shy!
2.     TV reality show matchmaker. As long as  you don’t mind a camera following  you around, you may have the opportunity to go out with a billionaire who has such personality issues he needs a matchmaker to get a date!
3.     The gym. Where you can meet guys who are there to work out and ogle the instructors. So unless you have the body of  bikini model… ’Nuff said.
4.     Square dancing. That’s what my mother tried to get me to do before I met the DH, I understand it is a virtual dating mecca for the over 60 crowd. If…that fits you. Being under that age group, and not feeling like a bloomers and petticoats kinda gal, I never took her up on it! But if it works for you, I’d love to hear about it. I think nightclubs fall under the same basic heading…but for the under 60 set.
5.     And my favorite… Internet dating sites. Since I don’t recommend meeting complete strangers without any screening, do as I say, not as I did! There is a plethora (want credit for that word!) of sites available for singles on the lookout for a new and special guy. I particularly recommend Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand. Unlike most of the big sites I researched, Madame has not had any lawsuits filed against her, she does not believe she knows “God’s Plan for you” and she doesn’t judge you for being gay, straight, or a werewolf. 

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s with someone special who appreciates you for all your wonderful qualities and makes it the most romantic and awesome day of the year. And if you don’t have a date, do something special for yourself…or even better yourself and a bestie who is also single at the moment! You deserve it!

Gale Force Passion: 
A Madame Eve Success Story

What to do when your fiancé dumps you for a bimbo, right before a vacation of a lifetime to a luxurious Bahamas couples resort? If you’re lucky, like Terese, the reservations clerk can refer you to another resort, even nicer, and suggests you contact the fabulous Madame Eve at 1Night Stand—for a replacement date!

David is Terese’s date. Very tall, ebony dark and handsome, he’s also starting to yearn for more connection than career has allowed. After years of working at various resorts, he can settle in and enjoy his position as Castillo Resorts’ newest manager right in his native Bahamas. 

Add in a hurricane with a sudden change in course, and David and Terese may have a more exciting date than either of them planned. In more ways than one. 


JoAnne Kenrick said...

What a're a star, Kate!!! Love it. And thank gawd I'm not single and have to deal with all those wonderful ways to meet men. But if I ever was, remind me never to hit up my mother's friends sons....EEEP!

Anthology Authors said...

I met my DH via the Internet. We lived less than a mile from each other AND I used to park in front of his house (now our house) when rehearsing for a play. (Now it irritates me when others do it. Ah, payback!) This was 12 1/2 years ago.

I had a couple of rules about Internet dating:

1. They had to correspond with me for at least two weeks to prove they were interested in more than just booty.

2. We always met in a public place far away from where I lived. (Well, far is relative in LA. So, five miles worked.)

3. We always met at a coffee shop. That way, if I didn't like him, I wasn't stuck for an entire dinner.

Yes, I was one of the pioneer Internet daters. (g) And I was lucky, although I did meet up with several men before meeting Charlie. Most were "Run away! Run away" types. Some were second date types. Only one was a keeper for me. :)

Great story and great advice!


Starla Kaye said...

This was great! I loved those "suggestions," especially the square dancing one. Not really my thing either.

All that really matters is that you're happy with your DH.

JM said...

Congrats on your anniversary! More people than ever are meeting on dating sites, but you must have been a pioneer 11 years ago.
I was never set up by my parents, they just thought I swung the other way. Actually I was just very selective. They were so tickled when I brought home my husband.
Situations are different for everybody.I'm glad I'm not single too and have to deal with that crap. Great post dear.

Jessica Subject said...

Oh, yes, there are so many ways. I can't tell you the number of guys people tried to set me up with. I was actually stood up the night my DH first showed any interest. We'd met before, but he'd been working at the time. Not this night. And it all worked out in the end. :) So glad yours did, too!

Happy Anniversary!

Fierce Dolan said...

Yay anniversary! I have never officially "dated" via the Internet, but I met my lover online. Wouldn't change a thing.

Great post!

steph beck said...

Yay for louurrrrve!! Congrats on so many years of wedded bliss :)

Stephanie Beck

VS Morgan said...

What a great post, Kate!

I met my DH in college.

Margie Church said...

Whenever I hear you talking about how you met the love of your life, I think of the ABBA song, Take a Chance on Me. :-) Good thing you did. Happy Valentine's Day girlfriend.

Fiona McGier said...

I met my husband at a 60s party, and I was bra-less with a peace sign painted on each cheek and a flower on my forehead. He chatted me up for a while (I tried not to drool on myself too much), then he went into the next room to express concern to his ex-roommate that "John's wife" was coming on to him...she must have drank too much or something. Once informed that I was John's sister, he re-entered the room and flash forward to 30 years and 4 kids later. I came home from work today to flowers at my place on the kitchen table. Sigh...

Kate Richards said...

I love hearing stories about how others met their significant others! Marci, I met one creep before meeting himself...
JM...too darn funny! At least you were able to make your folks happy once they figured out (was it your profession that made them think that?) that you were good for grandkids and a son in law!
Thanks everyone I love a good romance story!

Cate Masters said...

Too funny! Love love love this post. You were a brave soul to chance an online encounter 11 years ago. You're a true pioneer! :)
The hubs and I exploded with laughter last night at a commercial for "farmers only - because city folk just don't understand" (you had to see the visuals, the girl wandering alone in the field, the guy's cows wondering if he'd ever find a date...)
Happy anniversary! And many more.

Becca Dale said...

Funny, Kate, and very apropos.(Do I get a bonus for that word?) Happy connection day. You did find a good one.

Kate Richards said...

Thanks everyone! Yeah, we still wonder if we were crazy. Because it wasn't just a date, he packed up and moved here! It was either fate or temporary opinion varies depending on the day lol.

Debbie Gould said...

Great post, Kate! I love hearing how couples met. So happy your DH took that leap of faith and wish you guys would visit his home so I can meet the both of you!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Kate Richards said...

Me too, Debbie! I would love to go , but Rich keeps getting projects at work that keep him close to home.

But we will one day, my mother in law really misses him!

Faith said...

LOL @ naked in bathtub at five. I have a "friend" like that. We were pool pals when we were like 2 or 3 years old. He still chases me to this day. To this day when I see him somewhere like the grocery story, it's really difficult to wedge in that 2-inch space between the cereal and Pop Tart Shelves so I can hide1

Kate Richards said...

I reconnected with my oldest buddy a couple of years ago and I have the feeling we have history like that...I only hope if we do I"m not the only one who isn't sure!