Friday, 31 August 2012

Laid Back

I’ve been busy this week. In three days I’ve written over 25,000 words. One Christmas story is submitted, the other one was snatched up within a coupla hours, and the third one has to be done and turned in by September 15th. All this writing has taken a toll on my body. Bleary eyesight and elbows and shoulders that are aching more than usual. But, it’s what I do, what I love, so I pop the aspirin and put up with it. 

The hummingbirds are slowly leaving to fly back to South America. There’s only about half a dozen left here at my feeders. I’ll miss my girls (I’ve only seen one male this summer). They’re constant, peaceful entertainment and they’re so accustomed to my presence that they fly up to me and say “hello” from time to time.

Voodoo, the new kitty addition to the fam, killed her first mouse in the laundry room this morning. However, I did not have my glasses on when I walked in there to fill her food bowl, so when I turned on the light and found the dead rodent an inch from my toes, I did a jig and shouted “hallelujah!” Well, if I’m honest it was a more, uh, colorful version. Ahem.

Anyway, September starts tomorrow. All the kids are back in school, the days are quiet, and I sit and listen to crickets chirp all day. Bright leaves and cooler days are right around the corner, my friends.

Yeah, this is a rather laid back post for me, isn’t it? All I can say is that after the mental work I’ve done this week, my brain is sloshing around in my skull, lol. It’s mush!

With that said, I have another new release, Twisted Paths. It’s around 40 pages, and it’s three unique stores that follow the premise of twisted paths. Dead is Dead is a psychological thriller that will shock you. The Magic of Stolen Kisses is a two-part tale, one from the husband’s pov and one from the wife’s, but it involves some ancient history that tears one’s world apart and redeems the other—oh, and this story has extreme sexual content in it for the faint of heart. Lastly, in Without Camouflage, a woman running from her abusive spouse finds a coupla good friends from two entirely different realms.

Also, the publisher has the book 30% off for the next two or three days.


Toni V.S. said...

Interesting about the hummingbirds, Faith. I had one like that in California, a ruby throat. He was so accustomed to me, he allowed me to take several photos of him, within 18" of him at the feeder.

Faith said...

Morning, Toni! I love my hummingbirds. They're very intelligent li'l birds, too. They'll fly right up to me and dip there heads to the left and right as if sizing me up. They're very inspiring creatures as well. Some Native American tribes called them the Messengers of the Gods.

Anthology Authors said...

When our birds of paradise blooms, we have a lot of hummers. I bought a feeder and hung it up out on the porch. Still no hummers at the feeder, but I hear them buzzing around. We have this big bush with lavender flowers. They love it. That bush also attracts other little birds. I love it.

Well, next week is my week. I don't know what I'm going to do. My fingers don't fly at those speeds. LOL

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Faith,

You have been busy. Take a nice mini vacation at home, so your brain doesn't slosh anymore. :)

At least your new little kitty is doing her job.

My nasty surprise was when my daughter's little dog brought up a dead cat onto the porch. It was so far gone only the skin remained, also the tail and one paw. I can handle a dead rodent, but that was another thing altogether.


Good luck with your Christmas stories and your recent release.


Faith said...

Marci, that lavender-flowered bush sounds like a Butterfly Bush.

Ugh, Janice, that's about as bad as when a dog brings in a rotting carcass and the smell is on them, your gloves after you dispose of it, the porch planks, the steps...

Valerie Mann said...

I am looking forward to this autumn so much! Cooler weather (finally!), cooler nights so I can sleep with the windows open, kids are back in school, state fair in October, camping in our RV, plus more! Gee,why can't it be fall all year long? LOL

Congrats on your word count! That's wonderful!

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Faith,

Yeah, it was bad, but at least it was dried. What was left of the cat looked like a fur rug. Some of the smell waft into the house and I had to burn incense to get rid of the stink.


Faith said...

Hey there, Val. Autumn is my fave time of year. I love the entire atmosphere of it as well as the cooler weather and lovely sights.

Thank goodness for incense, Janice, lol.

LKF said...

Hey Faith. I love watching my bird feeders. They are my mental rehab after a long day. I'm so excited about fall. I love the heat but need a little rain, and this year there was none. Bring on cooler days, and nights. Congrats on your release and your word count. Time for a mental break to give your brain a rest. Enjooyed your post.

Faith said...

I enjoy the same, Lynda. I was just telling the hubby the other day that I may move the one bird feeder so I can see it through the kitchen window. That way I'll have one in the front and one on the side. The li'l nut hatches are fun to watch.

Jaime Samms said...

Oh, Faith, I'm headed down the 25K in a mad marathon myself now. Wish me luck, and hopefully, I'll come out the other end as peacefully as you have!

Faith said...

I have another one with a min of 15K I have to complete and turn in by Sept. 15th. I hope I make it! And good luck with yours, Jaime!

Jaime Samms said...

Thanks, Faith. I truely need it. And BTW, that is a lovely cover. I pretty much love it.

Faith said...

Thanks, Jaime! I like it, too, especially when you first look at it and go "Holy cow there's a pair of eyes staring back at me!" LOL