Tuesday, 11 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas + 3 Months or More

**Please welcome guest LaVerne Thompson**

It used to be the 12 days of Christmas actually began after Christmas. Then somehow growing up it got turned around to 12 days before Christmas. That’s because even thinking about Christmas, decorating, getting ready for the celebration wasn’t supposed to start until 12 days before Christmas.  So about or around the 12th of December that was the point my family turned toward thoughts of the holiday. Then at some point that was no longer enough time to do the baking, shopping, etcetera, and it was stretched to 25 days before the big day. Okay so still after Thanksgiving so about the last day of November, first day of December we could turn our thoughts to even thinking about what to serve for Christmas dinner, what to get and for whom for Christmas.

But at some point over the years and in this hurry up and happen yesterday mindset we now have to begin not just thinking about Christmas but actively shopping for it around September. Well, even in that frame of mind, I don’t know about you, but come Christmas Eve I still find myself running around with another hundred of my closest friends at the malls searching for that last minute item for the Christmas stocking or that one little thing that must absolutely be under the tree or picking up something for the aunt you completely forgot about. *sighs*

Yeah, I can see where this is all headed. I’ll be hitting the stores the day after Christmas to get ready for the next year.

Meanwhile if you’re looking for a great romantic suspense read for that aunt or friend might I suggest the Guardian Agents, available in print containing all 3 books in the Guardian Agency Series written by my alter ego Ursula Sinclair. Each story is also available separately in e-print.

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Kate Richards said...

Really the best part is the kids on Christmas morning...but it shouldn't be a three month mania getting there.

LaVerne Thompson said...

Lol I couldn't agree more.

Jaime Samms said...

Yeah, I hear ya. This year I'm working and abnormally long contract, so, still in my last week of my day job, here, I find myself without a lick of shopping done and no tree up, no lights on the house, and four white plaster houses sitting on the kitchen table waiting for a festive coat of paint so they can sit under the tree and grown our little Christmas town. *sigh* I'm tired already.

LaVerne said...

Jaime- I hear ya. It ain't easy this time of year. With all the pressure it's hard to really enjoy the build up to it. But somehow like magic you know on Christmas morning it just all comes together. lol At least I hope it does.

LaVerne said...

Also just wanted to say thank you to the host of this blog Four Strong Women for having me here today. And I hope the hectic season goes easy on you.