Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Madness

You wouldn't think spring in Canada would be something to complain about, would you?

 After all, it's been winter since November. It's flippin' time already. 
I mean who really would pick this 

Over THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously. No contest, am I right? We've had months and months of snow and cold and we're entitled to a few months of warmth and sunshine that doesn't bring with it frigid temperatures and frostbite risks.

Sadly, the reality of spring is more like this.
We live just down breeze from a convenience store, and across the street from a park. Both those things you would think are pluses in the location, location, location equation. I bet not a single real estate agent ever mentions the ditches in spring when selling a house on this street. 

I admit, we don't have the most manicured lawn on the street. In fact, ours is probably at the other end of that scale. But what completely infuriates me is the idea that people don't feel they have to bother looking for a trash can for that candy bar wrapper or chip  bag or take out coffee cup. I mean, do people seriously think "Oh. I'm done my coffee. I guess I'll just toss my cup here in this person's ditch. They won't mind finding my trash in their front garden. It'll compliment their crocuses and daffodils in spring. The stench of rot will go well with the fragrance of their hyacinths."

I spend most of February longing for that moment in March or April when you feel the air change, and you know from that time forward, there will never be more snow on the ground than there is at that moment. The euphoria lasts about a week. Then the reality of human insanity sinks in as the trash begins to peek through the melt.

We might be the only creatures content to live in our own filth. It sort of turns my stomach. Mostly, though, as I pick other people's crap out of my ditch and off my front lawn, it just pisses me the hell off. 

My son once asked my why anyone would throw garbage on the ground. I couldn't even imagine a logical reply to that. Help me out, people. Why? Why, why, why???


Faith said...

My answer is it's laziness. My oldest son throws stuff out his truck window and I scream at him not to. His response: "It creates paying jobs." My response: "It's wrong, it's nasty, and I did not raise you to do that!"

I'm over winter too. Can't wait to sit on my side porch and watch the sun come up while the birdies sing, lol. It's a morning ritual when warm weather is here to say for a while.

Jaime Samms said...

Laziness. I guess. When we walk behind the nearby high school, there is such a litter of coffee cups and cigarette butts and wrappers I have to wonder why anyone would feel that low about themselves as to think it's okay to stand around in a pile of their own refuse.

I laugh, Faith. Our ritual is to take the coffee out to the back yard and admire the ten years of hard work to get it looking like it does. I dragged Grant out there last week. Still three feet of snow and you can't actually get to the back yard, but I was feeling the spring bug. He grumbled the whole time, but it needed to be done.

Adelle Laudan said...

Definitely laziness. I live on a ground floor, 2 story apt. I have a lovely view of a park and the recycle bins. The litter on the ground is disgusting at times.
My daughter goes out and cleans all around our patio but it doesn't change the rest.
Did I mention the dog shit? I mean what kind of animal poops that big, in the middle of the sidewalk???
Grrr, don't get me started lol

Anthology Authors said...

Humans poop that large in the middle of a sidewalk, Adelle. Just visit certain parts of Hollywood. It's disgusting. We have a large transient population there. There aren't any public restrooms, so they'll use the bushes on the side of the building, the sidewalk, your yard.

We live close to a school. It's not as bad as a park, but we get trash on our yard too. How hard is it to stick that trash in your backpack until you get home or to a trash can?

Yesterday, I went to the pool. The pool is connected to a part. On Sunday, they held an Easter egg hunt. When I crossed it to get to the pool, it looked like someone had dumped a garbage can on the ground. Really? I know these are kids, but most of them come with their parents. Can't the parents police their children and teach them to show respect to the environment. As much as they go on and on about the environment in public schools, you'd think the kids'd be a bit more responsible about it. Heck, mine is.

Faith, that reminds me of a conversation I had with someone on Facebook. I asked on Wild Child's page why anyone would mark a newsletter as spam if they'd signed up for it. (Ours is opt-in only.) He said it was easier than unsubscribing. He didn't care that it caused problems for the company with the newsletter. It was just easier. I don't remember the person, but I can tell you any respect I may have had for him (as I would for a total stranger) was completely lost at that response. Pure selfishness and laziness.

Valerie Mann said...

There is no real answer to your son's question. But the cool thing is that if it doesn't make sense to him, he GETS IT. And he will pass that along to his kids and be a good example to those around him.

My mom always taught me never to kill an animal, not even an insect, without thought for what purpose it serves. My husband was not raised this way. Our kids think like I do because I was pretty vocal about my beliefs when they were little. And he has changed as well. It's pretty important to instill right and wrong early and it's obvious your son has from you!

Jaime Samms said...

Adelle, the dog poop....good grief. I walk the 45 minute walk to work these days, and the sidewalk. Just. I have no words.

Marci, I agree 100% about the environment. But it brings up another issue for me that really bothers me. Considering the high school, these kids spend hours standing around out there, watching football games, hanging out, and for some reason, they don't have enough respect for themselves or each other to consider that they don't deserve to be standing around in an environment that resembles a land fill, complete with mice and seagulls circling. What kind of self image does a person have to have to think that's okay?

I sure hope he gets it, Val. Seems like an uphill battle. Thank goodness my own kids came with topping of common sense! Most of the time.