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A Real Husband by Nita Wick -- A Review

On occasion, I will write a review. I don't read often (although I am reading more of late.) I purchased this copy. Ms. Wick did not request a review. :)

A Real Husband by Nita Wick -- A Review

This is Nita Wick’s first novel she ever wrote. Not only is it the first, it’s a historical. Historicals, in my opinion, are one of the hardest genres to write effectively. Not only do you have the plot and character development to consider, but you have to be historically accurate. Why? Because most of the readers who love historical romance/historical fiction love history and will most likely know the history of that time. One incorrect fact and we will spring upon it. It will drive us nuts, and we will never read that author again because, well, we can’t trust the author to get facts right. (This is one of the reasons I avoid historical films. Hollywood is notorious for bending history to their view.)

A Real Husband is a wonderful historical work. Set in the mid 18th century, Nita creates a perfect balance of modern sensibilities while retaining mores and viewpoints of the time period. Angelina Winston is the only child of an earl and the heiress to a thriving estate. However, she’s very young and her father is about to die and her bumbling uncle will become her guardian and overseer of her estate if she is not married off before his death. In order to save the estate from certain ruin, the twelve-year-old Angelina is married to the son of her father’s best friend’s son Darien Hawkesworth. Hawk has no wish to be married. He is, after all, only twenty-one, but he is given no choice.

For the next seven years, he ignores his bride. Angelina grows into a competent, intelligent, resourceful, opinionated, beautiful young woman. A young woman who knows her own mind and is used to doing as she pleases… within reason, she is very easy to relate to. I liked her a lot and rooted for her from the beginning. She’s not perfect and has her moments, but this is what makes her so appealing. Even when I want to shake her, I can see her point.

Hawk is handsome and not necessarily likeable at first. He’s the typical, arrogant nobleman: used to getting what he wants from everyone with little thought to anyone else.

My favorite scene is their first “sex” scene. This one left a lasting impression on me. At first, I was concerned it would end up being one of those sex scenes where the hero forced himself on the heroine and she enjoyed it, because, you know, no really means yes. That it did not was a very pleasant surprise. If it had, I would have stopped reading the book completely and it would have been a shame to have missed the rest of Angelina and Hawk’s story.

While this story is not new or revolutionary, it is very entertaining and well told. The characters are believable, the character development is well done, and the history is accurate. In short, a book well worth reading.

Nita has a book with Freya’s Bower (one of my publishing houses). The Wagonmaster has won a Laurel Wreath. I didn’t edit it nor have I read it… yet, but after reading this one, her debut novel no less, I will be reading The Wagonmaster next. I anticipate a very enjoyable five or six hours. ☺ (Update: I read this over the weekend and could not put it down. Fabulous book! There’s a good possibility that I will write a review for that, too.)
A Real Husband by Nita Wick


Married for years in name only, Angelina longs for A Real Husband. Hawk is pleasantly surprised to find his young bride has become a beautiful, full-grown woman, and he is ready to leave his life of debauchery for the arms of his tempting wife. But a mysterious villain plots murder to end their romance and spoil their dreams of happiness. Can Angelina unravel the conspiracy in time to save her husband and their future? Is it already too late?

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Nita Wick said...

{reaches for a tissue} Goodness, Marci. You really know how to bring a writer to tears. Happy tears. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed A Real Husband. It was a labor of love for me. And practice for The Wagonmaster. ;)

RuthZ said...

I'm going to download THE WAGONMASTER because I love Frontier stories. Marci, thanks for directing me to what sounds like a fabulous "new" author. Nita, I wish you many sales.

All the best,
Ruth G. Zavitsanos

Anthology Authors said...

You won't regret it, Ruth. It's a fabulous book!