Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh, the Irony of it all...

Most days, I don't have any huge big rants to rant about.
Lot's of little ones, but nothing really huge. Today is Monday, for example. That's a mini-rant. Just that. It's Monday. Ick. Also, I'm not a morning person. Never have been, but Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I've have to be out of bed by eight AM. If that isn't rant-worthy, I don't know what the hell is. There are many reasons why we home school, and avoiding eight A.M. mornings is one of the really good ones. So four in a row? And over the weekend? Seriously???? Who hates me? What did I do?!?!?

Also, there is the matter of kids. I mean, I'm not ranting about my kids. I love my kids. I'm ranting about the cost of my kids. Had I known they would be so expensive, I might have stopped at cats.
How cute is that?
And he's perfectly happy with a stick or a beam of sunlight. He doesn't need pointe shoes, an electric guitar or a singe hand-held, portable, 3G enabled, web-browsing personal gaming console. A ball or tinfoil will do nicely, thank you, and can I please fish it out from under the stove again. 

This will teach me for wishing, back in the day, that there was some way to have cheap labour to clean their litter and sweep up their shed fur. Kids do that work for free. It's hidden costs you didn't anticipate that get you in the end.

Then there's working for a living. I suppose if I even remotely liked what I do at my day job, it would be different. But, um, well, I took Fine Art in school. I'm a writer. What the hell happened that I have a day job almost exclusively dealing with numbers? How the hell did that even happen???? I didn't take a single math-related course in post-secondary school, and I took as few in high school as I could get away with. And yet? *shakes head* 

The universe must think these ironies are actually funny. Got news for you, you cruel, heartless bitch mistress. I ain't laughin'!!

Thank goodness my home life makes up for it. If I didn't have a husband who supported me hiding in the writing cave most of the day, I'd probably have gone round the bend years ago. So, folks, this is me, having one hell of a time this week, and it's only Monday. What's up with the rest of you? Got some mini rants to share? Some Monday commiseration? Speak up! we're all about having a go at the cruel universe today.


Michelle said...

Lovin' that cat! Only a minor rant breakfast. I'm hungry :)

Jaime Samms said...

Michelle, that is the best cat that ever lived. He's awesome!!!!! That is a minor rant. Hope you get fed soon :)

Anthology Authors said...

That is a minor rant. Most of my rants are minor anymore. I have a few that, if I can remember them, I will rant about them when it's my turn. LOL