Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Breaking out the Romance: Minnesota Housewife Style

Here in Minnesota, winter is cold! I’m talking below zero temperatures, snow storms, blizzards—the works. Spicing things up when it is so cold can be a challenge, but here are a few of my favorite tips:

The right Pajamas: treat yourself to snuggy pajamas and if they are covered in little bunnies or snowflakes—that is even better. Why? Because in a pinch you can wear a solid pair of snuggy pants and pass them off as ‘work out’ clothes. Once those suckers are covered in big lips or balloons, they are night clothes—aka, sexy. Chilly Trick: trying to match pj’s with your honey takes away some of the sexiness.

 Setting the Scene: If your house is as drafty as mine, it doesn’t matter how high you crank the heat—it’s chilly. To combat the cold on a long winter evening of romance, layer blankets on the floor (you may need quite a few), pop in a movie, and make some hot chocolate for you and your honey. Chilly Trick: Sleeping Bags. Zip two together and make a sexy cocoon.

Secret Sexiness: Wearing layers is one way to combat the cold. However, a heavy sweatshirt on top of a turtle neck on top of an undershirt doesn’t exactly scream sexy. For a quiet afternoon at home, lose the bra and let your honey warm his hands in the kitchen while making soup. Chilly Trick: add a jar or two of carrot baby food to your chicken noodle soup to round out the flavor and give it more body—you didn’t expect all these tips to be sexy, did you?

When the winter gets long and hard, hopefully a few of these tips can help get your honeys that way as well.

All the best!

Stephanie Beck

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Stephanie Beck is a full time mom, part time writer and ameture speller.
    She's been writing since she was fifteen. Her first novel, "Love on the Mats" was a graphic, heartwarming tale of a wrestler and a cutie coed which was lovingly edited by the c-squad basketball team on the long bus rides throughout the season. They were all sure it would be published and it still has a home in a folder...somewhere.
    Stephanie Beck loves romance and all things romantic, heartwarming and usually funny, though a more serious piece will find its way in occasionally.
     In her spare time she knits and sews, walks the dog, plays with her two wonderful daughters and tries to get her husband to act out the naughty things she researches...oh the sacrifices she makes for her craft.

Find Stephanie at www.stephaniebeck.net 


Faith said...

LOL! Cute blog, Stephanie!

Valerie Mann said...

I feel that pajama pants are essential to the work-from-home woman, in our out of bed. In fact, I have a pair on right now...Halloween camouflage and an amusement park sweatshirt for added class. Now that's fashion!

Anthology Authors said...

It's hot here. And what we'd considered cold, you'd think you were in the Bahamas. LOL

My MIL bought me a short sleeve shirt/nightshirt with Hello Kitty heads all over it. It's a size too small. I wore it the other night because I need a new lightweight nightgown. It was uncomfortably tight, but Charlie (DH) really liked it. (sigh) I am giving it to DD. I'll get another one that fits me. LOL