Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Customized license plate. Hm... maybe that wasn't the best idea.

Sunday, I was driving home from swimming. We'd just had a mild lactic workout followed by breakfast. It was a lot of fun. I was in a good mood. A car darted in front of me. There was no reason for this. It wasn't like there was a lot of traffic out there, but he just had to get in front of me. Being in a good mood, I didn't care that much. For some reason, I looked at the license plate and saw: SBD ESQ.

Wait! Did I see that right?


Yes, I did. It really said SBD ESQ.


Call me childish in my humor, but SBD has stood for "Silent But Deadly" as long as I can remember and is only used in reference to farts. You know the kind that always seem to happen when you are trapped in the car on long road trips and someone has eaten something that has caused the nastiest gas. It's subzero outside, but everyone rolls the windows down or asphyxiates.

So, when I saw this license plate, I did a double take and checked out the car and the driver. Seriously, who would put that on their license plate? The driver was a young man. The car? A status symbol, er, a convertible BMW sports car. Expensive.

What planet was this person from that he didn't know what SBD means? Supposing he's intelligent as he's obviously a lawyer from the esq abbreviation, I was entertained that he would advertise his flatulence problem. Because, you know, not even that nice of a car would induce me to sleep next to a man who has SBD problems. Perhaps one could eventually grow accustomed to the odor, but would you want to?

Perhaps the man is from a different country, and there is a different acronym for SBD's there. Perhaps SBD are his initials. (Can you imagine having those letters as your initials? What a nightmare!) Perhaps he has a sense of humor. However, driving a car like that seems like he might troll for babes. You'd think the SBD would nix that, unless the women had a fetish for stench. (g)

I wonder what the reaction at the DMV was when he filled out the customized license plate form. Surely someone was as juvenile as I apparently am and chuckled.

I still wouldn't've put that on my license plate. (grin) I just wish I'd taken a picture of it. Then you'd know for certain I'm not making this up.

Then again, we all know how stupid people can be. (Case in point being my lack of gloves when cutting jalapeños Sunday afternoon. ;) )

So, have you ever seen a license plate that made you wonder about the intelligence of the car's owner?

Note: Of course, I found a transposition in this blog. It was SBD ESQ, not BSD ESQ. That's what I get for writing it at 11 pm. O.o


Faith said...

Some license plates made no sense to me. And sometimes I think they can be quite distracting as you're driving.

Anthology Authors said...

Yes. Some are clever. I think this person was trying to be clever, but it was a major fail moment. :D

Janice Seagraves said...

I knew someone who's initials were B.M. and you know what that stands for.

Cassie Exline said...

Learn something new every day. I had no idea that is what those initials stood for. If I had seen the license plate, I'd assume since he was a lawyer those were his initials or the firm's and never give it another thought. jeeze what fun am I? lol

Anthology Authors said...

Oh, Janice, that was just cruel of the parents. (g) I'm glad they weren't mine.

Well, Cassie, it could be a generational thing or a regional thing. You never know. Everyone I know knows what it means.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.