Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sleepwear and Creeping Legs

When I was a child, I used to wear nightgowns. Winter and summer time. In the summer, I had cotton sleeveless nightgowns. As I lived in the Central Valley of California, this was possible. In the winter, I had a flannel, long-sleeved nightgown. Even when Dad didn't turn the heat up in the winter (at times, the house was 55 degrees), I still wore a nightgown. Unlike many pictures of them reaching the full length of someone's leg, they never did. Or maybe they started out that way. LOL I don't remember. I do remember them usually hitting me about mid-calf. I had one like this and I loved it. It didn't button down the back, though.

I also had several floral ones that I really liked. One I wore so much that I wore a hole in it under the arms. That one disappeared after Mom said something to me about it looking ragged. :D

I would love to have a flannel nightgown again, but either they are butt ass ugly or really expensive. Seriously, I've tried JC Penney's, Walmart, Target, and Kohl's. Only one word described them: BURN. BURN NOW. (Okay, that's three words. Well, technically, only two, but still.) While looking through one of Mom's multitude of catalogs (and I mean "multitude." I've never seen a person have so many catalogs sent to them.), I found one that I really liked and nearly choked on the price. Eighty dollars for a flannel nightgown? Sure, it was pretty, but not $80 pretty. Now, this one to the left is more like it. And at $30, it's a bargain... relatively.

The issue with nightgowns is their propensity of wrapping around my waist. As cold as it's been this past winter here (yes, I know, it's not as cold as wherever you are, but it's cold for here in So Cal.), I want a little more coverage while in bed. So, I decided to try those lovely fleece pajama sets my mother and MIL have given me.

They've been really nice, except for one small thing: the legs creep. Yes, they do. Not my legs, but the pant legs creep up. It's not uncommon for me to wake up with the pant legs up around my knees. Obviously, that's not as bad as around my waist, but I'm not sure that I like it.

The only time I wore pajamas as a kid was when we went skiing. Those cabins were cold, colder even than our house. What I wore weren't really pajamas, but my longjohns. The legs didn't creep probably because of the cuffs at the ankles.

Now, I realize that I could wear longjohns again, but I don't have any left. I wore the last pair out before Christmas. :D I could also wear those one-piece booted foot pajamas... if I liked them. I don't. Having to undress all the way down in order to use the facilities is not my idea of comfortable.

So, I can buy some longjohns, wear my current flannel night, which I don't really like (snowmen on a light blue background with snowflakes) and barely hits my knees, or wear my fleece pajamas.

Of course, I could also go buck naked, but then I'd be really cold. It might be a bit sexier than my current nighttime attire, though. I am sure Charlie would prefer it. (g) Oh, well, not gonna happen.

So, what's your choice in PJs?


Terri Talley Venters said...

Naked. but I add my warm Gator blanket when it's cold =) But it hardly gets too cold in Florida.

Faith said...

T-shirt and panties. I have the same problem with anything long bunching around my waist and pj bottoms creep up to my knees too. It makes me feel like I'm being tied up and I hate that sensation.

Anthology Authors said...

Ooo... Terri! You are racy! LOL Naked in my house would equal no sleep, but I'm not saying why. (g) It's very rare that I go commando.

Anthology Authors said...

I think I'm just lazy, Faith. When I climb out of bed, I don't want to have to put more clothes on. I want to just be able to wander around the house (and outside) in whatever I'm wearing. LOL Last Friday, when I felt so poorly, I drove Lily to Grandma's in my pjs. LOL

Faith said...

That's entirely a location problem, LOL! I can go outside in my undies and a t-shirt and no one's the wiser--no one's around!

Anthology Authors said...

I'm jealous and not jealous, Faith. (g) See, I like the fast internet, the fact that the pool I swim at is within walking distance, and how close I am to everything. However, I'd love to away from everyone too. I could just trek into the hills and be gone for a week or two and be okay with that. LOL

Jaime Samms said...

My choice in pjs? um......Let's just say during our long Canadian winters, there's a lot of snggling :D