Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vampires Next Door?

Welcome today's guest, Trinity Blacio, who just might have...well...there might be vampires next door!

You know how you’re always nervous about moving into a new home or new neighborhood? Well, I’m there. Last June my family and I moved from a bigger town to a smaller one, from an apartment to a large home. Talk about a lot of work and, of course, who had to pack and unpack everything? ME!

Finally, we are settled. The kids have now been in school for over a month, and have new friends and a new way of life. I’ve met one of my neighbor’s who is very nice person, but on the people on the other side of us... Let’s just say we’re still confused. Right now we call them The Vampires.

Oh, we’ve seen them in the daytime, but rarely and only when said teenager is having a pool party. But most of the time their house is shut up against the sun. At night the doors come open and the lights brighten their once dark home.

On many occasions I have woken to get a glass of water and saw our neighbors wide awake at three in the morning. I’ll be standing there drinking my water, gazing out my kitchen window, and their house is full of life at night. Even the children are up roaming or they would be swimming late at night.

Is there a man of the house? I think so, but so far I’ve only caught him mowing the lawn once and then one time at night when the parents threw a party. The mother is the same way; I’ve seen her mow the grass, but soon after she is in the house.

Of course being the polite person that I am, I smile and wave, but still nothing from either of them. {{Sigh}} If they are vampires, I sure wish they would come bite me. I’d love to live forever, find a cute, hunky vampire dude to cuddle up to—and let’s not forget the hot, steamy vampire sex that goes with such a man. 

We can all dream, can’t we? So what have I been up to other than moving? I’ve been trying to get back into the writing grove. So far I have one Christmas story done and sent to my new agent, and I’m halfway done with book eight of my Running In Fear Series. I’m hoping to have it out around Halloween, so stay tuned.

Christmas give away. I invite all of you to come over to my blog, on November first. I will be giving away a nice size box of Christmas gifts. I will pick the winner on December 20.

Below is the blurb for After Dark on Bourbon Street. Please check out the first seven books of the series at Ravenous Romance.
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Valda Sart hated being Skunk Ape, Bigfoot, Yeti, and so on. She was no ordinary Skunk Ape. Valda had gifts and kept them hidden. However, now someone was hunting her and she knew it was only a matter of time before they caught her. All six men in her pack, the one she’d been promised would not give up on her, were determined to claim her. At birth, each female was promised to another clan, and Valda was no exception.
Her only option was to use her gift and blend in with the rest of the people around her. Hiding among the humans, Valda realized how much her life sucked; that was until she forged a new life in New Orleans. Here in the city, she had friends and men actually talked to her, courted her.
For the last six years something had pulled at her. It was only a matter of time before she, too, would have to join Jaycee, Suzanne, and Lissa on the new planet. Even in her dreams she’d seen the new, beautiful world, and the wide range of beings already living there.
            How can they ask her to give up romance, love, and friends? Didn’t they know what it would mean if this group of men found her?


Faith said...

Yanno, I've encountered some people around here who remind me of werewolves. I wonder...

trinity said...

I know there are things out there we haven't heard of, once I would love to meet something different. Now that does not mean I wouldn't piss myself though. :)

Faith said...

LOL, as long as they're nice vamps and werewolves, right?

Terri Talley Venters said...

Hot Vampire Sex! but I couldn't kill humans =(

Your new book After Hours on Bourbon Street sounds fascinating!

Congrats on your success, Trinity =)

Fiona McGier said...

I'm convinced that "deaf-man" who lives next door to us and is only seen at night, deals with the ghosts talking in his house by keeping all of the lights on at night, on both floors as well as the basement, though he lives alone! Believe me, I was in that basement alone, before he moved into it, and there ARE voices, even in the daytime!

The new book sounds exciting...Bourbon Street is such a great local for colorful characters and ambiance! And really, what better place could there be for someone who is "different" to blend in?

Denise said...

For a silly joke, I actually downloaded a werewolf app from itunes just for kicks. It actually made me wonder if there was a 39 yr old werewolf who has killed over 129 times, right outside my window lol *feeling freakishly uncomfortable*...I didn't dare look outside lol

Wonderful work Trinity, After Hours on Bourbon Street is on my to buy list after reading that amazing blurb!

trinity said...

Terri you don't have to kill humans, but you could have fun with them. :) Faith I'd take a werewolf or a vampire I'm not picky. Fiona I would love to visit that house. Anything supernatural would be amazing.
Denise I would love to find me a werewolf.

Barbara Elsborg said...

OOOh on your neighbors. That sounds too much like that film I saw a while back.

Valerie Mann said...

We have neighbors across the street who we met when we moved in four years ago. I know the wife works at IBM and he works from home. I see him probably once a week. I've seen her one time. In four years. I work from home and so does my husband and being home all day, we have never seen her again? We've decided the husband has murdered her and she's buried in the backyard. As a writer, that seems the only plausible reason my brain can come up with for her absence :-)