Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Booming Fantasy and Sci-Fi Markets

The movie and book business go through phases. For the last coupla years there has been a surge in horror movies, and now I'm seeing where horror erotica has begun to take off. [eagerly rubs hands together in anticipation of writing a horror erotica manuscript]

The paranormal craze is still strong as ever, too.

And now it seems sci-fi, fantasy, and a blend of the two genres is spreading into movies and publishing. The Clash of the Titans was remade and now The Wrath of the Titans is being advertised. Even John Carter has moved from prose to the box office.

Add history to either genre and it seems like viewers and readers are in Seventh Heaven. Besides, historical material has always been a steady seller.

I've been working on a fantasy romance series mixed with ancient history and Norse mythology. It's called the Fire and Ice Saga and book two debuted a coupla weeks ago. In May, a spin-off tale will be available, too. I hope you'll take the time to read and enjoy the excerpt below. Besides, everyone needs not only romance but a touch of humor. Laughter goes a long way in freeing the mind and lightening the heart. Sir Hestbone is my favorite character, so much so that I based the spin-off book on him.

Blurb and excerpt from Magic's Fiery Embrace, book two:

She is armed with a power she cannot control and defeated by a love she cannot know.

When Man and Fae are threatened by the Thorn or Ebon, the goddess Freya sends Ember, a Daughter of Trinity, upon a quest to find and defeat it. Happy to escape the palace walls and anticipating new lovers, Ember embarks on her journey. However, when she meets Sarenkesh, a Gloaming Elf, her power finally manifests. She soon realizes her magic will kill him and is forced to keep her distance from the only man she's ever loved.

In a battle high above the world, Ember draws upon the power of love to fight evil. Tricked by a deity and forced to be a slave to carnal passions, she’s faced with a choice: sacrifice herself for Sarenkesh and the welfare of others or remained enslaved by a master of fleshly pleasure.


Sarenkesh lay down next to her and pulled her onto her side and snugly against his body. "Aye, you are dangerous. Mortal and Fae can get lost in you." He captured her lips, his mouth sure, possessive. The taste of his tongue like ginger and cloves.

Ember rolled onto her back, pulling Sarenkesh with her. He pressed her tightly to the earth, his erection hot and eager against her lower abdomen. Desire pooled in Ember's loins, its intensity creeping down her legs and up into her torso. She strained against Sarenkesh, wanting him inside her. His mouth seized the delicate pink tip of one breast, and she gasped. Arrows of need sliced through her, and she arched her back, fingers burrowing into his snowy locks.

The torturou

s warmth crawled into her arms and spread upward into her neck as a fever claims its victim. She sighed and parted her legs, the delicate place between them tingling and wet. Sarenkesh shifted his position so that his cock nudged the lips of her sex. Frantic to feel his hard length, Ember shoved upward with her hips, impaling herself on him. With a surprised grunt, her lover slid fully inside her body.

His cock filled her, stretched her. Before he could thrust, an orgasm swept through Ember in an inferno of sensation. She gasped, stiffening. As she plummeted over the precipice of ecstasy, she bucked her hips, crying out, fingers digging into Sarenkesh's ass. The incredible heat that swirled through her body culminated within her fingertips and surged into her face.

Sulfur singed her nose, assaulted her tongue. Fear crashed through her mind.

"No!" She shoved Sarenkesh away, their bodies parting.

Ember rolled to her side, desperate to turn away from Sarenkesh. She staggered to her feet.


She half ran, half fell toward the creek. Flames licked out of her mouth, her nose, and shot from her eyes in red, white, and orange brilliance. Blindness overcame her, and the aroma of brimstone weighed heavily in the air. She lunged forward, falling from the low bank. Cold fluid engulfed her, the brightness surrounding her vanished, and the heat extinguished.

Arms slipped around her body and lifted her from the creek. Coughing, sputtering, Ember realized someone carried her but didn't have the strength to protest let alone move.

"Ach! What be wrong with you? Can't you wait until we get to the next town to bed a wench other than the princess?"

"She invited me here," Sarenkesh replied tersely. With Ember in his arms, he dropped to his knees on the bank.

"You risk much, elf. You woo her with your magic."

Kaedric? She frowned at his presence. What is he doing here?

"You don't know my sister," Beron said, his voice the next to penetrate Ember's dazed mind. "Father is always in fits trying to keep her apart from her lovers,"

"Is she breathing?" Dikartha asked.

"Woman, what be the matter with you?" the dwarf nearly roared. "Would she sputter and cough if she were dead?"

Gingerly, Ember opened her eyes. She blinked several times to clear the mist from her vision and finally gazed up at the twilight. Lady Evanesce's face suddenly blocked Ember's view of the sky.

"After unleashing such power twice in one day, she'll need to rest," the lady said in her quiet, calm way.

Somewhere just out of Ember's line of vision the captain of war burst out laughing. "Ach, you are lucky your cock did not go up in flames too!"

More male laughter followed.

"I will ignore your words," Sarenkesh said. He wrapped his arms wrapped around her body again, their gazes meeting.

Eyes still stinging, she blinked, and tears leaked from their corners, the burn of sulfur still dominating her senses. "I am so sorry," she whispered.

"Shh. I am whole," he said, wry amusement in his voice. "Dikartha will wrap you in your cloak while I dress, and then I will carry you back to your bedroll."

"You lit up the woods," Beron's voice came from somewhere behind Sarenkesh. "We thought you were on fire."

"Aye," said Hestbone, "as well as Sarenkesh's ass."

Kaedric's bass laughter melded with Sarenkesh's.

"Hush now," Dikartha admonished as she helped Ember into her garments. "The princess is weary."

"Aye," the lady agreed. "Let us get back to the camp and sleep. We still have a long way to travel."

Here's the amazon link, but the book is available at most e-book distributors. If you missed book one, here is the link to it. Also, the following below my question is the blurb and cover for the Fire and Ice spin-off story.

So tell me, what do you like about fantasy and sci-fi or even the combination of the two?

When a wisp of a young woman is cursed by Loki, she wields a huge sword most men would struggle to use. She is utterly untamable, but then along comes the Dwarves Captain of War...

Devoryah is cursed by Loki, and as the youngest and only girl child in a family of older brothers, she's tired of being their servant and told what she can and cannot do. As a result, she vents her frustrations through her sword and loves to spill blood. Thus, she suffers from bloodlust. Men fear her, but Sir Hestbone has a different perspective on her lust for spilled life...as well as the power of sex and love.


Kate Richards said...

I love the combo and your take on it. I'm writing one as well, and I hope it's half as good!The genre opens so many possibilities.

Emmie Harrison said...

I'm a fan of both genres and definitely of the blending of the two. Both allow quite a bit of room as far as character and world development go. And when you blend them I think it just adds the right amount of twists to make things really exciting.

Valerie Mann said...

I have seen John Carter. It was...interesting. Both my hubs and I walked out saying, "something was missing here." LOL It was a definite blend of steampunk meets Western meets sci-fi. The cool thing about fantasy/sci-fi is that anything goes! How liberating!

Faith said...

I agree, Kate. They're fun to write too.

One of the things I love about both, Emmie, is the world building.

So true, Valerie. Anything goes in those genres. The trick is getting the reader to suspend his or her beliefs. Once that's done, the sky's the limit in the story.

Janice Seagraves said...

Oh, I hope Sci-fi is the next big thing. I've been working on a SF Rom series and hope to launch it soon.

Good luck with your release.


Faith said...

Same to you, Janice! Good luck!p