Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh, Grandma

By Stephanie Beck

We all have them, those special people who say whatever comes to mind, sans filter. Mine is my grandmother. She is 84 years of awesome. So, she’s a little crazy—always has been—but she loves me.

She shows her love now the same way she has my entire life—with Birthday cards containing $5 that may or may not have my actual age and by attending every single thing she can. Back in the day that meant she made it to volleyball games and award programs at school.

Now it means she comes to my book signings.

This is wonderful and it means so much to me. There’s something special about a grandmother’s pride and I cherish it. But like I said in the beginning, Grandma is a little crazy and retired her filter about ten years ago.

Overheard (by everyone) straight from Grandma:
My first signing was at a purse store—a great venue for a girl’s night out.
“Hey, you, that purse doesn’t match your coat. You should come at get a book instead. My granddaughter wrote them and she’ll sign it for you—that makes it worth more.”

My second signing was in my hometown at a candy store hosting a girl’s night out.

“Why do you have so many darn stairs in this place? Mature ladies like me don’t like to climb this many stairs to get books. You should really put Stephanie right out front next to the chocolate with the spices in it—that’s where a smut writer belongs, you know.”

 In October I was welcomed back. Grandma couldn’t make it up the stairs, so she sat on a bench near the entrance and...welcomed, sure, welcomed, people. One lady turned up her nose at the idea of reading romance, let alone the saucy stuff I write.

“Old prude. Probably wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she read something sexy anyway.”

My grandma is about sixteen different kinds of awesome and I love her so much. She makes me laugh and cringe—usually at the same time. I hope to have many more book signings with her present. I really can’t picture one without her.

All the best,
Stephanie Beck

When Stephanie Beck’s mother told her to quit whining about less than perfect stories and write her own neither of them could have guessed what would happen. Ten years later that advice has become a fulltime passion and occupation. With a wonderful husband and three beautiful children, the fulltime status makes for very long days, but she breaks up the romance and steamy scenes with knitting, walking, sewing and reading.

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Kate Richards said...

Love your grandma! You can't buy that kind of support and I hope she has many healthy years of accompanying you to book signings

Fiona McGier said...

Wow, that's the kind of grandmother I intend to be! I never met my Dad's mother since she lived and died in Scotland and we lived in the Midwest. My Mom's mom (Busia) only spoke Polish so there was no real relationship other than smiles and hugs. So I don't have any role models to ignore...I'll just do it my way and to hell with the consequences! I love your Gramma too! Cheers to her!

Jessica Subject said...

LOL That's awesome! That kind of support is priceless. :)

steph beck said...

Thanks, girls! Grandma is great. She mushes on the great grand kids, tells the grandkids what they should be up to and bosses her kids around like nobody's business. It's a FANTASTIC system...for her :) She inspires me!

Faith said...

Your grandma sounds amazing! I love mine dearly, but she'd have a fit if she read any of my spicy books, lol.

Jaime Samms said...

Awesome grandma! Woot!

Anthology Authors said...

How fabulous! Neither of my grandmothers, had they been alive, would have come to these types of book signings. One was a Methodist. Smart as a tack, wonderful, strong woman, but, um, no. The other was a Bible thumping Baptist. She probably would have prayed for me. (Not that it would have done any good. LOL)

Now, my mom will come, but her filter is still in place. The person in my life without a filter is my husband's grandmother. She's in her 90s, and the things she says... (grin)

How awesome for you to have such a wonderful support system.