Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hello, Spring?

Please welcome our guest, Margie Church!

Patience is a virtue. These days, the cliché makes my teeth hurt. Even though its origins are biblical and my name is Church, I've snipped my last shred of patience.

I want spring, and I want it right now.
Cue the violins, will ya darling? By this time last year, we'd had over 40 days of 50 degree temperatures. This year? Not a one. In the last two weeks, we've gotten almost two feet of snow and over an inch of rain.

HELLO? IT'S MAY.  There's not even a spring flower in sight. The trees are buttoned up, not a leaf around.

I really don't give a rat's butt if we live in Minnesota and our climate is akin to Siberia, it's past time to put away the Christmas decorations. In that spirit, I took down my delightful Frosty door greeting thingamabob and put up my Welcome Spring wreathe. It snowed four inches. Then we enjoyed a downpour that turned our driveway into an ice rink. I went for a walk last night wearing my winter coat and mittens. This morning, it was a frosty 29 degrees. Grrr!

I can't control the weather.

So why does it control me? Why does the monochrome white sky and landscape make me want to take a blowtorch to the yard to see if there's grass somewhere under the white carpet of snow? I tweeted pics of our beautiful snowfalls, posted pictures on Facebook of my Christmas tree, favorite holiday tunes, wished friends and enemies a Merry Christmas to be a good sport. It's no wonder I never did well in athletics. I can't even be a good sport anymore.

The birds came back a few weeks ago. I seriously considered buying a suet log last Thursday. In late April. They are nesting like fiends, not because they're eager to mate. They are freezing! The greenhouses are empty. The only small motors I've been hearing are snow blowers. Enough already!
I think I'm going to buy some of that self-tanning lotion. I'm obviously living in a state of denial about our seasons: winter and July 4th. I hope next summer falls on a Saturday so everyone can enjoy it.
While I'm grousing about our crappy weather, I'm very psyched to tell you about my newest book I've co-authored the book with K.B. Cutter in the Razor Trilogy – Love's Storm.

Razor: Love's Storm 
by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter
Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.
All the talking in the world can't convince critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them. Others meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.
With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm.
Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge and continues after Love's Storm in Love's Reflection. The trilogy is a polyamorous love story for 21st century romance readers. Are you one?

Buy Love's Storm and the first book, Desire's Edge on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Print fans can get copies only on Amazon. Ask for an authorgraph and earn points in our fun contest!

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Jaime Samms said...

As a Canadian, I hear ya! (though I guess you don't want to know that even up here, our crocuses have bloomed and gone and we're on to the hyacinths) Still waiting on the tree greenery, though...

Margie Church said...

I haven't spotted a tulip except in the stores. BUT we dodged about 6" of snow last night. I hope that's the last of it for a few months. Thanks for reading, Jaime. Enjoy YOUR spring.

kbcutter said...

So, what's little of the white stuff,eh?

Yeah, I hear ya, if its frosting, keep it coming, but snow...

How about living in the US?