Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Shoes and Other Instruments of Torture

Please help us welcome, Paige E. Roberts, author of the futuristic, BDSM dominatrix short story I Want That One. I completely relate to this. My idea of nice shoes are bare feet. (g) Please accept my apologies for the late post.

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Hello there, I'll be your guest blogger for this evening, and I'd like to talk about a subject near and dear to many women's hearts - shoes. I'm not talking about the marvelous running shoes that cradle your feet in high tech rubbery clouds and bounce you along like a ten year old who has eaten too much Halloween candy. Those are marvelous, but they just don't quite look right with my tailored leather mini-skirt. 

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I love to dress up in leather, velvet, shiny lame, rubber and pretty much anything else that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing in front of your mother. 

But I absolutely hate high heels. My feet scream in agony at the mere mention of them.

Have you ever tried to find a pair of thigh high leather boots with low heels? You might as well try to find a guy with a super-genius IQ and massive biceps (who isn't gay). They just don't seem to go together. 

Kind of like my comfy but clunky tennies and my satin corset; some matches seem as if they were never meant to be. 

So, I have spent much of my life, while cheerfully indulging in all sorts of instruments of torture for others, on a quest for comfortable sexy shoes to wear while wielding them. It has been an arduous journey filled with mixed results, and occasional bouts with the agony of de feet. 
I Want That One by Paige E. Roberts

However, I did, eventually find thigh high leather boots with low heels. You just have to really look and don't give up, kind of the same way you find really smart guys with hot bodies. All it takes is raw determination! And comfortable footwear.


Lady Jane wants Will, for her slave, and she'll pay a high price to get him. Will dreams of a life under Jane's spike heels, but in the future city-state of New York, it's illegal to enslave a free man. Jane, once a notorious hacker, now a network security consultant, isn't used to letting a little thing like the law keep her from getting what she wants. When a bound and naked Will is delivered to her kitchen door, she takes great pleasure in using leather cat and cuffs and cruel penetrating sex games to tame him. But Will must give up everything to prove his loyalty to her before he can take his rightful place forever kneeling at her perfect feet.


Anthology Authors said...

I am with you on this one, Paige. I spend most of my winter in my Ugg slippers. One year, I decided I needed a pair of knee high boots. I found these beautiful brown ones... with 4 inch heals. Some part of my brain that wasn't functioning at the time said, "Buy them! They are beautiful." And they are, but I never wear them for the reason you point out. Within an hour, my feet are screaming, "Mercy!"

I have some lovely Ugg black boots, but they are a bit warm for LA. I love them, though. Still, those slippers in the winter and bare feet in the summer are my favorite form of footwear. :)


Barbara Elsborg said...

I can't cope with heels. I'm already 5'10 - I don't really need them but I just can't walk in them. DIL is same height and wear REALLY high heels so I thought - I'll try a pair of hers. Nearly broke my neck. Flatties for me.

Faith said...

I'm already tall but love wearing really sharp-looking heels. Every time I wear some to church I hear, "Aren't you tall enough?" or "Need an elevator up there?"

There used to be a store in Tri-County Mall outside Cincinnati that had unique boots like that one, but wow were they ever expensive!