Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't Mix Coffee with...

While I was sick, I learned that coffee and some medications do NOT mix.

I’m a serious coffee drinker. Not so much as some out there who might drink espresso like inhaling air, and I’m not the type who has coffee on and ready 24/7, but I do drink two to three pots a day. And, I might add, that’s with the hubby’s help and sometimes my mother or my oldest dau showing up from time to time who help drink it, too.

For most writers, coffee is a must-have as we work. I’m no different. However, there are two things that do not mix with a cup of java. A) Daily vitamins. If you don’t want to whitewash your walls and furniture, you must eat a decent-size meal when taking vitamins and drinking coffee. Trust me, I know from experience, lol (luckily I didn’t spew on anything).

And B) do not mix a cup of joe with super antibiotics--the kind of antibiotics that are the size of horse pills and you only need 5 of them to be healed.

Oh, the combination of the two “rejuvenated” me alright. The day I had coffee and one of those antibiotics I could’ve leaped into a faith healer’s tent, zapped everyone with energy from my jitters and screamed, “Hallelujah, you’re healed! Pray to the power of The Bean! Have another cup of coffee!”

I’m not sure why the java and the antibiotic affected me so intensely. Maybe it’s the premise foods/drinks/medications react differently with each person. Maybe it’s based on the fact my internal wiring is screwy, lol. Whatever the reason, I was a virtual rubber ball when I discovered coffee and strong antibiotics are a no-no.

I got up. I sat down. I paced the house. Then I was in the kitchen for a few minutes, followed by returning to the bedroom. Back to the kitchen again.

Jitters. Jitters. Jitters…

Got. To. Find. Some. Food. To. Stop. The. Jitters.

In the fridge, I found a cup of Greek yogurt, a piece of leftover steak, and a small container of leftover corn. As I warmed the steak and corn, I leaned against the counter and trembled from head to toe.

Courtesy of
The house is shaking. No it’s me. No, wait... EARTHQUAKE!

I finally managed to eat and the shakes stopped, but afterwards I would carry my bottle of antibiotics with me until I knew I’d be able to eat a decent meal. That way I could drink my coffee without an 8.9 rattling and shifting throughout my entire body.

::snort:: I’m sitting here now with a cup of coffee next to me. Folgers Black Silk. Strong coffee. Good coffee. Aromatic and oh so wonderful as it warms the innards.

[reaches for mug and its black elixir of daily life]


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Valerie Mann said...

I'm a diet Mountain Dew drinker. Coffee upsets my stomach and so do antibiotics. One I can live without, the other I'll take when I have to. But don't take away my diet Dew...I love that stuff! LOL

So glad you and the hubster are both on the mend!!

Jessica Subject said...

I'm not a coffee drinker. Good thing, too, since I was on that five dose antibiotic. I like mountain dew, too. But I try to stay away from pop. If I do drink anything with caffeine, it has to be in the morning only. Or I'm up all night.

Glad to heat you're both doing better! :-)

Krista Ames said...

I'm not a coffee drinker but I have a fountain Mt. Dew first thing and in the evening its usually a can of coke. I'm sure my body doesn't really need the caffeine & sugar and its all in my head lol however ity does help with the busy household :)

Glad you figured out about the mixing and you're feeling better!

Anthology Authors said...

I'm not a coffee drinker. It's probably for the best. (G)

Faith said...

Holy cow! What happened to all the coffee drinks I know hang out online? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you Faith, but I'm a tea drinker meself. Must be the Brit in me. :) But my gosh, you have quite a coffee habit! Be careful you don't start the house rocking!

Jaime Samms said...

Coffee. sweet, sweet coffee. I hope this means you're on the mend after all those horse pills, Faith!!!

I remember when they took the coffee kiosk out of the movie theater here a while back. I was ready to stage a sit-in, but luckily, my friend knew about the coffee place and when she arrived she had a nice steaming take-away cup for me. Not sure what I must have looked like going into that theater, but the kid taking tickets opened his mouth, pointed to the cup, looked at me, swallowed and said "Enjoy the show." lol!!!

Faith said...

Writery, the hubs is worse than I am. He'll drink old coffee, burnt coffee...yuck! His dad was the same way too. Not me. If it's not fresh or relatively so, I won't touch it. One, it tastes terrible to me and two, it's instant heartburn.

But you know, I do love tea. I just can't drink it hot without hurling my toenails up. A pal told me I must be allergic to the tanins that's in tea because I can drink cold tea just fine.

No way I would've given up my cup of coffee either, Jamie! LOL, hilarious li'l tale!

Lilly Gayle said...

I had to laugh at this post. I once took a fish oil capsule with my morning coffee. Let's just say I now know what it would taste like to lick a live tuna fish.