Saturday, 18 May 2013

Love Your Fluff

By Mary Quast

When I was first married, a size 6, feeling sexy all the time, I didn’t have a problem going to Victoria’s Secret to drop $32 on bra. Fast forward 20 years, three kids later, a bit more fluff and never feeling sexy; my bras became a quick $10 pick up from Walmart. I sat down one day to write a blog giving advice to women on how to feel sexy and bring out the inner sex kitten when I realized it was time to take some of my own advice.

Feeling brave, I visited my local Lover’s Lane store alone. The girls in there knew me by name since I buy a lot of my book promo giveaways from them as well as *cough* research material. They couldn’t get me into the dressing room fast enough to measure me and start bringing me items to try on that would hold my fluff and hide my “defects”. Once relaxed, I enjoyed being treated as a Diva. The texture of silk, satin, lace and leather on my skin enhanced my senses.  Loving the way I felt, I actually enjoyed what I saw in the mirror. I became a woman empowered.

So I dropped $60 on a reversible black and pink corset and $12 on a bottle of sensual lotion, but I found my inner sex goddess. She hadn’t checked out, but was merely sleeping. In a matter of hour I had fun with some amazing ladies and learned to like myself again. Even with fluff, I am still sexy. I highly recommend for a woman who has lost or never had sexual self-assurance to try and find something that will make her feel good about herself and being a woman. It may be a pair of silk panties, a well fitting bra, or even something spiritual.

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Mary Quast is an author of erotic romance with a sensual twist. When she’s not busy writing novels, novelettes, and short stories, she doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes” at

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Anthology Authors said...

I don't know of a place that will help you with it except Victoria's Secret. The last time I was there I vowed to never return. It was a horrible experience. :( I wouldn't mind, however, finding that inner sex goddess again. Perhaps I just need to find a place where there are real women not paid to sell you what doesn't fit and/or doesn't look good on you.